WCS Week 2 Recap

WardBaron Collegiate Series

One fantastic game highlights a week of incomplete teams and connection issues.

Note:  The score next to each team’s name includes this week’s results.

Warning:  This recap contains spoilers!  If you want to watch the games un-spoiled, head over to twitch.tv/wardbaron.

Day 1

Cal Poly (1-1)  vs UConn (1-1): Match of the Week (VOD)Cal Poly vs UConn

In the first two weeks of the WCS, UConn has already shown a tendency for long games with close conclusions!  This time, Cal Poly kept them on their toes for every second of this 40+ minute game, bringing in substitutes Tizzler on top lane and iSmurfy on ADC.

The early game looked to be in UConn’s favor – jasmine33 focused his attention on bot lane, and after several gank attempts, managed to give Clara and Alice first blood with help from TdollasAKATmoney.  The UConn bot lane continued to grow an advantage, and Mister Flaccid‘s zoning on Nidalee let UConn secure two Dragons by the 21 minute mark.

The game went sour for UConn during a push on mid, when OmgScottxD landed a 3-man Command: Shockwave to set up a Cal Poly engage.  From that point onward, Kigger‘s Wukong became a constant threat; a bulldozer of force with flash Cyclones to carry Orianna‘s ball.  Tizzler, who found limited success against Chuckie Chan‘s Shyvana in top lane, began to reach late-game Rengar status and became a terrifying clean-up machine.

The gold was dead even at 26 minutes, marking the start of Cal Poly’s comeback.  They gained a gold advantage of only 4 thousand gold over the next 15 minutes, until a 4v4 Baron win for Cal Poly finally got things rolling.  In the end, Cal Poly’s wombo combo strategy triumphed over UConn’s mixed comp (with poke), and they grabbed their first win of the season.

MVP:  Kigger

Opportunistic flash Cyclones and good teamfighting coordination were hallmarks of Kigger‘s Wukong play this match, allowing his team to force an advantage when the needed one.  A final score of 6/1/9 doesn’t hurt either!

Ohio State (1-1) vs CMU (0-2)

CMU was not able to field a team this week, and forfeited the win to Ohio State.

Day 2

CSUF (2-0)  vs UCLA (1-1) (VOD)CSUF vs UCLA

This was the only match this week that would feature two teams at 1-0, and I was personally very excited to see which team would come out the victor!  It was unfortunate, then, that UCLA experienced severe connectivity issues throughout the match that affected their ability to play.

Both teams showed some respect during champion select, when CSUF banned JigabYte‘s Draven and UCLA banned That Jungle Main‘s Elise.  jaroz declined to pick up Ziggs despite his impressive performance last week, and opted instead for Gragas, while Summerboy got his Morgana support once again.

A Stick gave a few timely visits to top lane, picking up first blood on Vruen and setting EmperorOng up for a solid laning phase.  CSUF’s bot lane and jungle kept the aggression turned up, but jaroz did a brilliant job of responding across the map and keeping trades in UCLA’s favor.

CSUF, although they were behind in kills and towers, clawed their way back into the game.  They relied on pick-based play, using quick rotations, clutch Dark Bindings, and a fearless DkBnet slinging blades and racking up kills.

Then, abruptly, UCLA was halted completely by connection problems, and was forced to surrender at 29 minutes.  It was easy to see that these problems were having a serious effect on their ability to play long before this point.  Allegedly, Riot Games has made a statement[s] as to recent server issues in the LA County area, and the WCS tournament organizers are looking to schedule a rematch.  Stay tuned to Cloth5 and WardBaron.com for updates on when this might take place.

MVP:  DkBnet

Although this game was cut short, DkBnet demonstrated impressive mechanical skill on ADC, as well as a healthy understanding of how much damage he could deal and withstand.

Texas Tech (0-2) vs Arizona (2-0)

Texas Tech was not able to field a team this week, and forfeited the win to Arizona.

Final Remarks

Kassadin has, unsurprisingly, still not made it through champion select without being banned.  We have seen 36/118 champions so far in the LCS.

Shout out to IlleagoVinDeago for maintaining a KDA ratio of 21 throughout the first two weeks of the WCS!

See you next week!

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