OGN Champions Summer: Week 4

Hello and welcome to the fourth and final week of OGN Champions Summer 2014! We have another week of big finishes, exciting upsets, and even some potential tiebreakers. This will also be the last week of Patch 4.10 before switching to 4.11 during the finals. So without further ado, let’s get into the games.

Current Standings


Day 1

W4_D1 Matchups

Group C – Samsung White vs Bigfile Miracle

In Game 1, Samsung will get rolling right off the bat by taking an early dragon in response to the lane swap from Miracle. Miracle will attempt to respond with a series of top lane ganks, but a good read by Samsung will allow them to thwart the attempts and even get first blood for themselves. This early lead will help get Mata a fast Boots of Mobility on his Braum and begin to establish complete map control alongside DanDy.

White will take the early advantages and run with them, using their superior vision to get kills and eventually objectives across the map. The combination of Braum and Evelynn continues to make a potent roaming combination, allowing for easy catches and destruction of any Miracle player caught away from their team. Although Miracle will do a decent job holding off White, the power of Samsung is too much and they will take the first win. This first victory will secure their spot in the playoffs.

Game 2 took a little longer to start seeing action due to standard lane setups, but a couple of amazing early ganks from DanDy will set Miracle immediately on the back foot. Although Miracle will make a few early moves to give them an edge, once fights start breaking out, White is clearly able to outplay Miracle on every turn. Once White establishes map control they will simply outclass and eventually outscale Miracle, snowballing into a clean victory in game 2.

Group D – KT Arrows vs MKZ

Game 1 will start off explosively with both teams come out of the gate swinging, securing kills early. Both sides really just want to brawl this game, and the fights will come quickly, but neither side is able to jump out to much of an early lead. Eventually, the superior mechanics of the Arrows will win out.

Finally around 20 minutes in, KT will win a decisive fight around dragon that will net them a superior edge over MKZ. Although the closing speed of the Arrows leaves much to be desired, they will eventually find the fights they want and win Game 1. This first victory will secure their berth into the playoffs.

Unsurprisingly, Game 2 will continue the hyper-aggression from the KT Arrows that we saw in Game 1. Their immaculate ability to skirmish will allow them to keep winning the fights they pick, jumping them ahead with a significant gold lead. KT does not stop fighting, but MKZ is able to match them blow for blow throughout and prevent the Arrows from expanding their advantage.

However, a poor play at Baron will swing huge fight in favor of MKZ, bringing them even with KT. Finally, the Arrows took a step back and added a bit more control to their play, eventually allowing them to regain their advantage and secure the second win of the night.


Samsung White beats Bigfile Miracle: 2-0
KT Arrows beats MKZ: 2-0

Day 2

W4_D2 Matchups

Today is brothers day in OGN. Both IM#1 and Sword have a chance to get IM#2 and Shield a berth into the playoffs. While a 2-0 is needed by both teams to guarantee a spot, Sword can keep Shield alive by going 1-1 and forcing a tiebreaker.

Group A – SKT T1 K vs IM #1

Game 1 starts off slowly due to a bit of a misplay from IM#1 that throws off Smurf’s early jungle pathing. The first bit of aggression comes from IM and SKT each diving bot and top respectively but gold will stay pretty even across the board. Both teams will look to play out the lanes in a mostly passive manner, but a couple of good ganks and a dragon picked up by SKT will jump them out to a nice early lead. Crucially, SKT is able to heavily punish top lane Ryze and set him back in his potentially power spike.

Moving into the mid game, SKT K is able to put out a ton of map pressure, thanks to strong vision control and some very aggressive play from Faker’s Xerath, continuing to grow their gold lead at every turn. Although IM does what they can to fight back, the game quickly begins to snowball out of their control. Against the teamfighting power of SKT, there is nothing IM can do and SKT K will crush their way through IM to secure the win as well as their ticket to the playoffs.

Game 2 is basically just a showmatch between these two teams, as the results of Group A are already locked in place. Once again the game will start off with passive play from both sides, this time with the first aggressive play coming in the form of a 3-man dive from SKT K, quickly netting them an early lead.

However, IM will turn the tables fast; an aggressive outplay by Smeb’s Riven and a poor choice to teleport from Impact will net Smeb two successive kills and give him a massive edge in the top lane battle. Although K will be able to hang onto their gold lead, the aggression from IM will go a long way on preventing the snowball from forming.

Again, moving into the mid game the objectives began to fall in favor of SKT, but prolonged aggression from IM will begin to secure them kill after kill and bring themselves back even. Finally, right around the 30 minute mark, IM will find a huge fight thanks especially to the power of Riven, pulling them ahead with an inhibitor advantage and a gold lead. A few extremely hard fought battles later and IM #1 will be able to take the game off SKT K.

Group B – NaJin Black Sword vs JinAir Falcons

Game 1 will start off with a good series of early plays from the Falcons, giving them a three buff start, as well as picking up an early first blood. After the early action however, the game will slow down as neither team is able to come up with any successful aggression. Finally JinAir will be able to secure a pick at dragon and after the ensuing fight they will begin to steadily grow their lead.

As the mid game play out, both teams will begin to start fighting heavily resulting in a larger lead for JinAir. However with the late game power of Sword’s composition it is not fast enough and eventually Sword is able to start overpowering the fighting ability of the Falcons. Thanks to the incredible lategame power of Kassadin, Tristana, and Shyvana, Sword will eventually find the fight they need to push in and secure the win in the first game.

Game 2 will start off with standard lanes and a good deal of passivity from both sides. NaJin will be able to out maneuver and pick up the first dragon of the game; coupled with some very nice Ziggs play from Kuro will boost Sword out to a small early lead. Good objective focus will allow Sword to continue to slowly grow their lead and gain pressure on the map.

Things will get dicey for NaJin for a time as JinAir is able to even things up with an impressive flank, but an equally favorable fight for Sword will once again shoot them out ahead. After that mishap Sword will play a lot more cautiously, their heavy objective focus will prevent the Falcons from making any more aggressive plays and they will eventually secure their second win of the night. Although they had already secured a spot in the playoffs, that win allowed them to bring Shield along without them having to fight a tiebreaker.


SKT K ties IM#1: 1-1
NaJin Black Sword beats JinAir Falcons: 2-0

Day 3

W4_D3 Matchups

The final day is a big one for CJ, as both teams have been struggling and need a 2-0 to make the finals. Both SKT S and the Stealths each need to win a single game to make it through.

Group C – CJ Frost vs SKT T1 S

In Game 1 Frost will waste no time jumping out to a lead, primarily due to the strength of Madlife’s Braum. Thanks to that advantage they are able to begin putting a lot of early map pressure on SKT S.

Although play will calm down for a time, a misplayed fight from Frost will give a big win to SKT S and put them right back into the game. Both teams will begin to fight back and forth, but it is Frost who is able to come out ahead and this time around they will not allow it to slip away from them. A couple of very close fights and some extremely impressive objective steals from Swift will secure the win for Frost and keep their hopes in the tournament alive.

In Game 2 SKT S will get off to a big start with a quick kill in the mid lane for S’s jungler Horo. He will not let the advantage go to waste, abusing Jarvan’s ganking pressure to secure kills in every lane and putting an immense amount of early pressure onto Frost.

As a massive gold lead begins to accumulate in the hands of S, a very crucial ward will give Frost vision of S attempting Baron, allowing them to surprise SKT and steal the objective right out from under them. Although this breathes some life back into the Frost roster they are not able to hold on for long.

S keeps their heads in the game and turns a mistake from Frost into a fight and game victory. That win will send SKT S to their first trip to a Champions playoffs.

Group D – CJ Blaze vs JinAir Stealths

Game 1 will start off well for Blaze, able to jump out to a nice early gold lead thanks to an early kill and a few quick objectives. This is very important because the scaling of the Stealths’ team is very dangerous. Blaze attempts to continue to push their lead but Stealths are able to keep it well under control through some nice map pressure and pick attemps.

As the mid game presses on,it clearly become difficult for Blaze to do anything. Mundo simply becomes too hard to deal with and he is easily able to peel for his carries. While it will take quite some time for JinAir to close they are never in any trouble and are able to eventually secure the first win on Blaze.

As a result the Stealths have secured their first ever trip to the playoffs and for the first time ever in Champions history neither Blaze nor Frost will make it past group.

Game 2 is mostly a formality, although the result will decide which seed JinAir is in. As both teams come out with relatively similar team comps as the first game, it is unsurprising that the game proceeds in relatively the same fashion.

This time around however, Blaze has fixed their comp to deal with the Mundo. The main change being the swap of Lulu for Syndra in the mid lane giving them significantly more pressure in the mid game, allowing them to push through the Mundo even as he began to grow in power. Although Blaze is able to win the second game it is still bittersweet for CJ as they will still be knocked out of Champions.


CJ Frost ties SKT S: 1-1
CJ Blaze ties JinAir Falcons: 1-1

Notable Champions: Week 4

DrMundoSquareDr. Mundo continues to impress in the top lane, becoming a nearly unkillable tank for AP heavy teams. The potential falloff of Kayle following the new patch may hurt his usefulness, but as long as other AP champions like Gragas and Lulu continue to see play in the top lane he will likely see play as well.


Slimitlessyndra has been continuing to see more play as a damage focused mid laner, most likely due to the LeBlanc nerfs severely cutting her playtime. Xerath was also played for the first time this season. Although it was Faker and it was only a single game, the mid lane seems to be in flux right now and it is hard to say what champions will emerge as dominant over the coming weeks. Xerath does offer a huge amount of long-range damage and may end up being a more conservative version of Syndra.


Playoff Brackets

As there are no tiebreaker matches to be played this season groups were drawn immediately following day 3 matches. The finals brackets are as follows:

Quarter-Finals Matchups

Playoffs begin on Wednesday, July 16 with KT Arrows vs NaJin W Shield – Catch the action live at: http://www.twitch.tv/ongamenet

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