Team Solomid & Cloud 9 – Chasing The Cup

Blood, sweat, and tears have paved the road to victory for the two strongest teams in North America – Team Solomid & Cloud 9. Tonight, a new reality show debuts that seeks to highlight the journey of these two teams throughout the 2014 Season.

This project was announced three months ago on Reddit by Ryan Wyatt, Head of Live & eSports at Machinima. Specifically what content the show will cover remains to be seen. However, I imagine the show will provide an interesting perspective and glimpse into the lives of TSM and C9’s players, the pressures they face, and how they function both on the LCS stage and off.

Here is what Ryan Wyatt disclosed  about the show when he announced it on Reddit back in November:

About Chasing The Cup

“The series will focus on these two dominate teams, as they battle not just the other top teams in the North American scene, but each other for the top spot. Can Cloud 9 once again reign at the top? Will TSM’s new mid, Bjergsen be able to put TSM back on top? What surprises wait for both of these teams in the next season? These, and many other questions will be answered, as well as analytical comparisons of both teams.”

TSM Game

TSM – Can they remain the Kings of North America?

Where can I watch it?

Twitch – Starting on February 20th, 2014.

YouTube – All 3 segments (A half hour hangout session with the teams, a full episode, and a half hour Q&A session) will be available after it is presented in a live format.

Chasing the Cup will air February 20th, 2014, with a 90 minute episode, made up of a three segments: A half hour hangout session with the teams, a full episode, and a half hour Q&A session where the teams will actively engage with the audience.

Will this be a Weekly Series?

Wyatt: “[There] will be a weekly episode starting on February 20th, and season 1 is 12 episodes (So 12 weeks).”

How will this show be structured and styled?

Wyatt: “Stylistically, it will be more like this. http://youtu.be/Ae6GZFbWw3o?t=2m3s… I want it to be more HBO Sports/Showtime Sports rather than an MTV reality television feel. I want to take the regiment and life very seriously and showcase that.” *This Youtube Video no longer exists, but Wyatt is referencing the show Hard Knocks.

[Structure]: “It will be 3 segments on the Twitch broadcast. A half-hour hangout session live with the teams, a full highly produced episode, and a half hour live Q & A session. It will all be available in VoD after it is presented in a live format.”

Can there be a segment dedicated to how Meteos maintains his luscious locks of gold?

Wyatt: “I think we can kick this idea around in-house and work something [into] one of the episodes.”


Meteos – His hair and his ganks have one thing in common: They are both OP.

Chasing The Cup: Fresh Start – Episode 1

“Step into the shoes of two of North America’s top League of Legends teams, Cloud 9 HyperX & Team SoloMid.”

You can subscribe to Machinima’s Youtube Channel here! Looking forward to an exciting season and getting to know more about the players for two of my favorite teams in the NA LCS.


Addendum: You can now find all episodes of Chasing The Cup, Season 1 here. 

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