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Cloth5 presents The Artist Display Corner

  Lindsay “amoril” Geektron brings back the community art showcase Cloth5 style, The Artist Display Corner. Episode 1 features artists who have never had their art showcased in a video before. Follow Lindsay on Twitter ...

Championship Thresh Announced

After a Season 3 filled with everything from spectacular comebacks to dominant victories, the World Championship has begun. To celebrate the epic battles waged over the course of the season, we’ve equipped Championship Thresh with ...

Pool Party Skins Released

So it seems Ziggs’ Pool Party invitation was met with some trepidation, if not outright terror, by most of his fellow champions. Maybe posting the info at Baron pit wasn’t the most inviting gesture? Lucky ...

End of Season 3 Rewards

Season 3 will soon be coming to a close. This means it’s time to start grinding away and pulling out wins to rise the ranks if you’d like to see yourself get the best rewards ...

Summer Skins Preview

Riot has shown off some new summer themed skins to go along with the ever popular Pool Party Ziggs: Summer’s come to Valoran, and Ziggs, duke of demolition, is throwing a blast of a pool party. Step ...