Taking Advantage of Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

People hear the phrase “push your advantages” way too often without realizing what it means. The raw, literal definition is very simple but, in-game, what does it truly mean? Let us begin to decipher its meaning by stating its definition. An advantage is: “A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.” What is something that puts us in a favorable position? An example, off the top of my head, is an ADC last-hitting a minion in range of another ADC’s auto attack, or perhaps a lane without flash, or a key champion without their ultimate. I could go on for hundreds of examples, but I think that would make a rather boring post. So rather than list hundreds of examples, I will compose broad a list of  advantages that could be in your favor. Before giving you the list, it is important for me to preface with some ideas.

Knowing champion cool downs is a must. It is a factor that can decide games or, on a lesser scale, it can force your opponent to miss CS. Memorization of exact cooldowns, though, is overkill. Things like factoring  in CDR and figuring out exact times an opponent used an ability can be very tricky. Instead, just make a note in chat of the estimated abilities timers, or count in your head for non-ultimate abilities. In addition, for each example I will list how to prevent your opponent from gaining these advantages over you.

Auto Attacks

aaIncredibly undervalued for every champion except ADCs. If the opposition goes for a last hit, or you are playing ranged vs melee, abuse the power of your auto attacks. Repetition of this lowers your enemies health significantly, often to the point where they will value their health more than CS, effectively zoning them.
Prevention: If your opponent shows a repeated trend of abusing this, surprise him with an engagement.

Misused Abilities

When you’re enemy wastes ult or misses a skill-shot, you are presented with a window of opportunity where you are stronger because that skill is unavailable and they cannot respond with it.

Prevention: Play safer when you’re abilities are down. May seem obvious, but many times that one questionable CS you go for can cost you your life.


dead teemo

When you kill someone the game becomes a 4v5 for the other team. You are a whole 4 abilities (6 if you’re playing some champs), and X amount of HP, up on the other team. This time should always be coupled with some sort of objective that will put you ahead or put the enemy behind.

Prevention: Coordinate with the team and make a plan. Whether it’s picking a contestable objective or just warding around, use this time to prevent future deaths.

Enemy Recalls

When your opposition is gone, the map is your oyster! Free objectives, easy roaming, free farm, etc.

Prevention: Don’t be so quick to base! Often times you can establish extra map control instead of basing. Make sure to back at a suitable time, when the enemy isn’t in a position to do anything.

Lack of Vision


Whether your enemies don’t ward or you make use of an oracles or sight ward, if they can’t see you, they can’t see the bush gank or objective you should be setting up.

Prevention: It’s the simple, redundant idea of wards being priceless.


More Minions

In lane, if you’re opponent tries to trade with you while you have a minion advantage, he is taking not just your damage, but ~15 damage from each minion as well!

Prevention: Do not cause, or join, unfavorable engagements when your opponent has more minion damage. Usually, it simply isn’t worth it.

There are probably some more obvious advantages that you are muttering to yourself, but I prefer to list hipster things that not everyone may know! Keep in mind, a lot of these pertain to lane and won’t always make sense in the late game. These little advantages may not seem like much, but they do spiral into kills and, eventually, games! Have fun climbing the ladder, using this knowledge over your opposing summoners!

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