Umashi’s Competitive 5v5 Tier List (Patch 3.9)


About the tier list: Umashi is a top lane player for Gold Gaming LA, a Challenger rated team in North America and one of the top teams in the non-LCS competitive circuit. This tier list was written with the help of ggLA members WAPPA CHANG and Easy as well as many other sources, including casters, Cloth5 writers, and more. With disagreements in placement, majority and/or average vote was used to rank champions.

The goal of the tier list was to create the most accurate tier list using knowledge of top-level competitive play in North America, as well as observations from LCS, OGN, GPL, and more. Champions are placed according to their ranking in their best role. If similar in ranking in multiple roles (I.E. Jungle and Top) then the champion is listed for both roles. If a champion is better in one role than another only the superior role is listed, however, in future updates that will be changed!

Explanation of Tiers

Tier S champions tend to either do so many things well that they could replace multiple alternate champions, or they do one thing so well that no other champion can match them.
ex. Caitlyn has utility and range making her able to fit into almost any team composition.

Tier 1 champions tend to almost always be good picks but a certain weakness will hold them back from being capable of tier S.
ex. Xerath has waveclear, range, and damage but no escapes.

Tier 2 champions tend to be similar to tier 1 champions, but tend to have one fatal flaw which when abused can destroy them.
ex. Diana has strong waveclear, burst, and initiation, but she can have a weak early-game and needs to get herself started.

Tier 3 champions tend to be used as counter picks once you already know some of what you are facing, or used to build a specific type of team composition.
ex. Urgot can destroy an ADC and is good against comps meant to shut down an ADC.

Tier 4 champions just tend to have other champions that do what they do better, and they already don’t do it well enough to make them a contested pick.
ex. Swain is highly mana reliant and requires a little snowballing to take off.

Tier 5 champions are hard to fit into competitive play without a specific strategy designed around them.
ex. Shaco has good map presence but lacks in any team related situation. Even if played solo, there are champions who can fulfill his role better.

The Tier List

Legend: T = Top, J = Jungle, M = Mid, C = AD Carry, S = Support

Tier S: Nunu (J), Twisted Fate, Elise (T/J), Thresh, Evelynn (J), Zac (J), Lee Sin (J), Karthus, Nasus (J), Sona, Zed (T/M), Caitlyn

Tier 1: Vayne, Varus, Janna (S), Jarvan IV (J), Nami, Kennen (T/M), Rumble (T), Lissandra (T/M), Xerath, Ahri, Shen (T), Ezreal, Orianna, Graves, Vladimir (T), Malphite (T), Nautilus, Lulu, Renekton, Ryze

Tier 2: Diana (T/M), Tristana, Zyra (S), Tryndamere (T), Ashe, Rengar (T), Master Yi (M), Kayle (M), Nocturne, Miss Fortune, Talon (M), Gragas (M), Draven, Riven (T), Jax (T), Cho’Gath (J), Jayce (T/M), Sejuani, Lux, Blitzcrank, Twitch

Tier 3: Aatrox (T), Irelia, Annie, Singed, Quinn, Urgot, Anivia, Wukong, Fizz, Trundle (J), Fiddlesticks (J/S), Volibear (J), Xin Zhao (J), Kha’Zix (T/M), Kassadin, Vi (J), Darius, Nidalee (M), Morgana, Syndra, Rammus, Maokai, Malzahar, Alistar (J/S), Hecarim, Leona, Udyr (T/J), Dr. Mundo

Tier 4: Swain, Ziggs, Soraka (S), Amumu, Zilean, Kog’Maw, Katarina, Akali, Cassiopeia, Corki, Pantheon, Yorick, Karma, Sivir, Skarner (J), Gangplank, Brand, Garen, Mordekaiser, Olaf

Tier 5: Viktor, Warwick (J), Veigar, Shaco, Galio, Shyvana (J), Taric, Sion, Fiora, Teemo, Poppy, Heimerdinger

Placement Analysis:

Nunu (Tier S): Nunu is currently the king of the jungle. While he may still have faults, the amount of map pressure that Nunu brings as well as his ability to easily secure buffs, dragon, and baron is simply too high to be left on the table. Nunu has has strong ganking power, good team fighting, and the attack speed buff on an ADC is just a huge bonus.

Evelynn (Tier S): Having the ability to sneak through wards and show up in weird places without being spotted makes Evelynn one of, if not the strongest, ganker in the game. Along with that she is given percent damage that provides a shield and she has godlike waveclear. All combined it makes her one of the best junglers in the game.

Karthus  (Tier S): Karthus just has too much in his kit. His Q/E are some of the best farming skills in the game, as well as team-fight skills. His Q is amazing for poking. His ultimate is global and applies huge amounts of map pressure. He can deny ganks with with W, turn them around easily, and even make plays. He also has some of the best dragon/baron clear speed in the entire game.

Caitlyn (Tier S): While not being the highest damage AD Carry Caitlyn has insane range and utility which makes her insanely safe. Not requiring the protection of a team due to her simple positioning it allows her to fit into more team compositions than any other AD Carry in the game.

Kennen (Tier 1): Having poke, AoE, AoE CC, an escape, and more Kennen brings way too much to a team to just overlook. Kennen has trouble with certain champions like Janna because his weakness is that if he cannot land a good ultimate he is not quite as useful. That said, Kennen is still a lane bully who just about everyone hates to have to face.

Vayne (Tier 1): Vayne has the potential to deal more damage than any other AD Carry in the game. Her damage and utility are insanely high and she is impossible to run from. It’s not hard to get ahead on Vayne, either by farm or kills, and once you’re ahead it’s basically game over for the enemy team.

Tryndamere (Tier 2): Easily shut down in lane but after a bit of farming and an item or two Tryndamere becomes one of the most frightening champions in the game. Being able to towerdive 1v3 and get three kills and leave with his life is something that few champions can do, especially with as few kills as Tryndamere can do it with.

Draven (Tier 2): While still being the snowballing god he always has been, recent nerfs to his passive made him a bit weaker. Playing Draven is a gamble on winning lane and snowballing to victory, but other AD Carries are more reliable, not requiring as much snowball to really do what they do. While still strong, Draven has fallen.

Jayce (Tier 2) Jayce has always been one of the strongest champions competitively, however, recent nerfs to his E hit his poking power and utility quite hard. On top of that, tear got nerfed. Muramana was a core item in Jayce’s build and having the burst in power come later hits his damage as well. Jayce is strong, but no longer over-powered.

Singed (Tier 3): Although not weak Singed has a rough time getting up to speed. In the current early-game dominant team-fight capable meta-game Singed just isn’t the strongest picks because other picks out-class him with better early-game and better team-fighting, even if a fed Singed is frightening.

Wukong (Tier 3): Wukong has some of the highest damage/utility in any team fight, however, Wukong lacks a solid source of waveclear and certain champions just do insanely well against him. If he gets behind he isn’t nearly as useful as he could be.

Nidalee (Tier 3) – Although Nidalee has the highest damage poke in the game as well as one of the best escapes/travel mechanisms she has a major weakness in waveclear. She is forces to dive in face first to clear any wave out which can mean major risk. Nidalee also lacks in team fights, having only one damage spell that won’t get her killed instantly because the others require her to jump into the enemies face.

Malzahar (Tier 3): Malzahar has waveclear, AoE, poke, harass, percentage damage, and CC yet he isn’t one of the strongest champions in the game simply because his ultimate requires him to stun himself as well as the enemy. If you can pull your ultimate off without dying you’re insanely strong as Malzahar, but sadly that won’t happen very often.

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My name is FYA Umashi, I started out a Guide Writer for SoloMid.NET before they were the king of guides, after awhile I become the Head Guide Moderator as well. I believe in a League of Legends where players know what they're doing, and my goal is to help them get there!

  • Cathadan

    You forgot Leona! (T2-T3, probably?)

    • andura

      leona should be in tier 1 because its very strong in early game to get kills for adc and jungler (if he ganks) and in late game he can peel very well and initiate if played well its very good

  • Boneco

    Why Vickor in Tier 5? I know he is underplayed in comp scene and in soloQ, some of skills are a little bit strange and dificult do use correctly, but he brings some nice utility to his team (W can use for zoning and possible engage, peel, wombo combos) and a nice amount of damage.

    Compared with some mids of tier 5 like Veigar who have to put in dangerous position to use your combo, dont have any kind of poke and shield, and have long CD, vickor seems to do what veigar can do but mutch better (ok maybe cant instant kill some enemys, but have mutch better Team Fight presence and lane phase). Maybe Tier 4?

    • coconut

      But Viktor will always be 1 item less than other AP in mid lane. If the team cannot finish the game <35 mins then it's really hard to win competitively

  • Mimic

    Is there anywhere that you guys put your reasoning behind all the champions? I just feel that some of the champions should be higher and others should be lower, and would love to hear the reasoning you guys have behind some of these placements.

    • Umashi

      Feel free to ask, I only wrote about a few to start off but for certain champions that people seem interested in I’ve been adding the reasoning in on them.

      • Mimic

        Theres a few that really confuse me.

        One in particular is Ziggs being tier 4. I played ziggs a decent amount and feel hes actually one of the best mid champions there is. He has a great poke, a depositioner, a slow and damages, and a huge ult radius and range. His escapes usually go well if you get used to his W and E, and you can even kite easily while maintaining a large distance with his Q.

        On the contrary, and I’ll probably get yelled at for this one, is that I don’t see why Rumble is so high. He’s extremely low range, his DoT is extremely weak, and his slow and shield are mediocre at best. The only thing I see on him that is helpful in a fair amount of situations is his ult, which still doesn’t do an insane amount of damage, and the enemy can easily walk through/around it. Im sorry I just can’t find what makes him that appealing to everyone, especially in higher elo games.

        These are just 2. I could probably give an opinion on all of them really, but my time is being cut short here.

        • Umashi

          Ziggs was a hard champion to place and to be honest I don’t think he really properly fits anywhere. I put him in tier 4 because his CC/Escape is unreliable and I find his skills are actually quite easy to dodge. If he gets behind he doesn’t feel like he does much either. I may move him up later but I’d need to see more use in competitive play to really know where to place him.

          Rumble on the other hand I’m sure is strong. He has a solid laning phase, he’s decent at 1v2, he has wave-clear, high damage assuming you manage his over-heat properly, he’s safe because of shield + speed boost + slow and his ultimate still does insanely high damage and has ridiculously utility if placed properly in a team fight. I think rumble is a champion that requires a lot of practice to play at his best, but his best is amazing.

  • Mitcho

    Based on your analysis of Malzahar, would you concede that IF you are able to successfully ult without dying then he would be Tier S? Or Tier 1 at least?

    • Torquilstone

      He definitely shouldn’t be Tier S, as it does provide a weakness, and the Tier S champions are basically without flaws. It’s too large of a weakness for Tier 1, but I think it’s a single solid weakness which, if overcome, makes him a really strong pick. That’s practically definition for Tier 2.

  • timurcio

    Could you explain why Nami is so good? I main support and I’ve been playing her since her release but i don’t feel that she is on the same level as Janna. I mastered the bubble but her everything else feels so weak that i don’t find myself being as useful as I’d be with Janna or especially Lulu.

    • Umashi

      Honestly, I’ll probably be moving Nami even higher, she’s probably the strongest support in the game right now. Her Bubble is a 2 second stun (it’s not what it says, it’s a bug.) She has sustain that also harasses (it has a big cost but used to both harass and heal it doesn”t matter.) Her E is insane for trading, especially on champions like Draven, Vayne, Caitlyn, and Ezreal who are very popular right now. And her ultimate although not being quite as… instant as Sona’s ultimate is still both amazing initiation, disengage, and counter-initiation because it has a long distance, placed properly it can win fights. Basically, it’s Sona with more CC and CC pre-6.

  • CuteCat

    If nunu is god tier, why is he not picked in korea? (Sorry for my bad english)

    • FubsyGamer

      He absolutely, 100% is picked in Korea, all the time. I dunno why you think he’s not

  • FubsyGamer

    While the list isn’t bad, I think you vastly over-estimate the nerf that Jayce received this patch. I could see it moving him from “Tier S” down to “Tier 1″ maybe, but…even so, his kit is just too strong. There is no way that Lissandra, Ahri and Xerath are better than him, or deserve to be in higher tiers.

    If this most recent change was sufficient, they wouldn’t be re-working his abilities all over the place on the PBE, like they currently are. Jayce is just like Elise. Too many abilities, too versatile, fits with too many comps, has no real counters. He’s still amazing.

    • lethor

      A majority of this was worked on before the update to jayce. He will most likely be changed and updated when his rework comes out.

  • Zac

    What do you think about bruiser nid.She is quite a good tank and also she can stack tear fast has a heal/as steroid gap closer devastating q and good wave clear.

    • Umashi

      She’s okay, but there are other bruisers who can do more. She might fit very specific comps.

  • Borlaw

    Why do you place Fiora in Tier 5? And Olaf Tier 4? In my opinion Fiora is way stronger than Olaf after the nerfs to olaf.

  • AzureBeat

    What would you say Lux’s weakness is? Low speed and HP?

  • The Taco Man

    I really can’t see Varus as good as Vayne.

    Vayne has a massive power spike at level 6 and when she get’s her BotRK. You can’t run away from her, and she has insane damage and an amazing stun. Her W gives her a spot in top tier late game carries as well.

    Varus doesn’t have a crazy power spike, and he is just an even pick all game. He’s really good at poking, and his late game is a little better than most ADC’s with his percentage damage W. His ult is good, but no where near the mobility or utility that Vayne offers.

  • Insta Mental

    I think the only champ still missing is LeBlanc, just so you know.

  • iqon

    So according to this list, LeBlanc is not a champion in league of legends, what a joke of a list

  • Sidewinder

    Why is mid Zyra not even considered? Where would you put her?
    I think she’s a pretty good laner and she has huge teamfight presence, similar to Orianna. Her ratio are actually pretty strong so the argument “She can do everything she does without items” does not apply here in my opinion.

  • Shadowert

    I think it is also important to mention that although a champion may be tier 3 or lower, that doesn’t mean you can’t win games with him. Not only because you can master that specific champion and just be insanely good with him, but also because people are not used to play against those champions, because top tier champions are mostly played. For me that is Veigar, according to you a tier 5 champion, but he is my best champ and I will carry with him almost every game.