All-Star Paris Diary: Day 3

So TPA are out for the count and the home crowd was ecstatic to see Fnatic make it into the semi-finals. I’m personally happy that C9 have done so well – I’m rooting for the underdog a little, considering the circumstances, but I like the team a lot (or rather, LemonNation is my 2nd favorite support after Krepo).

I crack my eyes open at about 11:30am – Whoops, I overslept! I have a bit of a reputation in Cloth5 for never sleeping. Between Cloth5 and my full time job, I find that my schedule is more stacked than the Mejai’s Froggen built on Anivia. Shakarez comments that I have now demonstrated how I get by on such a small amount of sleep by sneaking small naps throughout the day. They find me asleep on the floor of the apartment, nestled in an armchair amongst the drunken ramblings of others, and face down on my laptop keyboard.

There’s still a suspicious lack of luggage, but I don’t have time to worry about that now – I pull on the 2nd T-Shirt I received yesterday and dash towards the metro, lamenting my lack of clean socks.


Day 3

We get to the arena, and the atmosphere again seems slightly more muted than yesterday; either that or my hearing has given out after being around such a loud crowd for two days.

Pick 10 was much better than I had anticipated, and having Froggen on Anivia was a treat to watch. You could tell he was enjoying it immensely. The crowd loved it, and the French Casters were doing an amazing job at exciting the crowd. I was initially disappointed by the event being cast in French at the venue, as I am an English-only speaker. I now believe that casting the event in French was the absolute correct decision to do in terms of encouraging crowd participation – I don’t think that anyone but Chips and Noi could have achieved crowd participation like they did. The crowd was always responsive to everything they called for and the atmosphere they created was incredible.

Other than that, the games on Day 3 went exactly as I had predicted with Fnatic and Cloud9 being knocked out and OMG and SKT1 making it through to a very exciting final. The support for Fnatic today was fantastic and everyone was disappointed when they were knocked out. Despite this, the crowd was respectful to the other teams, cheering them all on equally.


SKT’s legendary support: PoohManDu!


We sang Happy Birthday to Faker! Though, I’ll admit it was announced who we were singing for in French again, and my Wood 5 multilingual abilities let me down, so I didn’t realize who we were singing to for quite some time.

The chants from the crowd today were particularly good – lots of “Fanatique” and “Sparta” with a smattering of “S-K-T” thrown in. It’s a lot of fun to shout them out with everyone, and it really makes you feel involved in the thick of things.

I go to the toilet for the first time at the end of the game. I’m amused at how the usual tropes are reversed – the queue for the Men’s bathroom must be at least 30 people deep. I, however, can walk straight in without any waiting. I didn’t walk around much today, but I did try to go outside for some fresh air.

Everywhere is so busy!

Time for Dinner

At the end of the day, we decide to head off to a bar to have some drinks – and then as we enter the subway, we run into the entire C9 crew on their way to get Chipotle. Me and Shakarez find ourselves in the same carriage as them, as our French friends trick us into it by saying we needed to catch this one whilst secretly planning to catch the next one devoid of millions of C9 fans.


After a few minutes, C9 Charlie, their analyst, spots an open seat next to us, flops down into it, and we have a brief catch up as I’ve only spoken to him properly on Skype before. He shows us the amazing artwork that Sneaky has created on his arm (for over-18 eyes only). Whilst he appears to be incredibly talented, I don’t think I’ll be hiring Sneaky to do my artwork any time soon – he’s probably better off sticking to playing League!

Eventually, we have to leave the train, and proceed to get shown a lesson or two in beer drinking by our French friends.

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