Statement on Player Elo Boosting

Dear All,

As one of the premiere League of Legends news sites and organization, Cloth5 upholds all aspects of its operations to the utmost professional standards. For the past few months, we have been sponsoring the EU West players YaSloom, Renegayde, and Grahmenz of the 3v3 challenger team Winter Claws. In recent weeks, we have received credible evidence from multiple parties that Renegayde and Grahmenz have been participating in activities defined by Riot Games as “Elo-boosting.” More specifically, the evidence points that they have been selling positions in high Elo teams in return for financial compensation. Having defended these players publicly in the past against these allegations, we at Cloth5 would like to retract our statements of defense and reiterate that we do not condone these activities. As of the publication of this announcement, Cloth5 will no longer be associated with these players.

Our partnership will continue with YaSloom on an individual basis, as we do not have evidence of wrongdoing of his part. YaSloom has left his team, Winter Claws, after discovering his teammates’ plan to financially profit from selling team spots and is currently a free agent with no association with his former teammates. He will continue to work with the Cloth5 team in the future, and we will continue to host his Twisted Treeline tier list at our site. He has provided the following statement for his fans:

After learning that Renegayde and Grahmenz were selling team spots for money, I asked them if it was true. After lying to me for several weeks, they came out and told me the truth and I immediately quit the team. I have stated in the past that I do not sell teams, and I will continue not to do so. Since I am no longer playing with Grahmenz and Renegayde, I will be looking for new teammates to hit #1 Challenger by the end of the season. Thanks to all of the fans for your support.” – YaSloom

Again, we at Cloth5 would like to stress that the contracts of these players have been terminated and that they no longer are connected with our organization.

The Cloth5 Management

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