Week 8 EU LCS Predictions

After a season filled with many upsets and more roster changes that can fit on one hand, it’s time to kick off week 8 of the EU LCS -the last week before the penultimate superweek 9.

Can Lemondogs stay ahead in the pack at 1st seed for long? Which teams in the 3-way tie for 2nd place (Alternate, Gambit, and Fnatic) will rise and fall? Can SK Gaming find some consistency in their game?

For this week in the EU LCS, we polled some of our staff to get their predictions on 6 highlighted games over the weekend.

R.Retro League Scavell Charlie Mango GIO Diff Scorpio
Gambit v EG 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-Eglogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std
Fnatic v NiP 38px-NiPlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-NiPlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-NiPlogo_std
ATN v MYM 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Mymlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std 38px-Atnlogo_std
Fnatic v EG 38px-Eglogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Eglogo_std 38px-Eglogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std 38px-Fnaticlogo_std
Gambit v NiP 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-NiPlogo_std 38px-NiPlogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std
LD v Gambit 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-Lemondogslogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-Lemondogslogo_std 38px-Lemondogslogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std 38px-GambitLogo_std

Our Head Matchup of the Week

Lemondogs 38px-Lemondogslogo_std    vs 38px-GambitLogo_stdGambit BenQ

In the final two weeks of the EU LCS, Lemondogs have rushed to the top of the standings, surprising many as the previously unknown amateur team made a huge comeback in their season to crush all those who oppose them. However, sitting tied for second place is Gambit BenQ; a veteran squad who have been a thorn in the Lemondogs’ side throughout the entirety of the split. Currently having won only once against Gambit BenQ and dropping two games to them, all eyes are on this clash of the behemoths- can the Lemondogs take first place running or will they be kicked to the doghouse by the experienced Russians? Tune in on Sunday 8/4/13 at euw.lolesports.com to find out!

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