WCS Week 4 Preview

A breakaway is on the horizon for the WCS.

NOTE:  The first four weeks of the WCS were scheduled in advance as part of the round-robin format.  Teams’ performances throughout this portion of the season have no bearing on whom they play or when.

Current Standings (Wins-Losses)

(2-1)  UCLA, Cal Poly, Arizona, Ohio State, CSUF

(1-2) UConn, CMU

(0-3) Texas Tech

Day 1 (Friday, March 28)

CSUF (2-1) vs UConn (1-2) 5 PM PST


Both CSUF and UConn had a rough week three, losing to Ohio State and Cal Poly respectively in a pair of fantastically close games.  In fact, both teams have lost to Cal Poly at this point, but CSUF holds the better record with another win against UCLA.  CSUF hasn’t shown a substitute yet, sticking with a 5 man that boasts challenger-tier ADC DkBnet and versatile mid IlleagoVinDeago.  On the other hand, UConn hasn’t used a substitute either, favoring a lineup with a great degree of flexibility.  Only one champion (Sivir) has been repeated in UConn’s three games so far.


CSUF’s team boasts impressive Solo Queue rankings and a formidable performance in the WCS so far, but I fully expect a good fight out of UConn.  Both games that UConn lost were extremely close, and they tend to play very well when Mister Flaccid and Clara and Alice are in a position to carry.  CSUF’s support Summerboy has played three games of Morgana in a row, so it might be worth it for UConn to take the fallen angel out of his hands.

Texas Tech (0-3) vs Ohio State (2-1) 6 PM PST


Texas Tech has been unable to field a team the past two weeks, and lost in the first to CSUF.  They’ll have their work cut out for them this weekend, as Ohio State recently showed that they are up snuff with an impressive win against UConn.  We’ve only seen two games out of Ohio State, who accepted a forfeit against CMU in the second week, but their mid TheHungryToaster has performed solidly in both.  Ohrmuzd showed up for the first time last weekend and stomped through the top lane, bringing Ohio State to victory.


We don’t have much much information on Texas Tech, but I anticipate the advantage on Ohio State’s side of the court for this one.

Day 2 (Saturday, March 29)

Arizona (2-1) vs Cal Poly (2-1) 5 PM PST


Arizona defeated Ohio State in the first week, took a forfeit against Texas Tech in the second, and were finally brought to a halt last weekend by UCLA.  However, last weekend Arizona played with a substitute – El Gato de Queso in for ADC RedCoupa – that may have affected their performance.  Whether or not RedCoupa rejoins the team this weekend could be the difference between victory and defeat against Cal Poly.  Meanwhile, Cal Poly has also lost to UCLA, but pulled out an incredible win against CSUF last weekend.  Jungler Kigger is a force to be reckoned with on Wukong, and mid OmgScottxD has been an integral part of both of the team’s wins so far.


I expect nothing less than a strong showing from Cal Poly, but Arizona is more of a wild card.  There is a lot of potential for Arizona to get rolling, but I feel as though the safe bet is on Cal Poly.

UCLA (2-1) vs CMU (1-2) 6 PM PST


UCLA is caught in the middle of a love triangle – they beat Cal Poly in the first week, who beat CSUF in the third week, who beat UCLA in the second week.  It’s hard to make out a definite top-dog, but very clear that UCLA is not to be trifled with.  Both of their wins have revolved around getting ADC JigabYte extremely fed on Draven in the early game, and then passing the torch off to mid jaroz to close out the game with explosive mages Ziggs and Gragas.  A Draven ban would not go amiss in this case, but UCLA’s versatile top EmperorOng is likely to pick up any slack.  CMU was unable to field a team in the second week, and took their only win from a forfeit by Texas Tech in the third.  That being said, jungler Tergoplease and ADC Coggles showed some impressive chops even in CMU’s loss against UConn.


There’s not much information to go on for CMU, but I have a hunch that they won’t roll over for UCLA.  CMU should look to the VOD from CSUF’s victory against UCLA in the second week, in which JigabYte‘s Draven was banned and the team wasn’t allowed to snowball.  That being said, I’d give the edge to UCLA in this one.

Final Remarks

With three weeks gone and a 5-way tie for first place, I’m looking forward to a fourth week breakaway and some stratification to take hold.

See you soon!

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