The Best of 2013 Awards


Best of 2013 - Copy

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The eSports writing team here at Cloth5 extensively covers both the NA and EU LCS, OGN Champions, the Chinese LPL, and GPL. Providing game analysis and meta-shifting trends across all regions around the globe.

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  • cGuy

    Awesome infographic!

  • Lordscayer

    Not sure if it was already pointed out but , UZI didn’t siwtch to jungle but to midlane.

  • Gorgegios Filippidis

    koreans all over the place

  • Garbage

    Complete disrespect for Royal Club’s accomplishments. What a joke.

    • Daniel Rodell

      royal who?

    • Josep

      Check leaguepedia and take a look at Royal Club’s accomplishments and then take a look at Fnatic and OMG. These are awards based in 12 months, not only 2. OMG has dominated the chinese scene all year long, and Fnatic did the same in Europe.

    • Beelzehan

      Are you having a laugh? This is the entire year in review, Royal Club was not an amazing team throughout the entirety of the year in 2013. They got hot, qualified for worlds, and then had a solid run at worlds. Fanatic on the other hand won both splits of LCS, and was one the only non-asian team that was competitive at the world championship. If you were to put royal as a top 3 team throughout 2013 that would be a joke.

      • Jaker

        Fnatic won in a relatively shittier region than Royal. That’s like me forging a birth certificate so I can play against 5 year olds in baseball (I’m 6’3″ and in my 20′s, btw), and then saying I’m amazing.

        • pro123

          China sucks too. SKT1 would shit on any Chinese team.

          • Jaker

            SKT1 would shit on anyone. Doesn’t change the fact that China is miles ahead of whoever is fighting for 3rd place.

  • Sanktion

    Very well written and great information

  • Girigo

    Just so everyone dont miss this, royal club beat fnatic so that would place them at third place and fnatic at third

  • qr0zzley

    Uzi isn’t the best ADC in the world? As an ADC main it is hard to find flaws in his game… I guess I have to check out the other dude.

  • pro123

    This is pretty accurate actually. Also sOAZ beat shy at all stars wtf so why shy above him…shy did not come to worlds.

    • Anon

      you sir are a retard.

      • weaver

        Meteos isn’t bad at all, it is just that diamond showed great comebacks after being demolished, and he was the first ever to bring nasus to the pro scene and dominating in it(as a jungler), I’m not a fan of both, i actually go for tsm, but i really noticed how good diamond is and how he beat the odds more than once.

      • pro123

        Hop off my nuts I don’t want you calling me sir you piece of shit. Go jump off a bridge.

    • CSDragon

      Gambit 2-0′d Vulcun, not C9. C9 2-1′d Fnatic.

      • Bogok

        Gambit 2-0′d C9 at IEM …

    • Jack

      Way better? I wouldn’t say that. Meteos is clearly a world class jungler. I think Diamond is better but not hugely so. Also, stop making excuses for teams. Like you, I could say Gambit 2-0′d a weak C9. That sentence alone shows me you’re biased towards EU. Irony.

    • blame10

      How can anyone say Meteos is better when C9 has so far mostly just played against NA teams?

      Gambit has a lot of experience versus teams all around the world and they have a postitive win record against Korean teams. So far you cannot really say Meteos is better than Diamond when Diamond and Gambit’s success should be enough to consider Diamond a better jungler. Not to mention the vast difference in champion pools.

      Until we see what the Koreans mean with ‘Meteos’ style will be useless against us’, Diamond is currently the better player.

    • Jaker

      Eu fanboys: “EU finishing last at all-stars doesn’t count! Soaz winning with a gimmick Nunu counts though!”

  • Sierra

    The design is so off and messy, uncomfortable to read and poor, ineffective presentation of the material. I would have liked to see the usual infographic designer cover this one as well – those designs are almost always pleasant and on point; he really knows what he’s doing. Other than that, a few mistakes, and I really would have liked to see some discussion on Royal Club. Everything else is good, but highlights would have helped because it’s annoying to read all the text. Again, better design would have improved this immensely.

  • StupidListOP

    Diamond is atleast a 1000 thousand times better than meteos, just watch the iem colonge vods, heck watch anything where diamond has played in

  • Michael

    Didn’t Uzi switch to Mid , and not Jungle?

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  • NOaMTL

    meteos silver… waht a joke

  • Tortoiseking

    You should make seperate ones for EU/NA. Kinda feel left out,

    • Jaker

      Separate but equal, eh?

  • Максим Голутво

    Hello guys and I want to say “Thank you!” for all this infographics. It’s really amazing!

    But I want to share this with people who dont know English as you are. Would u mind giving me permission for translate this Info’s to Russian? I think it would be really good for all of us!

    Can you contact me by e-mail? Thank you!

  • Leandro Silvino

    Meteos may have revolutionized the jungle in NA LCS but his technique was greatly fail in the world finals , which would remove him from that list, unlike what happened to diamondprox who has a good group stage and a good EU LCS by defeating the favorites Samsung Galaxy Ozone , so i raise him to 2nd and the third to give Cyanide , yes the europe has the best junglers but not the best . Support was another role that left me upset. What CJ Frost did last year? Answer : nothing. Madlife is an extraordinary player but he just did not deserve this year. For me those were really deserved Poohmanduh , Bigpomelo and LemonNation . On top lane forget all that Expession did was an affront , as well as lack of Dyrus in the Top 3 , and where’s Impact on the list ? But that joke ! Among the ADCs I laughed out loud while reading the name Namei . C5 is better be out of the fan club and start producing quality material as well as you have lost me, may end up losing more readers ..