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A Weekly Recap of Happenings in League of Legends (12/8/13-12/15/13)

Hello all! Alex here bringing you another recap on what’s been going on the past week in League of Legends news! With the launch of Patch 3.15, NACL Super Week, EU Spring Promotionals, and the start of Battle of The Atlantic, this week has been no slouch in terms of action.

Today, I will be bringing you more content on the Preseason, updates on OGN, NACL, Battle of The Atlantic, and a look at what’s in store across the upcoming holiday weeks.


Patch 3.15

Welcome to the first official Preseason patch! On December 13th, Patch 3.15 landed (OCE server will be receiving this patch on December 18th), bringing changes to Ahri, Fiddlesticks (FINALLY a tweak to Fiddle’s 3 second Fear!) Janna, Lee Sin, Lucian, Lulu, Rammus, Sivir, Soraka, and Taric, along with many other game-play changes. You can read the official patch notes here if you missed them. There were a lot of small quality of life changes that may not be earth-shattering, but they are important nonetheless. There has also been talk of an update for Summoner Spells for Season 4, but this will not be arriving within Patch 3.15.

Anivia also received a beautiful and much needed texture update. This re-texture applies to her traditional  skin as well as all of her other skins. Take her out for a game and have a look for yourself! You can preview her traditional skin texture update in this video.

Yasuo is Here

Yasuo has been released! If you haven’t gotten a chance to play him, you can now purchase him for 975 RP or 6800 IP within one week of his release. Yasuo’s Champion Spotlight was posted a day before his official release, which you can watch to gain some insight about his role within team fights and what runes/masteries to try on him.

From what I can tell based off of other players’ first impressions, Yasuo takes some thought unlock his full potential. It can be a bit tricky to remember how to maintain all his stacks at different ability levels, and it will be helpful to have some pro guides and thoughts on him within the next few weeks. A team needs to be built around him and his laning phase is very weak. This being said, Yasuo has a highly flexible kit. Once he gains some momentum through itemization and attaining consistent crits, Yasuo’s ult alongside teammates with disruptive ults (Malphite’s Unstoppable Force, Zac’s Let’s Bounce! etc.) can make for a strong wombo-combo.

Patch 3.14 – Tier Lists

The Preseason has brought the most noticeable changes to bot lane and the jungler role, but it has affected and incurred a meta shift in all lanes.

Though tier lists are known for their subjectivity and can quickly become out of date with the arrival of a small patch or hotfix, they serve as a helpful overview of what is currently strong in the meta and why.


Everyone’s eyes are still on the evolving options in bot lane and in the jungle. Thought Taric was gone? Well guess what guys – Our truly, truly outrageous man in pink is still a viable choice in the Preseason, according to Xpecial’s Support Tier List. And of course, we can’t forget Annie, who made a strong debut in the Korean scene last season and has simply become stronger in the Preseason, thanks to the gold changes. A flash/ult or W combined with Annie’s passive is impossible to dodge, unlike a Sona ult, and when executed correctly, can stun an entire team. Add in a strong laning phase, fantastic zoning capabilities, and Annie can easily become a nightmare from the start. If you want, go check out Xpecial’s Support Annie guide to get a feel for runes, masteries, and itemization.

AD Marksman

A few months ago, the release of Jinx brought with it a brutal onslaught and rapid perma-banning of this mischief-maker in solo queue. Since she was toned down a bit, she lost a touch of her rofl-stomping abilities, but for the most part, Jinx is still high tier. Now this has nothing to say that a highly skilled Vayne player can’t make a dent in the bot lane, I’m just saying it’s going to be more difficult in the current meta. Doublelift sums it all up for you in a nice tier list here.


As far as the jungle is concerned, if you haven’t seen Foxdrop’s new Preseason Jungle Tier list, you should read his new article and watch the accompanying video. It doesn’t surprise me to see Lee Sin still staying King of the jungle, given that his kit has allowed him to stay strong despite three seasons of jungle changes. Add in the fact that ward-hopping/ability to make sweet plays with Lee Sin never gets old.

What about Twisted Treeline?

We have a new tier list that just went up, courtesy of Season 3’s #1 EUW Challenger 3v3 team: Arcane Rebirth. Despite Twisted Treeline’s shortcomings as a map, I personally have enjoyed 3v3’s and have found tier lists helpful in better understanding and adapting new strategies. Be sure to take a look at our new tier list here.


Changes to NA & EU LCS

As announced in an earlier update this week, some changes are in place for Season 4 LCS in terms of scheduling.

EU LCS games will now be played on Thursdays and Fridays, while NA LCS games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. The Spring Split will be 11 weeks long, and during Super Week, EU LCS games will be played on Tuesday-Thursday, while NA LCS matches will be held on Friday-Sunday.

OGN Champions Winter – Week 4

This past week wrapped up Group Stages for OGN Champions Winter. While this week may not have featured as exciting a line-up of matches as the previous, Week 4 was crucial in determining who would be moving into the Quarterfinals and who would not.

The following teams are through to the playoffs: SK Telecom T1 K, KT Rolster Bullets, Samsung Galaxy Blue, Samsung Galaxy Ozone, NaJin White Shield, CJ Entus Frost, and Xenics Storm.

If you are looking for runes/masteries from this weeks’ games, you can find the translated runes and mastery pages here.

NACL Superweek – Week 8 & Grand Finals

ChampionshipThis week has been a massive one for NACL: From Week 8 straight into the Playoffs. The Grand Finals up came down to a fight between Team Coast and compLexity Gaming. Despite a close first game, Team Coast was able to pull their way to victory in Games 1 and 2, but compLexity was able to come back in Game 3. Despite this, Team Coast was able to come out on top and take the Grand Finals 3-1, along with the $10,000 prize. Games can be viewed here.

Battle of The Atlantic: Cologne

Battle of The Atlantic began on December 14th in Cologne, featuring a Day 1 match up between Dignitas and Alliance. Unfortunately during their first game, Dignitas was unable to gain any real momentum, particularly within the bot lane. Alliance asserted their dominance all around the map, picking up 10 turrets to Dignitas’ 0 turrets by the end of the game. Dignitas fought harder to gain some ground within their second game, but to similar avail as in the first, which secured a 2-0 victory for Alliance. If you missed these games, you can catch up on Day 1 here.

December 15th featured an exciting match up between Team Solomid and the recently re-built Lemondogs. This match up was particularly interesting to watch as there has been a lot of buzz around TSM’s new mid laner, Bjergsen. Hailing from the European scene and rising to Challenger Tier within his first day of solo queue in NA, Bjergsen looks to bring something new to TSM in Season 4. Lemondogs came into Battle of The Atlantic a completely remade team and at a disadvantage due to still needing time to adjust and learn to communicate with one another. However, TSM showed that they are off to a strong start in terms of communication, coordination, and had a solid objective-based focus within both of their games. TSM avenged Dignitas and took a solid 2-0 victory over Lemondogs on the second day of Battle of The Atlantic. If you missed any of the games, you can watch Day 2’s games here. And as always, give Dyrus a mic, and shots will be fired. Time will tell whether or not TSM can keep this momentum rolling into the LCS season.

EU LCS Spring Promotion Matches

EU teams fought hard across this past week for who would rise to the Promotion Matches – The qualifying teams chose their opponents for a Best of 5 showdown on December 9th as follows:

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Kiedyś Miałem Team

Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

SK Gaming vs.  SUPA HOT CREW

Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3 | Game 4 | Game 5

Meet Your Makers vs. Copenhagen Wolves

Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3 | Game 4

Coming Soon in eSports

  • OGN Champions Winter Quarterfinals: Games will begin on December 18th; stay tuned for more updates – Remember you can watch these games live at OnGameNet’s Twitch channel.
  • Battle of The Atlantic Continues: Tune in across December 20th through 22nd for the rest of Battle of The Atlantic; you can watch these games live on Twitch, Azubu, or Youtube. The schedule for the LA continuation is as follows:

December 20
CLG vs. ATN | Los Angeles – 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

December 21
XDG vs. GMB | Los Angeles – 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST

December 22
C9 vs. FNC | Los Angeles – 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST


Lunar Revel Skins

Lunar Revel skins have surfaced for Diana, Tryndamere, and Riven!

This Diana skin was influenced by Chang E, a Chinese moon goddess. That’s what made me move towards an outfit which utilized more cloth/drapery elements than armor elements. We wanted to create something a little more graceful, a different fantasy. Drapery was an aspect in this, something which I liked to mess around with since her base is so armor heavy.

  • Riven will be joining forces with Talon when she acquires her new Dragonblade skin; see the teaser video here. (Riot, take my money!)
  • Tryndamere’s new skin will be an addition to the Warring Kingdoms line-up, and you can take a look at a teaser video here.
  • Diana will channel the power of the moon with her new Lunar Goddess skin, which you can preview here.

A recent forum post by Riot IronStylus goes into greater detail about the inspiration and thought process behind Diana’s Lunar Revel skin, which is worth checking out.

Snowdown Summoner Icons

The Snowdown is nearly here! More peeks at what’s to come have been revealed and these include a look at the new Summoner Icons that will be available and information about how to attain these icons was recently discussed on the PBE forums:

Summoner IconsGiftwrapped Poro: To earn the Giftwrapped Poro icon, you must win three matchmade games on Howling Abyss. Meaning, you must enter a queue (NOT a custom game), and win three games. For example, you can enter the Showdown queue or the ARAM queue, but you can’t create your own game on Howling Abyss and have it count towards your three wins.

Santa Gragas Cookie: You’ll earn this icon by sending any gift during Snowdown using the gifting (including Mystery Gifting) feature in the store.

Bad Gingerbread Veigar: To earn this icon, you must win a matchmade game as a premade team during the Snowdown event. For example, you’ll earn the icon if you and four friends queue up in Ranked 5s to do battle and emerge victorious, or if you queue up with a buddy and claim victory in a normal game. The key here is that the games must be matchmade against other players (so Co-op vs AI does not count).

Slay Belle Surprise: Wear a Snowdown skin during the event. Any former skin or any of the three new skins will work. Skins from other holidays, like Kitty Kat Katarina, would not.

Snow Teemo: When you unlock all four of the other icons, you’ll earn the Snow Teemo icon. Please be aware it may take up to three days after unlocking the fourth icon for Snow Teemo to show up.

Lastly, take a look at what’s in store for the log-in screen here.

Incase You Missed This:

Riot Games API Launch: On December 9th, Riot Games launched a beta version of the Riot Games API Developer site. This will enable developers interested in creating apps and website applications for League of Legends players to develop the foundation for their work in an easier manner. If you are interested in finding out more about this or delving into the creation of something new and awesome, you can check out the site here!

A30'sGaming Gear: Astro Gaming A30’s – League of Legends Edition: I don’t know about you, but I have been on the hunt for a new headset for a while. Astro Gaming just released their new League of Legends branded A30 headset and it looks gorgeous! What’s also neat is that new tags have also just been released for you to rep your favorite professional team on your A30 or A40 headset: You can choose tags from: Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, Optic Gaming, Envyus, and Team Solomid!

Riot Games Internship AMA: On December 12th, former Summer interns for Riot Games answered questions on a Reddit AMA, which you can read at the link provided above. If you are looking for more information about opportunities with Riot, there is an ongoing thread on LinkedIn with more information about Summer 2014 Internship opportunities – Prepare your resume and give it your best shot!


If you missed any articles we published, here are links to them so you can check them all out and stay up to date on Cloth5 content:


As always, thanks for reading and I will see you all again next week!


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