WCS Week 6 Recap

PAX East Convention strikes attendance and power outages kill streaming – THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT.  (figuratively)

NOTE:  Due to a power outage, the stream was down for Saturday’s game of Cal Poly vs Ohio State.

Warning:  This recap contains spoilers!  If you want to watch the games un-spoiled, head over to twitch.tv/wardbaron.

Day 1

Arizona (4-2)  vs UConn (2-4)

UConn was not able to field a team this week, and forfeited the win to Arizona.

UCLA (3-3)  vs WWU (0-3) (VOD)WWU vs UCLA

Pre-Game:  Things were shaking up as WWU received a new jungler in WavesOfBlue, ThatOneGuy took over mid, and ADC Creamy Mami joined the ranks.  Right away WWU’s potential became shrouded – with three new players, anything was possible.  UCLA mixed it up on their side as well, sending stuntopolis into support as Vladimir and A Stick into the jungle as Master Yi.

Game:  UCLA sprinted to a lead in the top and bot lanes, with Renekton bullying his brother out of lane and stuntopolis’s Vladimir proving to be an extremely frustrating support.  JigabYte’s aggressive tendencies, tempered by his many games on Draven, worked equally well on Jinx.

ThatOneGuy was no pushover in mid, stealing away UCLA’s second blue buff with Mega Inferno Bomb and matching jaroz’s cs.  Unfortunately for WWU, A Stick’s jungle Master Yi found ample time to farm the other jungle minions, and solo’d the first Dragon for UCLA.  Senketsu S2’s Leona tried to create kill opportunities for WWU, but UCLA was able to nimbly dodge away.

With a 12k gold lead at 16 minutes (and a jungle farm-happy Master Yi), UCLA pressed their advantage at every angle. Rather than grouping up to push, the team remained split into two or three groups a la Solo Queue, trading their individual lives for turrets and inhibitors.  WWU defended the best they could, and admirably did not surrender until the game was practically over.  A Stick gets the anti-MVP award for a BM fountain dive, and the game ended just before 23 minutes, the quickest in the WCS so far.

MVP:  stuntopolis

stuntopolis showed us what’s up with support Vladimir.  Who knew?  Not me.

Day 2

CMU (2-4)  vs CSUF (4-2)

UConn was not able to field a team this week, and forfeited the win to Arizona.

Cal Poly (5-1) vs Ohio State (4-2) (No VOD)Cal Pol vs Ohio State

I didn’t get to see this game, so there’s not much I can summarize.  Sorry!

Pre-Game:  I can’t say anything about bans here, but the picks speak volumes.  While CoryNat was able to get Kigger‘s jungle Wukong away from him, he ended up on the no-less-potent Vi, with OmgScottxD on Orianna for the wombo-combo.  Ohrmuzd, after playing Renekton and Shyvana during the last few weeks, picked up Ryze instead, while Quarantine7 and iSmurfy got their favorite bot lane of Lucian plus Leona.

Game:  Even without seeing the numbers, it’s clear that this was a close game.  49 minutes and highest gold of 20.1k show a long, farm-filled game, but the kill spread indicates that Cal Poly had a convincing lead.  This victory puts Cal Poly at 5-1, likely to take first place before the playoffs.

Standings and Final Remarks

(5-1) Cal Poly

(4-2) Arizona, CSUF, Ohio State

(3-3) UCLA

(2-4) UConn, CMU

(0-3) WWU

Woof – well, nobody likes to see two forfeits and a missing VOD, but PAX East was an wild variable this week.  CSUF and Ohio State will be battling each other for second place next week, while Arizona will vie against CMU to keep up!

See you next week!

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