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Dear Cloth5ers,

If you’ve been having any trouble with the commenting system in the past week, it is because we switched out commenting system over to Disqus. We believe that these changes will improve the quality and quantity of the comments and encourage more of our readers to participate in discussion. Cloth5 accounts will no longer be able to comment, and you will have to create an account over at Disqus in able to comment on articles; however, many other League of Legends fansites already implement the Disqus system, so if you already have a Disqus account the commenting transition will be seamless.

With Disqus, commenters can choose to create a Disqus profile or integrate with their other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  And our favorite new feature – the added ability to ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ each article and give ‘thumbs up’ to individual comments. This will allow you to be interactively ‘vote’ for a comment without having to comment yourself. And — with community involvement in the moderation of the conversation — the cream comments should rise to the top, the stinkers and ad hominem attacks shall sink. If you are registered with DISQUS already, you can login at the bottom of the text of our articles where the comments are located. If not, there is also a link to register with DISQUS at the bottom of the articles.

We hope that you will become an active participant in our new and improved comments!  And please send us your feedback and help us improve as we move forward. Feedback to: [email protected]

The Cloth5 Staff


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