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Fantasy Week 3

Week 3 is over and teams are starting to pull ahead in their fantasy leagues.  It will be hard to come back from being 0-3 right now, but with effective roster swaps you should be ...

The Breakdown: LMQ vs C9

When Cloud 9 played Dignitas in Week One, they lost the game because Dig took the early advantage and coupled it with taking early initiative in the game. After every kill, they grabbed a turret, after ...

All-Star Paris Diary: Day 2

Morning I’m not particularly a morning person at the best of times, but there’s definitely some added insult to injury when you get woken up by a Frenchman pretending that he has crumpets. Especially when ...

All-Star Team Preview: Fnatic

Current Standings Questions were asked of Fnatic this season after they were toppled from their strong early 7-0 start by ROCCAT and Gambit Gaming. However, with only a single defeat in the final three weeks ...