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A Weekly Recap of Happenings in League of Legends (11/18/13-11/24/13)

Hello all! My name is Alex and I’ll be bringing you a weekly update on League of Legends news. While I won’t be covering every individual change or tournament game, I will do my best to give you a brief rundown of highlights and provide links to videos and articles to round out your knowledge and keep you up to date.

I feel as though this past week has been a whirlwind for League of Legends! From Preseason Patch 3.14 and all its changes (Targon’s OP and RIP Ward Wars), to a spectacular weekend at IEM Cologne, this just goes to show that time slows for no summoner.

Today, I’m going to briefly discuss Patch 3.14, One for All Mode, IEM Cologne, and Yasuo’s reveal.


Patch 3.14

Patch 3.14 hit the servers on November 21st, bringing with it several new items, changes in global gold, and concerns about the changing roles and itemization styles for supports and junglers.

Adjustments and tweaks are already out on PBE and Riot is working to balance items and address major concerns. A hotfix has hit the servers just in time for Thanksgiving, hopefully taking some of the edge off of the overbearing might of Targon’s Brace and Relic Shield.

Helpful Links – Masteries, Support, and Jungle Help

Need help rebuilding your mastery pages for Season 4? Check these videos out for more information:

Wondering how much the preseason changes have affected your role as a jungler or support? These videos from Foxdrop and impaKt can help you gain a better understanding:

One for All: A Temporary mode available between November 22nd and December 2nd

Remember the day that we logged on and discovered a bug that allowed us to choose 5x champions vs. 5y champions?

Well Riot listened to us and allowed this mode to become a reality. For a limited time, you can vote with your team to all play 5 of x champion vs. another team of all y champion.

Yes, there are already petitions out to have this mode become a permanent installment on the Rift. Whether it is here to stay long term or not, go on out and have some fun!


IEM Cologne 2013

This past weekend was full of top performances by ten teams battling it out at IEM Cologne.

Within the Pro Tournament, aided by the return of their support, Edward, Gambit Gaming looked to be in top shape this past weekend, sweeping their match-ups in a perfect performance and defeating Fnatic 2-0 in the Grand Finals. It would appear that the old Moscow 5 is back in town and ready to roll into Season 4 strong, but only time will tell whether or not Gambit Gaming can carry this momentum into the LCS season.


Within the Amateur Tournament, the Grand Finals came down to a heated duel between Copenhagen Wolves and Ninjas in Pyjamas, with the Copenhagen Wolves taking a 2-0 victory and bringing home $17,000 in prize money.


 Coming Up in eSports

  • IEM Singapore will be live between November 28th and December 1st, featuring the following teams:
    Pro Tournament: Invictus Gaming, CJ Entus Frost, Taipei Snipers, Saigon Jokers, Taipei Assassins, and Singapore Sentinels
    Amateur Tournament: DetonatioN FM, HK Attitude, Cyber Games Arena LEGENDs, and Kuala Lumpur Hunters.
    You can watch all the games live at ESL TV.
  • NACL Week 8 kicks off again on December 2nd. If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks’ games, read up on the Cloth5 site for post-game coverage!
  • OGN Champions Winter picks back up on December 4th. Want to know more about what’s going on in the Korean scene? We’ve got you covered here!

Helpful Links – IEM

Missed some of the action at IEM Cologne and want to see the games for yourself? You can check out videos and updates on the official IEM site here, as well as check out ESL TV’s Youtube for previous matches here.


Yasuo, The Unforgiven

Yasuo has already made his appearance on PBE and looks to be a strong addition to the available champion pool. Featuring a kit high in mobility, crowd control, and area of effect damage, Yasuo slices through enemies utilizing flow and wind techniques. While his early game may be weak, he looks to be a mid and late game monster that will be highly disruptive and able to make game-changing plays.

Helpful Links – Yasuo’s Abilities and PBE Gameplay

Get a first glimpse at Yasuo’s abilities and some of the ways you’ll be able to use him in game:


In case you missed any of our articles last week, here is a review of what you can check out:


Thanks for reading, and see you all next week!


Special Thanks To:

Mark Cupp: My main graphics man.

*Cover Image taken from Yasuo Movie Contest Winners


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