WCS Week 6 Preview

The second to last week looms on the horizon, with very close games set up for Saturday.  First place tie-breaker between Cal Poly and Ohio State is on the menu!

Current Standings (Wins-Losses)

(4-1) Ohio State, Cal Poly

(3-2) Arizona, CSUF

(2-3) UConn, UCLA, CMU

(0-2) WWU

Day 1 (Friday, April 11)

Arizona (3-2) vs UConn (2-3) 5 PM PST


Arizona had a stellar game last weekend, dismantling CSUF with their new top laner (or another tricky name change) El Gatito Ardido.  ADC El Gato de Queso and support ToodleNoodles only died once between the two of them, providing more than enough damage and CC to carry their team to victory.  nhocBym and Xholu sit at 3.17 and 4.13 KDA each, and continue to prefer hard engage junglers (Vi and Nocturne) and long-range mages (Xerath and Ziggs).   UConn received a win via forfeit last week against WWU, but has otherwise been struggling since their first week win against CMU.  ADC Clara and Alice has performed well on Sivir and Ezreal, favoring last farming sprees and strong late games.


If Arizona can rally against UConn like they did against CSUF last week, they should be able to plow through and keep themselves in the running for the championship.  Watch for early ganks by nhocBym in the mid or bot lanes.  Technically UConn has lost against CSUF, but that was due to a forfeit and doesn’t indicate anything by itself.

UCLA (2-3) vs WWU (0-2) 5 PM PST


Like UConn, UCLA has had it rough the past two weeks, falling first to the surprise stomp by CMU, then again to Ohio State’s intelligent champion select and strong coordination.  JigabYte and stuntopolis continue to be a difficult bot lane for teams to deal with, but jaroz and EmperorOng didn’t pull off the double AP comp as well as they had hoped.  Going up against WWU may be their ticket back into the tournament, as WWU lost their first game two weeks ago and was forced to forfeit last week.  ADC ThatOneGuy had a strong game on Ezreal in their only match, as well as Senketsu S2 on Thresh, but the rest of the team wasn’t keeping up.


The key to UCLA’s victory lies in jaroz being relevant in the mid and late game.  JigabYte and stuntopolis proved resilient in the past, so I expect jungler A Stick to focus his attention on mid lane.  WWU have a steep hill to climb in this match.

Day 2 (Saturday, April 12)

CMU (2-3) vs CSUF (3-2) 5 PM PST


There’s a lot of potential for surprise in this match-up!  CMU’s surprise upset against UCLA in Week 4 still has me buzzing, and although they lost last week, it was against Cal Poly, potentially the strongest team in the WCS.  New bot lane Tesseractx and MeNoHaxor didn’t perform as well as they had two weeks ago, but Burbinator‘s Jax was quite the force to be reckoned with, and straight-up beat CSUF’s Martel in lane.  CSUF is coming out of a loss now, having fallen to Arizona last week, and DkBnet wasn’t looking too hot in mid lane.  It might be time for he and ADC IlleagoVinDeago to switch back in their lanes.  It would be to their advantage to get That Jungle Main back in the jungle, considering his performance in previous weeks.


Historically CSUF has been the stronger team, and with That Jungle Main, I think they’ll be successful against CMU.  But surprise me once, shame on you, surprise me twice, shame on me – I’ve got a close eye on CMU for a comeback.

Cal Poly (4-1) vs Ohio State (4-1) 5 PM PST


Here is the match you want to see most, appropriately set as the last game for Week 6!  Powerhouse Cal Poly goes up against rising stars Ohio State in the first place tie-breaker!  Because this is the second to last week of the WCS, whichever team wins this match is guaranteed to either be first place or tied for first place going into the playoffs.  Next week, Cal Poly is up against WWU and will most likely take the win, while Ohio State is up against CSUF – potentially a tough match.  That means that Ohio State needs this win more than Cal Poly, so I’m expecting a strong showing.  Keep your eyes on Ohrmuzd, Ohio State’s star top-laner with a 15.5 KDA across 3 games, as well as mid-laner TheHungryToaster.  Cal Poly’s entire lineup is a considerable threat, but I’ll give an extra nod to jungler Kigger for his two-time MVP performance.


Ohio State’s bot lane, Nitrogen/DeeZe, and their jungle CoryNat, will have their work cut out for them here.  If we learned anything from CMU vs Cal Poly last week, it’s that you don’t want Cal Poly to get their favorite champions.  Ban out Martel‘s Rumble, ban or pick Kigger‘s Wukong, and grab OmgScottxD‘s Annie if you can.  I think, and I hope, that this game will be the closest and bloodiest that we’ve seen yet.

Final Remarks

I can’t believe how fast these 6 weeks have gone, but we’re almost done with the season!  A huge thanks to all of the teams, casters, and organizers that have put their time and effort into making this tournament so exciting.

See you soon!

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