The Void’s Return

“Terror coming…Daddy coming!”, and “One day, the Voidborn Will Return” are quotes most of us are familiar with. For the uninformed, they are in the wiki as a taunt from Kog’Maw, and a line from Cho’Gath’s lore. They are also two of the most mysterious quotes in League’s history. Today, however, I believe I have a few answers worth reading.


Before that though, it makes sense to get some background established. What we do know about the Void is that its connection to Valoran relates to the lost city of Icathia, located in the southeast of Valoran. Other than that, we have five void-related champions: Cho’Gath, Kassadin, Malzahar, Kog’Maw, and Kha’Zix.

  1. Cho’Gath seemed to come out of nowhere, and willingly allows the summoners of the Institute to use his powers even though the strength of his containment is questioned. He also has the power to gorge himself on his enemy, absorbing them to grow larger and more powerful.
  2. Kassadin was our second Void champion, and the first human to visit the Void and come back alive. To do this, he had to let himself be consumed by the Void, and then use the powers he gained to escape. Kassadin gained incredible power, and has dedicated himself to stopping the Void’s plans at whatever the cost.
  3. Malzahar was born a seer with the gift of prophetic visions, but one night, he is brought to desert by a voice he hears in his dreams. He was brought to Icathia, where he summoned Kog’Maw from the Void and received his void magic.
  4. Kog’Maw entered Valoran through the help of the seer Malzahar, and was intoxicated by his surroundings immediately. Using his only means of interaction, he wanders about, devouring things until he met Malzahar at the gates of the Institute.
  5. Kha’Zix came to Valoran alone and with a mission. He constantly seeks out the strongest prey to kill in order to fuel his rapid evolutions. With his ability to fly, stealth, and adapt his body in any way to fit his situation, he is easily the most complex voidborn so far. His current prey, Rengar, is the only one so far able to challenge his power.

Putting it together

Cho’Gath’s lore mentions how the voidborn “poke around the walls of the dimensions looking for a crack”, and Icathia is the place containing this crack. It also says that the voidborn once walked Valoran, but were driven away by powerful magic. Cho’Gath was sent to Valoran through the crack in Icathia to take note of how the world had changed. He sits in the Institute, waiting for the Void’s attack while keeping an eye on Valoran’s toughest, and the only mages capable of using the magic that would drive the Void back again.

Kassadin, wanting to know basically everything, is intrigued by the appearance of Cho’Gath. His existence proves the Void still lives, and Kassadin sets out to find Icathia. He ultimately gets absorbed by the Void, and in order to escape, has to let it into him and use the powers he gains doing so. What I find most interesting about Kassadin, is that if he accepted the Void as Malzahar did, why are their magics so different? Something I think most people overlook, and I myself may be looking too much into, are Kassadins’ lines “Silence!” and “Your magic is powerless against me!”. When thinking of it, Cho’Gath uses his mouth to silence his foes and absorb them, Malzahar channels the void through his mouth to suppress others, Kog’Maw is basically a giant mouth with a never ending hunger, and Kha’Zix seems to absorb things by eating them.

Malzahar was brought to Icathia through a voice he hears in his dreams. Now, while I want to say that this was the work of Nocturne, and that Nocturne is from the Void, his lore is really old and doesn’t mention the void at all. Maybe Riot will go back and make Nocturne a voidborn with the ability to walk multiple planes and what have you, but for now, back to Malzahar. Malzahar had been brought to Icathia for the purpose of summoning Kog’Maw. Why Kog’Maw needed help, I don’t know, but I can only assume that it was because he’s a much weaker voidborn than Cho’Gath and Kha’Zix. While I do believe Kog’Maw to be in a sort of babylike/larval state, he’s obviously not the very bottom of the food chain if we look at Malzahar’s ability to summon an actual “Voidling” that resembles a small spider to help him.

Kog’Maw was brought to Valoran with the help of Malzahar, and just by looking at him, you can tell that he is in his larval state. His arms are stubby and useless, with his legs basically being the same. He also knows very few words, whereas Cho’Gath is thought to be extremely intelligent in comparison. One interesting thing to note is that Kog’Maw seemingly lacks the ability to grow. Unlike Cho’Gath and Kha’Zix, when Kog’Maw eats things, they just get disintegrated by the acid in his stomach. Perhaps in time, the acid will subside, or he will grow naturally, but I see him as more of a vacuum for the weak, so to speak.

Kha’Zix was sent to Valoran as the Void’s test to consume the strongest beings alive, while Kog’Maw was there eradicating the weak ones. When you think about it, left unchecked or unopposed, Kha’Zix would consume everything on Valoran, complete his evolution, and I believe become another Void God. However, Kha’Zix was stopped by Rengar.

The Void Gods are beings created should something like Kha’Zix complete their evolution. Currently, the only evidence these exist is in Malzahar’s lore with “the giant, decaying idols of dark and horrific gods”. What’s fun is to take Cho’Gath’s line “It is rumored that the Voidborn command vast armies of unspeakable creatures on other planets” and look at all of them in a new light. Is Cho’Gath a god himself, or is he the spawn of one? What kind of God would spawn something like Cho’Gath, if we can assume that Kog’Maw is the spawn of one? Thinking of Kha’Zix, if he has the ability to evolve into a Void God, then what spawned him? Another fun thing to think about is that Riot so far seems to want to keep the ratio of humans and creatures from the void 1:1, so I doubt we’ll see another void creature until we get another void-related human.

Speaking of void champions, If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware of the very popular post on reddit that hit front page a week or so ago that “Leaked” a new void champion.


There’s the post for the lazy, and I will admit that it is a very well done piece of art. While I would love to be proven wrong, and this be the next void champion, I just don’t quite believe it. What I do believe it to be is a very well done custom Lux skin. Every one of his supposed abilities can be easy Lux recolors except for the one with the swirl in the middle that looks out of place anyway. However, if he were real, he would definitely make sense. Like I said before, I believe Cho’Gath to be the “Watcher”, but a floating eyeball would definitely fit that bill. Going more on the possibility of him being real, I seriously doubt that this is Kassadin’s daughter, and even more so just truly hope that it isn’t. Sure, she’s been stuck in the void for a long time now, but I would personally hate if this is what they chose to do to her. If it is her, it would feel like they just made some random monster, and said “Oh, by the way, that’s Kassadin’s daughter”.

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