Pool Party Skins Released

So it seems Ziggs’ Pool Party invitation was met with some trepidation, if not outright terror, by most of his fellow champions. Maybe posting the info at Baron pit wasn’t the most inviting gesture? Lucky for Ziggs, four courageous champions thought a day at the pool was worth the risk of a 10-megaton waterbomb landing on their heads, and the party is now in full swing.

And you’re invited! In fact it’s your party. Since Pool Party all started with the community, we thought this would be a great opportunity to celebrate all you’ve done to shape and inspire League ofLegends. Keep an eye on League of Legends social media for some brand new community-created Pool Party content we’ll be featuring, from cosplay to fan-made splash art. For now, let’s check in on who’s already at the pool, namely Valoran’s bravest (or most reckless) party-goers:

Pool Party Graves

Graves finally found a squirt gun worthy of an outlaw: all new particle effects look like water, but sting worse than Singed’s “homemade” chlorine. His recall shows off one of four impressive dives on his way back to base. Apparently Smoke Screen also obscures hidden talents! 1350 RPOn sale for 975for the next two weeks!

Pool Party Lee Sin

Lee Sin’s got a breezy new summer style and strange knack for conjuring fruity coconut drinks out of nowhere. Just don’t challenge him to a game of Marco Polo—he doesn’t realize casting Sonic Wave is cheating. 975 RP

Pool Party Leona

Grab some shade under sunbathing Leona’s Shield of Daybreak if things get too hot in lane. Nothing quite like a little stun in the sun! 975 RP

Pool Party Renekton

Cull the Meek swimmers?! Renekton takes his lifeguard duties way too seriously. Hey gator, that’s not what the rescue buoy is for! 975 RP

These slippy-slidey skins drip with summer fun and are available now in the League of Legends store. You can also save 20% with a flexible cost bundle that includes all of the new skins plus Pool Party Ziggs for 4200 RP. Need the champs too? They come with a 30% discount on the ones you’re missing, that’s 7413 RP if you need them all. This bundle will only be available in the store for the next 2 weeks.

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