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Cloth5 – Producing Quality eSports Coverage

Cloth5 is a premier League of Legends News, Blogs, and eSports site striving to bring you high-quality content in the most readable way. We are continuing to grow and are looking for more members to join our team and expand our standard of excellence. We want every article on our site to speak to our readership, from both a written content and aesthetic perspective.

Are you a connoisseur of the written word? Do you have an eye for sentence structure, grammatical perfection and have a deep knowledge of League of Legends across multiple facets? Are you passionate about eSports? If your answer is yes to these questions, a position as an Editor with Cloth5 may be for you! This is your chance to begin your eSports career – And what better way to begin than by jumping in to work with some of the best minds in eSports?

*Please note that at this time, all positions are strictly volunteer. However, there may be opportunity for compensation further down the line as Cloth5 continues to grow.

Editor Staff Opportunities – Blogs & eSports

eSports & Blogs Editors: We are looking for Editors who are both passionate and knowledgeable about all League of Legends scenes (Theorycrafting, NA & EU LCS, OGN, OCE – Global knowledge). We are currently accepting applications for Editors who desire to assist Writers and Directors in ensuring that all Cloth5 content continues to be top-notch.

As a Blogs or eSports Editor your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Demonstrating Ninja-Level Grammar and Structural Skills: Let’s face it, we all could use some guidance when it comes to sentence structure and grammar. Is it “then” or “than?” When to use a semi-colon? Would a well-placed comma adequately clarify this text clump or should thoughts be broken into separate paragraphs? As an Editor, you will be tasked with helping writers achieve clarity and consistency in their articles. You will ward-sweep articles for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and promote both strong and varied sentence structure.
  • Taking Analysis to Challenger Level: While editing articles from an English perspective, you will also use your top-tier knowledge of League of Legends meta and/or theory-crafting to assist writers in touching on all perspectives within their articles. Clarity and structure are important, but so is depth and quality of content. We will be depending on you to be an extra mind to give insight and input to the content in our articles.

Application Process

To apply, send an email to [email protected]. Make the title of the email: “Cloth5 Editor Application” – At this time, we are only considering applicants who are 18 years of age or older.

All Applications Must Include the Following:

  1. Skype Information: For team coordination purposes, we use Skype for Instant Messaging and Team Chats.
  2. BRIEF and RELEVANT Background Information: Name, Age, Country, eSports history. Tell us why you wish to be an Editor and provide any relevant background information you have pertaining to this position – Please do not send resumes.
  3. For eSports Editor Applicants – Writing Sample (~700 words – No more than 1,000 words): Please provide a writing sample that discusses the current meta in whichever scene you are applying to cover, or if you are more interested in eSports analysis, provide a writing sample that  breaks down a recent match-up from whichever meta you wish to cover.
  4. For Blogs Editor Applicants – Writing Sample (~700 words – No more than 1,000 words): Please provide a writing sample discussing/analyzing/mathcrafting a current item or strategy from a recent patch or PBE update.

Writing samples must be current, not something written at a previous time. These samples will help us to gauge your knowledge, creativity, and ability to utilize analytical thinking. 

Important: Any application that does not include the required information/writing sample will not be reviewed.

Application Responses

We will provide a response to each and every applicant. Every application and writing sample will be read and evaluated and we appreciate your time and effort in advance. Once you have applied, please be respectful of the timeline Cloth5 is working within as you may not receive a response right away.

Thank you all for supporting Cloth5, and we look forward to your applications!

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