WCS Week 5 Recap

Ohio State continues their winning streak, stepping into the lead with Cal Poly.  Arizona and CSUF even out in second place, and CMU’s explosive comeback from Week 4 is shut down!

Warning:  This recap contains spoilers!  If you want to watch the games un-spoiled, head over to twitch.tv/wardbaron.

Day 1

UConn (2-3)  vs WWU (0-2)

WWU was not able to field a team this week, and forfeited the win to UConn.

Arizona (3-2)  vs CSUF (3-2) (VOD)Arizona vs CSUF

Pre-Game:  CSUF brought a new jungler this week; Atiks Smurf took over That Jungle Main‘s spot.  Vi slipped through the ban phase and Arizona was quick to first-pick her, while CSUF grabbed Thresh for Summerboy and left Morgana for ToodleNoodles.  DkBnet ended up on Twisted Fate in the mid lane – perhaps a throwback to his days playing with EHomda on The Salad Bar?

Game:  nhocBym and Atiks Smurf played the “gank and counter-gank” game throughout laning, paying many a timely visit to mid lane (to Xholu‘s dismay).  With DkBnet at a nice cs-advantage, CSUF got greedy and threw their early lead away with a blue steal gone wrong.  Arizona capitalized on the error and swept up 3 kills and a turret.

The gold evened up perfectly at 18 minutes, but CSUF had a significant vision advantage with multiple pink wards in the bottom jungle and river.  Two minutes later, they attempted to take dragon but were locked down in a quick response by ToodleNoodles and nhocBym while El Gatito Ardido teleported down from top.  Another turret and dragon fell into Arizona’s pocket.

Vruen worked hard to keep ahead of El Gatito Ardido, but Trundle was a strong pick against Renekton and the troll eventually out-scaled the crocodile.  By 25 minutes, Arizona’s bot lane was still deathless, and combined damage and CC of Lucian and Morgana kept Arizona ahead of CSUF.  El Gato de Queso racked up enough kills to go critical, and Arizona was able to roll through bot lane in an extended push that concluded their win.

MVP:  El Gato de Queso vs ToodleNoodles

Arizona’s bot lane did what solid duo’s do best – get ahead and provide a constant threat to the opposing team.

Day 2

UCLA (2-3)  vs Ohio State (4-1) (VOD)UCLA vs Ohio State

Pre-Game:  Ohio State kicked things off with solid bans, taking away Draven from JigabYteJax from EmperorOng, and Lee Sin from A Stick.  I had a hunch that UCLA might pull out something quirky this week, and they delivered, with three new champions for the WCS.  EmperorOng on Ryze and jaroz on Syndra made up their magic damage, while JigabYte brought along Miss Fortune for her own debut.  Ohio State happily took Lulu for TheHungryToaster in mid (her second time in the WCS with 11 bans to date), while CoryNat took the infamous Wukong.

Game:  Early laning looked good for UCLA with a solo first blood on EmperorOng, but ganks and strong individual play brought Ohio State into the lead.  A risky dragon attempt by UCLA was stopped by CoryNat and Ohio State, but when they returned later to finish the objective it was stolen by stuntopolis in the skirmish.

Ohrmuzd once again sprinted to a 4/1 KD, along with TheHungryToaster, but UCLA’s bot lane kept the gold just about even.  As predicted, both teams appeared very well-matched as they entered the mid-game.  However, when it came time to group up and push, UCLA forced a conflict that split their team harshly in two, leading to an ace and solid lead for Ohio State.

Textbook pushing with a side of baron baiting was all Ohio State needed to extend their lead significantly, reaching 10k by 30 minutes.  DeeZe’s Dark Bindings turned catches into kills, and eventually into turrets and inhibitors.  Ohio State took the win at 35 minutes.

MVP(s):  Ohrmuzd

I don’t know what to say – Ohio State hasn’t lost a game since Ohrmuzd took over the top lane, and despite giving up first blood this game, he was a powerhouse throughout the match.  His KDA across three games is now 15.5, the highest in the WCS.

Cal Poly (4-1) vs CMU (2-3):  Match of the Week (VOD)Cal Poly vs CMU

Pre-Game:  CMU came into this game as an underdog, having just beat UCLA last week with their new bot lane and looking to make a resurgence.  On the other side, Cal Poly has been sitting on the top since the second week of the WCS and got all their favorite champions this game, especially Martel’s Rumble and Kigger’s Wukong.  CMU opted for Nidalee with Heal and Corki with Exhaust in the bot lane, leaving the casters a little stumped.

Game:  Kigger and OmgScottxD successfully preyed on Zeyz in the mid lane, but CMU’s top and bot lanes got off to a very strong start.  iSmurfy forgot to remove the javelin magnet from his pocket before the game, but a few well-placed Solar Flares let him get revenge against the cat lady and flying yordle.

Bodies flew and the kill count soared as both teams grouped up to push, with Cal Poly maintaining a lead but CMU closing the gap.  Split-pushing by both teams allowed for skirmishes by both teams, but Cal Poly was the first to get 5 together for a strong mid push.  When things looked grim for CMU, Burbinator’s Jax started to go nuclear – taking on 1v2’s handily and pushing into Cal Poly’s base by himself.

A tense late-game began with Cal Poly still in the lead, struggling to push with only one good turret-killer in Lucian.  A 3 for 2 team-fight win for CMU allowed the underdogs to pick up Baron and close the gold gap once again.  In the end, though, OmgScottxD on Annie was able to 100-to-0 two members of CMU and allow Cal Poly to push for the win.

MVP:  iSmurfy

Nearly every Solar Flare in this game was perfect – allowing Quarantine7 to come back into bot lane after a rough start, and setting up kills for OmgScottxD and Burbinator throughout the rest of the game.

Standings and Final Remarks

(4-1) Ohio State, Cal Poly

(3-2) Arizona, CSUF

(2-3) UConn, UCLA, CMU

(0-2) WWU

Next week’s final game will be between Ohio State and Cal Poly, which will force the standings into a single leading team!  You’ll definitely want to watch it live on Saturday, April 12 at 6 PM.

See you next week!

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