SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 Preview

Starting on February 13, 2014, the SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters 2014 season will kick off as the KT Rolster, Najin e-mFire, CJ Entus, Incredible Miracle, Jin Air Greenwings, Samsung Galaxy, and SK Telecom T1 organizations battle it out in a Round Robin tournament over the course of the next 11 weeks. There will be live coverage at OnGameNet every Thursday at 18:30 KST  and Sunday at 14:00 KST with the Finals happening in June.

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  • League format:
    • 7 Teams Full League ( Total 21 matches. If teams are tied, there are going to be a play-off)
    • 2 All-star matches
    • Semi-Playoff~Playoff: Best of 3, Home & Away 2 times
    • Final: Best of 5
  • Match format:
    • Each team can register maximum 7 players. Teams need to submit their entry for 5 players one week before a match
    • Total 3 Games series in one match
    • 1st Game: A Team (Ex: SKT T1 K) / 2nd Game: B team (Ex: SKT T1 S)/ 3rd Game: Master match (Ex: SKT T1 Allstar) (Free entry in a roster)
  • How to determine ranking:
    • The total number of games won (If teams are tied, their ranking will depend on their points)
    • 3:0 = 3 Points, 2:1 = 1 Point, 1:2 = -1 Point, 0:3= -3 Points
    • Even if you win the first two games, there will still be a 3rd game.

To give you a picture of what this looks like, according to MonteCristo: “The teams will compete under the same banner in two Bo3’s per day, four per week on Thursdays and Sundays. Each sister team will have to play in one of the first two games, and if they split then it goes to an All-Star ace match where teams can combine rosters into a super team. Think CJ fielding Shy/DayDream/Ambition/Emperor/MadLife.”

This newly revamped version of the former Club Masters circuit will be running concurrently with OGN Champions seasons that will be on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday which allows the Korean teams to play more games in different tournament formats.

Tomorrow’s season kickoff match will be between Jin Air Greenwings and CJ Entus. With both organizations coming in with different rosters than the Winter season, I think everyone will be watching how Cpt Jack will fare with his new team as he faces his former teammates in the LoL Masters circuit. Sunday’s match will be between SK Telecom T1 and Incredible Miracle where we might be able to see the new SKT1 K support Casper take it to the Rift for the first time filling in for PoohManDu.

I encourage you all to catch these matches whenever you can! It will definitely be an exciting series to watch especially when they get to that third game with the mixed roster and since this tournament packs less pressure than the OGN Champions circuit, we can definitely be seeing some innovative strategies, champion picks, and team compositions from these organizations especially in that third game.

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