WCS Week 5 Preview

We’ve passed the half-way point, with only three weeks left in the season!

Current Standings (Wins-Losses)

(3-1) CSUF, Ohio State, Cal Poly

(2-2) Arizona, CMU, UCLA

(1-3) UConn

(0-1) WWU

Day 1 (Friday, April 4)

UConn (1-3) vs WWU (0-1) 5 PM PST


UConn has had it rough the past few weeks – after starting the season with a convincing win against CMU, they’ve fallen to Cal Poly and Ohio State, and couldn’t field a team against CSUF.  However, ADC Clara and Alice maintains a strong KDA of 4.33, and still has the highest creep score per minute of any player in the WCS (9.8).  The team has struggled against Cal Poly’s teamfight combo/AOE and Ohio State’s laning phase, and tend to play with an aggressive streak in the early game.  WWU has only had a brief stint in the WCS, replacing Texas Tech from Week 4 onward, and found defeat in their first game against Ohio State.


If UConn can prey on WWU’s top lane and jungle, they’ll probably find a win in exactly the same way as Ohio State did last week.  Given their assertive play style, this could be UConn’s ticket back into the race.  Not much has been seen from WWU yet, but they may benefit from UConn’s lack of momentum in the last three weeks.

CSUF (3-1) vs Arizona (2-2) 6 PM PST


CSUF accepted a forfeit from UConn last week, keeping them tied for first with Ohio State and Cal Poly – the only team yet to beat them.  IlleagoVinDeago and DkBnet top the KDA for their team, both proving to be adept at mid-mages and bot-marksmen across a variety of champions.  Not a single sub has yet been used for CSUF, and support Summerboy hasn’t played anything except for Morgana.  Arizona lost to Cal Poly last week and UCLA the week before, putting a stop to the 2-game streak they had going at the start.  Nonetheless, Arizona has shown bite as well as bark in their games, with Xholu dishing out damage on long-range mages Xerath and Ziggs.  ADC El Gato de Queso has had less success in the bot lane after his name change from RedCoupa – perhaps he should consider switching back?  (jk jk)


CSUF has a clean shot for the top of the WCS, and I don’t think they’re going to let Arizona get in their way.  If Arizona can keep their rotations sharp and prevent CSUF’s carries from getting too big, they have a good shot at the mid-game, but that means keeping an eye out for That Jungle Main early on.  It may or may not be worth it, but a Morgana ban/pick for Arizona is a consideration.

Day 2 (Saturday, April 5)

Ohio State (3-1) vs UCLA (2-2) 5 PM PST


Ohio State turned the tables on UConn two weeks ago with an amazing victory, and picked up another win against newcomers WWU last week.  Now tied for first, Ohio State is in the running for the big time, and they’re facing down what might be their toughest opponents yet.  Top-laner Ohrmuzd has been a linchpin for Ohio State in their wins, with a KDA of 11.7 across two games and 9.06 cs/min.  TheHungryToaster provides the team’s clean-up with strong performances on both Gragas and Katarina.  UCLA will be the goalkeepers this week, looking to jump back in the driver’s seat after a surprisingly rough loss against CMU.  UCLA’s first step will probably be getting JigabYte back in as ADC after his week off and EmperorOng back in the top lane.  That is, unless they have something else up their sleeves.


I’ll wager that this is likely to be the closest match we see this weekend.  I won’t put the advantage on either team’s side – just keep your eyes on the ball and see where it rolls.

Cal Poly (3-1) vs CMU (2-2) 6 PM PST


CMU blew the top off of UCLA last week with an unexpected stomp, with credit to their new bot lane Tesseractx and MeNoHaxor.  The game was over in a flash – 25 minutes and 29 kills, with 22 of them on CMU’s side and 9 specifically in Tesseractx‘s pocket.  Granted, UCLA was pulling some lane-swappery, but that doesn’t take away from CMU’s handling.  This week will be a trial-by-fire for the new CMU lineup, as they face off against Cal Poly.  Cal Poly takes the “pseudo-first place” award; although they are tied with CSUF and Ohio State by score, they have beaten CSUF before as well as Arizona, which has in turn beaten Ohio State.  Punching through Cal Poly’s OmgScottxD in mid and Kigger in the jungle will be a tall task for CMU.  Add to that Martel‘s deathless performance last week on top Rumble, and Cal Poly looks pretty unstoppable.


Can the wild-card CMU pull off a victory against Cal Poly?  I’m gonna say probably not, but I dare them to prove me wrong!

Final Remarks

We’re coming down the home stretch and things are really getting heated.  Following Week 7 will be the playoffs and championships at the end of April.  Scores and close and teams are well matched, so every game coming up is really going to count.

See you soon!

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