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Thank you for checking out Cloth5! After over three years of combined experience working with eSports content creation and management, Cloth5 was founded July 1, 2013 as an ambitious project by DiffTheEnder and cGuy to become a leader in League of Legends eSports and Theorycrafting content. The Cloth5 Team is currently made up of roughly 30 dedicated Writers, Editors, and Artists, all of whom are passionate for and about League of Legends!

Our goal is to bring you accurate and up-to-date information on all League of Legends happenings, from Competitive Tier Lists, PBE Round-Ups, to extensive eSports coverage. We strive to present professional opinions on League of Legends gameplay and provide articles from top players from around the world to help inform and round out your knowledge of League of Legends. We are dedicated to delivering the latest in Blogs, Theorycrafting, Meta-Game Discussions, News, eSports, much more.

Cloth5 Management Staff

If you are interested in joining the team at Cloth5, be sure to hit up our Apply page for more information! In the meantime, if you’re interested in chatting with a few of the Summoners behind the direction of Cloth5, feel free to hit up either of Cloth5’s Content Directors – Will “Fridgecake” Attwood and Alex “Valkyrie” Mannerinoor Cloth5’s awesome head man himself, DiffTheEnder – We are always keen to chat with our fellow League Community and open to any suggestions you all have!


 Will “Fridgecake” Attwood
Manager of eSports & Blogs Content
Short Bio: “Long time gamer ranging from early Mario Kart 64 races to high end WoW Raiding. Previously a mathcrafter due to my Research Science background. Feel free to drop me a message on Twitter if you’ve got any questions!
Twitter: @C5Fridgecake
Twitch: Fridgeycake
Email: [email protected]

Personal Signature

Alex “Valkyrie” Mannerino
Co-Manager of eSports & Blogs Content / Public Relations
Short Bio: “Fueled by Coffee, eSports, & Blogs! I main Top Lane and my favorite champions are Vi and Renekton. If I actually had skill, I would play more Lee Sin. I love the League of Legends community and am down to chat with you guys any time – Hit me up on Twitter!”
Twitter: @C5Valkyrie
Email: [email protected]


Dhanish “DiffTheEnder” Semar
Managing CEO
Self Bio: I dabble in everything. From Co-Op vs AI to Solo Queue, and from Photo Editing to Mathcrafting. I also dabble in writing for Cloth5 to “dabbling” in running the whole website! I like working on anything that interests me so message me if you have any really really interesting and unique ideas!”
Twitter: @DiffTheEnder
Email: [email protected]

 Our sincerest thanks goes out to our readership and fellow League community. We would not be a successful site without you – Every comment, share, and interaction from you all means a lot to us. Thank you for reading and keep on enjoying Cloth5!

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