Playing One of ‘Those’ Games

We’ve all had one of those games you’re playing where everything you do goes wrong. Try ganking top and you end up getting killed. You go for dragon and their jungler smites it away. Try and pick someone off in the jungle and someone else is always there.

I had such a game a few days ago. Let me take you on a journey. Text in italics is my discussion of the game.

My Team (Blue Side):

  • Top: Jax
  • Jungler: Jarvan
  • Mid: Ahri (me!)
  • AD Carry: Tristana
  • Support: Sona

Enemy Team (Purple Side):

  • Top: Singed
  • Jungler: Elise
  • Mid: Gragas
  • AD Carry: Corki
  • Support: Thresh

From the outset of the game, I was far too confident. “There is no way I’m going to lose a lane to a Gragas, I’m Ahri!” I decided to start Charm rather than Orb of Deception in this game because I figured that if I landed a charm and an auto attack I’d be doing more damage than Orb of Deception would, even with the true damage. Plus, I’d seen it at pro level, how hard could it be?!

I helped my jungler at red buff with a few auto attacks and a Charm to reduce the damage he’d take and I moved on over to mid lane. I’d missed a minion and he already had 2 CS, but I was determined to get in his face and abuse my range. By the time the second wave had arrived, I’d only picked up 2 CS and I had done minimal damage to Gragas while taking damage from a barrel myself. I sucked at this stage of the game, but it was about to get a whole lot worse. He moves towards me and my brain immediately thinks “Right its time to bring the pain” as I throw out a Charm and miss him completely. “Bad luck” I tell myself..

Gragas Body Slams into me, throws a barrel down and ignites me. At this point I make my only “good” decision in the first 20 minutes of the game and don’t flash away because I know I’m already dead. “At least I saved my Flash” I think, attempting to get some good out of the fact I just f***** up so badly.

So, I’m 0/1/0 in the first 3 minutes or so. Gragas does what any intelligent player does and push the minions under my turret, denying my precious experience and gold, and then backs to pick up items.

This is a good general tip. If you get a kill in lane and have the health/vision to push safely, then you should. This first death sets me back a little bit, but it should be recoverable. I realize at this point that I need to pay more attention to the game as I’m not thinking.

I return to lane and quickly look to push back at him, hoping to deny some experience, but also to get myself to level 3 before he returns so I’ll actually have some power to fight him and not be completely bullied. I managed to deny him a creep or two. However, he picks up most of the CS under the turret and as the new creeps come to lane they meet in the middle. At this stage I’ve got a Doran’s Ring, a Faerie Charm, some potions and a ward, while he has boots and three Doran’s rings. Not looking good for me.

My jungler is currently hanging around the banana bush on the right side of mid lane looking to invade wolves and runs straight into Elise. Both Gragas and I move to help out our teammates. I ping Jarvan back and he E-Qs away, knocking Elise up, and I miss yet another Charm, but land some damage with Orb of Deception as we run back towards mid lane. Elise’s long range stun hits me, both of them lay damage into me and Gragas executes me with a Q.

Remember that Flash I saved earlier? Didn’t use it then for some stupid reason..

Now I’m 0/2/0, and only level 3 while Gragas is level 5.

This is basically the worst situation I could be in and it’s completely my fault. I should’ve flashed the Elise stun, but I genuinely believed it wouldn’t hit me as it was coming close to max range. A good play from the purple team, and awful play from myself, gets themselves this early and deserved lead.

Back in lane I’ve picked up some wards and potions to try and make this less painful. Elise comes to gank me but I flash away (about time I used it) and the laning phase goes back to Gragas pushing the wave under my turret. He hits level 6, uses Body Slam to gain distance, knocks me away from my turret and kicks the crap out of me–0/3/0.

I’m very grateful to my team at this point because they DON’T rage at me. I was prepared for it, I’ve been playing garbage up to this point and I’ve fed their Gragas pretty handily. But it doesn’t come.

Returning to lane I know I need to get to 6 ASAP and not take any more damage from the fat man’s pesky barrels. I’ve got boots so I should be able to avoid his harass. I’ve also got wards up so I can warn my other lanes when Gragas inevitably goes wandering off from my lane in order to snowball his team to victory. I manage to ping when Gragas is moving around and I save my bot lane some trouble, and potential deaths.

I feel this was a good decision by myself, but I’m basicaly useless in lane so this is now a damage limitation stage of the game because I’ve messed it up so badly.

Elise ganks top and Jax is overextended, but Jarvan and I respond and make our way through our jungle (ideally I’d have wanted to go up the river but no way am I am letting Gragas kill me again) and Jarvan reaches top lane just in time for Jax to die and for his Cataclysm to miss Singed by misclicking on Elise.

This is my moment to shine. I use my first ult in order to get over the jungle wall on our side of the turret and close the distance to Elise, but because it’s one of those games, I do it too early and don’t get over the wall. My second one is better and secures damage on to Elise and Singed, but I still manage to miss a Charm and Orb of Deception. Elise and Singed escape into the bush and Jarvan follows.

I wait for my Fox Fire to come off cooldown before I use my final charge to close distance and put damage on Singed. Jarvan picks up a kill and Jax and I get an assist. I breathe a sigh of relief as I’ve finally done something useful to the team. However, my joy is short lived as Gragas turns up. An Elise Rappel plus Gragas Body Slam kills Jarvan and leaves me in a position where I can only run under top turret and away from my base. However, my decision is made easy for me as Gragas ults me under my own tower and his Ignite kills me.

I am 0/4/1 while Gragas is 5/0/0.

There are a few negative comments from bot lane at this point, but nothing more than “what are you idiots doing?!” From this point on I’m fairly certain that this game is lost, but I’m happy to at least try and farm up and win it. My outer turret goes down quickly after this and Jax is refusing to leave top lane. However, we do manage to group mid as 4 in order to save the inner middle turret.

During the next 10-15 minutes not a vast amount happens in the game except for our top outer tower going down and us losing two dragons. There are a few deaths on both teams as they continue to dive us, but never manage to take the mid inner turret.

This is the point in the game where they had to start pushing out for a win, but they spent far far too long killing our support, trying to one shot me (almost worked once), and diving our tower for kills rather than getting objectives. This cost them in the long run because our Tristana and Jax were able to pick up farm in all of the lanes

This is a prime example of what not to do when playing ranked. Just because you are ahead doesn’t mean you always will be. We have a much better late game because Tristana is a great late game carry (90% attack speed steroid) and Jax has great scaling from his kit. Plus I’m playing Ahri; if I can get DFG and just take one person out of the fight, then I’ve done my job in the fight.

Anyways, we start to claw back the game with a 4-1 team fight they engaged under our turret. This allowed us to push and take both mid turrets, then dragon and get the bottom outer turret too. This is a huge swing of 600g per person (not to mention kill gold) on our team and allows me to pick up my DFG, finally (I went for Abyssal/Chalice first since I was getting my ass kicked by Gragas), and now I’m a relevant threat in teamfights, though still not a focus target.

We managed to catch Singed by their red buff and drop a bit of damage on Corki before he uses his W to get away over the wall. We chase down Singed and the team initiates on us in a desperation play. I’m able to Spirit Rush over the wall, use DFG on Corki, and take him out of the game by finally landing a Charm.

We clear up, push the first inhib of the game down and take the nexus for the win.

We managed to do what either they couldn’t or refused to, and that was cruicial as soon as we’d got kills. We used our advantage to win the game. Well, I say we.. 😀

Post-game Analysis

I was genuinely awful in this game until I picked up DFG. Our Sona even commented that I must be having lag because I was so bad and I admitted that I was just playing like a total moron.

I managed to get a few kills and assists during the game and I tried my best to get farm wherever I could, but our support was even taking CS off me because I was doing so badly and she assumed it was better on her. It might have been.

However, I continued to buy wards, play safe in the mid game to not feed many more kills, and overall, took the win. I honestly believe this is one of the games that Riot keeps talking about where players who aren’t negative win X% more games than they lose.

If the raging had begun when I was 0/3/0 then morale could’ve dipped on the whole team leading to frustrated players making stupid and risky mistakes in order to try and get the momentum back. We also saw it on their team when Gragas was 9/0/2 and we were only just starting to get the momentum back, the calls of “Report this Singed” started out as soon as they started to lose.

This mentality of “I’m doing well, but my team is losing it for me” isn’t a healthy way to think. I’d like to thanks players like the Sona and Trist who kept morale up in the game and just overall made me want to carry on and win, despite being embarrassingly bad.

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