Patch 4.9 Competitive 5v5 Tier List

Disclaimer: This tier list is a compilation of observations and opinions from a 5v5 COMPETITIVE STANDPOINT (excluding solo queue opinions). Check back regularly: the list is updated frequently with changes.

Hello, my name is Jera and I am a former analyst for compLexity gaming. This is the latest iteration of the tier list and should be functional when the new layout for Cloth5.com relaunches. I’ve decided to revamp the list to a more traditional style and cut out the explanations to make the the list concise and easily accessible.

I’d like to state that the intention of these lists is to help players who want to emulate professionals by providing solid references, along with ways to research builds/runes/masteries further (just click on any of the champion icons). All of these champions are viable in solo queue, but truly shine in an environment that fosters teamwork and communication between all players.

Last Update: 6/13/2014

Link to ProBuilds.netShyvana Link to ProBuilds.netLee Sin Link to ProBuilds.netKassadin Link to ProBuilds.netTwitch Link to ProBuilds.netThresh
Link to ProBuilds.netJax Link to ProBuilds.netElise Link to ProBuilds.netLeBlanc Link to ProBuilds.netLucian BraumSquareBraum
Link to ProBuilds.netTrundle Link to ProBuilds.netEvelynn  Link to ProBuilds.netMorgana
2 a tier
Link to ProBuilds.netRenekton Link to ProBuilds.net Vi  Link to ProBuilds.netTwisted Fate Link to ProBuilds.netKog’Maw Link to ProBuilds.netNami
Link to ProBuilds.netLulu  Nunu_Square_0Nunu Link to ProBuilds.net Lulu  Link to ProBuilds.netCorki  Link to ProBuilds.netZyra
Link to ProBuilds.netIrelia  Link to ProBuilds.netKha’Zix Link to ProBuilds.netYasuo  Link to ProBuilds.netCaitlyn Link to ProBuilds.netLeona
Link to ProBuilds.netKayle Link to ProBuilds.netOrianna Link to ProBuilds.netVayne Link to ProBuilds.netKarma
Link to ProBuilds.netNidalee
Link to ProBuilds.netKayle 
 Link to ProBuilds.netZiggs
2 b tier
Link to ProBuilds.netDr. Mundo  JarvanIV_Square_0Jarvan IV  Link to ProBuilds.netSyndra  Link to ProBuilds.netJinx Link to ProBuilds.netLulu
Link to ProBuilds.netRyze  Link to ProBuilds.netNocturne  Link to ProBuilds.netKarthus Link to ProBuilds.netGraves  Link to ProBuilds.netAnnie
Link to ProBuilds.netLee Sin Link to ProBuilds.netXin Zhao Link to ProBuilds.netKha’Zix Link to ProBuilds.netEzreal Link to ProBuilds.netAlistar
 Link to ProBuilds.netRumble    Link to ProBuilds.netAnivia Link to ProBuilds.netSivir
2 c tier
 Link to ProBuilds.netKha’Zix  Link to ProBuilds.netPantheon Link to ProBuilds.netFizz Link to ProBuilds.netMiss Fortune Link to ProBuilds.netGragas
Link to ProBuilds.netVladimir  Link to ProBuilds.netWukong  Link to ProBuilds.netJayce  Link to ProBuilds.netDraven  Link to ProBuilds.netSona
Link to ProBuilds.netYasuo  Link to ProBuilds.netVolibear  Link to ProBuilds.netZed  Link to ProBuilds.netVarus  
Link to ProBuilds.netJayce  

Final Thoughts

Riot has been churning out small patches that slightly adjust some of the weaker champions, while smashing down usually 1 or 2 of the “OP” champions of the time. Because the patches are so minute, there aren’t many changes that break through the meta, thus this list doesn’t fluctuate too much between patches.

Unfortunately, this may be my last version of the tier list with Cloth5.com due to real life obligations, along with Riot’s trend to crank out a new patch every other week. It’s is becoming very difficult for me to dedicate as much time to watching League of Legends and keeping up with trends.

If you enjoyed content like this, feel free to share this on social media (there should be a bar to the left of the page if AdBlock is disabled), or bookmark the page for reference. If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions; feel free to send me a tweet @coL_Jera.


Update: June 16th – Upped Twisted Fate to High A-Tier, Lulu down from S-tier, Braum up in S-tier

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Jera is a former Human Factors psychologist, video game researcher, and avid follower of professional League of Legends. Jera enjoys taking a statistical approach to analyzing gameplay and discovering how small events cause ripple effects throughout the game. Follow Jera on twitter @coL_Jera

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