WePlay LoL $2,000 Invitational Announced

The awesome people over at WePlay.TV have announced a $2,000 Invitational invite tournament. The tournament will be held from the 14/11 to 05/12. Featuring some of the top European teams and a dearth of up and coming talent. The tournament is sure to help fill the void that League fans have felt since the end of the Worlds.

As of right now there are still three slots open for this tournament, there will be two regional qualifiers, one for Europe on the 14th of November and the CIS one to follow on the 16th, the winners will then advance to the main tournament.

The details are as follows: The tournament is single elimination with 16 teams on the EU West server. The first round is a best of 3, while all other rounds are a best of 5. The qualifiers will be played on November 14 (1800 CET) for EU West and November 16 (1200 CET) in Russia, while the main tournament will be ru nfrom November 18 through December 5.

Participants include:

  • SK Gaming
  • MeetYourMakers
  • Copenhagen Wolves
  • TCM-Gaming
  • Ultra Vires
  • Dark Passage
  • H2k-Gaming
  • The RED
  • Heroes Team
  • n!faculty
  • Team Dignitas UK
  • AVA eSport
  • RoughNeX
  • …and 5 other qualifying teams!

1st place – 1.500$
2nd place – 500$
3rd/4th place – 5x Logitech G300 per team


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