OGN Summer Week 2 Recap

In the 2nd week of OGN Champions Summer, we saw the resurgence of CJ Entus Frost into dominance with their sub Ganked by Mom and new AD Space, utter domination in the jungle by MVP Ozone’s DanDy, MiG Blitz coached by Woong showing off their spectacular teamfighting prowess, and SK Telecom T1’s Faker’s typical MVP performance on Orianna while a Singed suicided into the enemy fountain.

For this week’s coverage, we highlight:

  • Day 1: MVP Blue vs Najin White Shield Game 2
  • Day 2: MVP Ozone vs Jin Air Greenwings Falcons Game 2
  • Day 3: SK Telecom T1 vs Najin White Shield Game 2

Day 1

MVPMVP Blue vs Najin White Shield Najin_White_Shieldl
Game 1
MVP Bans Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Khazix_Square_0_25b Varus_Square_0_25b NWS Bans TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b
MVP Picks Ryze_Square_0_25b Kennen_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b LeeSin_Square_0_25b Fiddlesticks_Square_0_25b NWS Picks Thresh_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Twitch_Square_0_25b Vladimir_Square_0_25b
MVP Blue Lineup:  Kennen (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Ryze (Mid), Ezreal (AD), Fiddlesticks (Support)
NWS Lineup: Vladimir (Top), Nunu (Jungle), Zed (Mid), Twitch (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: MVP Blue MVP MVP: Deft on Ezreal, AD Carry – 5/1/7, 350 cs, 395 GPM
Game 2
NWS Bans Nunu_Square_0_25b Kennen_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b MVP Bans Elise_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Ahri_Square_0_25b
NWS Picks Ryze_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b MVP Picks  Thresh_Square_0_25b LeeSin_Square_0_25b Orianna_Square_0_25b Draven_Square_0_25b Renekton_Square_0_25b
NWS Lineup: Shen (Top), Evelynn (Jungle), Ryze (Mid), Caitlyn (AD), Nami (Support)
White Lineup: Renekton (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Draven (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: Najin White ShieldNajin_White_Shieldl MVP: Nofe on Evelynn, Jungle –  3/5/14, 150 cs, 264 GPM
 CJEntusCJ Entus Frost vs LG Incredible Miracle #1 IM
Game 1
Frost Bans LeeSin_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Kennen_Square_0_25b IM Bans TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b
Frost Picks Thresh_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Orianna_Square_0_25b Vladimir_Square_0_25b IM Picks  Zac_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b Tristana_Square_0_25b
Frost Lineup: Vladimir (Top), Nunu (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Vayne (AD), Thresh (Support)
IM Lineup: Shen (Top), Zac (Jungle), Ezreal (Mid), Tristana (AD), Nami (Support)
Winner: CJ Entus FrostCJEntus MVP: Shy on Vladimir, Top – 0/0/6, 270 cs, 419 GPM
Game 2
IM Bans Thresh_Square_0_25b Kennen_Square_0_25b KogMaw_Square_0_25b Frost Bans TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b
IM Picks LeeSin_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b Sona_Square_0_25b Frost Picks Nami_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Orianna_Square_0_25b
IM Lineup: Zac (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Ryze (Mid). Caitlyn (AD), Sona (Support)
Frost Lineup: Shen (Top), Nunu (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Vayne (AD), Nami (Support)
Winner: CJ Entus FrostCJEntus MVP: Space on Vayne, AD Carry – 8/0/2, 228 cs, 422 GPM


Day 1 Featured Match: MVPMVP Blue vs Najin White ShieldNajin_White_ShieldlGame 2

The game started with Najin White Shield opting for a top-bottom lane swap, sending Save’s Shen to 1v2 against Draven and Thresh in bot lane while Caitlyn and Nami created a 2v1 advantage mismatch over Cheonju’s Renekton.

First blood was shed at 5:37 minutes in the top lane when Sense’s Lee Sin ganked the 1v2 top lane lane allowing Renekton to get the kill on Nami after a timely Ruthless Predator stun.
MVP Blue took the first turret of the game at 7:22 and moved on to kill the first dragon of the game right after, taking it down twenty seconds later at 7:42. Immediately after finishing, NoFe on Evelynn spotted three Lee Sin, Draven, and Thresh recalling outside of Dragon pit and engaged on them with a perfect Agony’s Embrace coupled along with Shen’s Stand United. Ggoong’s Ryze roamed down from mid lane and the engagement resulted in a kill on Lee Sin by Evelynn and the subsequent blue buff steal from Shield’s jungle. Meanwhile in the top lane, Caitlyn and Nami destroyed MVP’s outer turret at 7:55 minutes. The lanes then reset to 1v2 configurations after this.
13:15 minutes into the game, Lee Sin ganked the 1v2 bot lane but was thwarted by Evelynn flashing in and ult’ing while getting Stand United on her once more. After burning his flash to gap close, Renekton managed to get the kill on Nami and survive while Shield was unable to retaliate because Shen’s ultimate got cancelled by Thresh’s Death Sentence in the top lane. At 15:30,  in MVP finally managed to bring down Shield’s mid outer turret.

At the 20:00 minute mark there was a 2k gold lead in favor of MVP Blue, 3-1 in turrets taken in favor of MVP Blue, and 1 dragon allotted to both teams.

At the 20:50 mark, MVP picked up an uncontested Dragon and sought to ambush Shield in the double bush in bot lane. Four members hid hoping for a straggler to pass by but were unaware that Evelynn had spotted them enter the brush. Evelynn flanked from behind while getting ulted by Shen and he was able to land a 3 person taunt. Shield followed up with Agony’s Embrace and Nami’s Tidal Wave, leaving the field ready with the four MVP members grouped up for Ryze to clean up with hit everyone while activating Desperate Power. This resulted in a devastating teamfight where Shield traded 1 life for 4 of MVP’s.

At the 31:30 mark, Evelynn was caught out of position by four of members of MVP but Shen’s shield saved her life (however, Stand United was cancelled by Lee Sin in the top lane), and with the help of Ryze, Nami and Caitlyn joining the fight, they won the trade 3-1 setting MVP even further behind.

Right after winning a fight on a 4 for 1 trade where MVP engaged onto Evelynn once more but NoFe’s team followed up beautifully, Shield moved on to take an uncontested 4-man baron at 35:20. A couple of minutes after MVP Blue chased Ryze all the way down to Shield’s inner top turret but their chase was cut off short by Nami counter-engaging with an Aqua Prison on Lee Sin. Ryze turned it around almost killing Orianna with a 3 spell combo but she lived through and a lantern from Thresh brought her to safety, or so MVP Blue thought. A long chase began towards MVP’s top inhibitor turret but before they could reach it, NoFe flanked them from the back with Eve’s ultimate and the fight resulted in a perfect ace for Shield and the surrender from MVP at 40 minutes.

 Courtesy of Instaclock

Day 2

 MVPMVP Ozone vs Jin Air Greenwings Falcons JinAirGreenwings_logo
Game 1
Ozone Bans Vladimir_Square_0_25b LeeSin_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b Falcons Bans Jayce_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b
Ozone Picks Thresh_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b Twitch_Square_0_25b Yorick_Square_0_25b Falcons Picks Kennen_Square_0_25b Zyra_Square_0_25b Gangplank_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Irelia_Square_0_25b
Ozone Lineup: Yorick (Top), Nunu (Jungle), Ezreal (Mid), Twitch (AD), Thresh (Support)
Falcons Lineup: Irelia (Top), Gangplank (Jungle), Kennen (Mid), Vayne (AD), Zyra (Support)
Winner: MVP OzoneMVP MVP: Dandy on Nunu, Jungle – 5/1/10, 69 CS, 380 GPM
Game 2
Falcons Bans Nunu_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Ozone Bans Jayce_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Vladimir_Square_0_25b
Falcons Picks Elise_Square_0_25b Zyra_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b Twitch_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b Ozone Picks Thresh_Square_0_25b LeeSin_Square_0_25b Yorick_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Karthus_Square_0_25b
Falcons Lineup: Shen (Top), Elise (Jungle), Ezreal (Mid), Twitch (AD), Zyra (Support)
Ozone Lineup: Yorick (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Karthus (Mid), Vayne (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: MVP OzoneMVP MVP: Dandy on Lee Sin, Jungle – 6/0/8, 62 CS, 343 GPM
 JinAirGreenwings_logoJin Air Greenwings Stealths vs Chunnam Techno University CTU
Game 1
Stealths bans Gragas_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b CTU bans Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b
Stealths picks LeeSin_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b Renekton_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b CTU picks Kennen_Square_0_25b Thresh_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Karthus_Square_0_25b
Stealths Lineup: Renekton (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Ryze (Mid), Caitlyn (AD), Nami (Support)
CTU Lineup: Kennen (Top), Jarvan IV (Jungle), Karthus (Mid), Vayne (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: CTUCTUMVP: Riris on Vayne, AD – 17/2/6, 288 CS, 447 GPM
Game 2
CTU bans LeeSin_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Stealths bans TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b
CTU picks Elise_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b Jax_Square_0_25b Gragas_Square_0_25b Stealths picks Kennen_Square_0_25b Thresh_Square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Vladimir_Square_0_25b
CTU Lineup: Jax (Top), Elise (Jungle), Gragas (Mid), Ezreal (AD), Nami (Support)
Stealths Lineup: Kennen (Top), Zed (Jungle), Vladimir (Mid), Caitlyn (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: CTU CTUMVP: NonameD on Jax, Top – 8/4/7, 231 CS, 368 GPM 


Day 2 Featured Match: MVPMVP Ozone vs Jin Air Greenwings FalconsJinAirGreenwings_logoGame 2

Game 2 of MVP Ozone vs Jin Air Greenwings Falcons was probably the most brutal beatdown in the history of OGN Champions and although CJ Entus Frost had a no death game earlier in the week versus LG IM #1, nothing had prepared us for the return of DanDy’s jungle Lee Sin.

The game seemed set up from the beginning as if Ozone had spent extensive resources in scouting Reapered initial jungle’s route. With a standard top lane, Ozone swapped their duo lane to mid against Ezreal while Falcons didn’t initiate any, essentially daring them to take the risk of invading Ozone’s blue buff with StarLast’s support Zyra. While DanDy invaded Falcons’ blue, Reapered started red and got a weak leash only from Raven’s Twitch as Zyra was trying to zone out Dade’s Karthus from taking his own team’s blue. DanDy rushed to his red, cleared it immediately, and met Reapered at his blue buff. However, since Zyra had been focused on trying to harass Karthus to prevent him from taking the buff, she was at half health along with Reapered who opt’d to start with a Doran’s Blade instead of a Machete and 5 health potions. DanDy landed a Sonic Wave on Elise killed her without hesitation and with help from Vayne and Thresh who roamed from mid to help with the invade, DanDy was able to complete the double kill on Zyra at 3 minutes.

Instead of trying to farm his jungle to make up for early invading shenanigans, DanDy bought a fast Boots of Mobility and made his intentions aware to everyone that he was feeling bloodthirsty. Reapered hoped to stabilize the game via lane pressure at top lane and he came Rappelling down after Miso’s Shen landed a taunt on Homme’s Yorick but DanDy was there to meet him again. DanDy Safeguarded into the fray and the 2v2 skirmish resulted in Reapered dying again from Yorick’s Ignite who survived with a sliver of health.

At the 6:30 mark, Ozone targeted a gank in Falcons’ pushing bot lane as Mata’s Thresh roamed from mid through blue side bottom jungle and DanDy initiated from the side of Ozone’s turret resulting in a pincer attack. Shen attempted to turn around the gank with his Stand United on Twitch, however Mata landed an excellent Death Sentence on the rat, pulling him back and denying the range to successfully taunt Karthus into a kill. 2 minutes later, Ozone replays the gank with Mata roaming from mid through the same exact path and after Karthus slows Twitch down with a targeted Wall of Pain, DanDy comes dashing in again and this time picks up another double kill on Zyra and Twitch which results in an uncontested Dragon at 9 minutes.

The game is essentially called now as Reapered is virtually rendered useless to his lanes and DanDy has donated distributed enough kills around the map to allow them to duel any of the Falcons. However, Imp on Vayne was eager to get in on the action. In the bottom lane,  Mata landed a hook onto Twitch which led to Imp getting his wish. The Box came out from Thresh and he flashed out to avoid Zyra’s plants but DanDy landed a Q onto a plant to gap close on Twitch and kicked him into a Vayne Condemn into the wall. Imp cashed out a double kill after a game of rat pinball.

After DanDy killed Twitch a few more times after picking up a Brutalizer, the last “teamfight” occurred at Falcons’ inner bottom turret. Shen got caught out alone against a 4 person siege and the tower went down. However, as the rest of Falcons retreated, Homme flanked from the top side while tearing apart the backline of Ezreal and Zyra. Karthus took the brunt of the pain from Elise and Twitch and gave Ozone’s only death to Reapered for his efforts in exchange for an ace. Ozone took the inhibitor at 19 minutes and the surrender came in at 20:10 after DanDy killed Twitch one last time.

Courtesy of Instaclock

 Day 3

SKT1SK Telecom T1 vs Najin White Shield Najin_White_Shieldl
Game 1
SKT1 bans Ryze_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b NWS bans Jayce_Square_0_25b Kennen_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b
SKT1 picks Elise_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Orianna_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b NWS picks  Thresh_Square_0_25b LeeSin_Square_0_25b Vladimir_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b DrMundo_Square_0_25b
SKT1 Lineup: Zac (Top), Elise (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Caitlyn (AD), Nami (Support)
NWS: Lineup: Mundo (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Vladimir (Mid), Vayne (AD), Thresh (Support)
Winner: SKT1 SKT1 MVP: Faker on Orianna, Mid – 9/2/7, 328 CS, 412 GPM
Game 2
NWS bans Kennen_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b SKT1 bans Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b
NWS picks Thresh_Square_0_25b Orianna_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Twitch_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25b SKT1 picks Nami_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b Gragas_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Singed_Square_0_25b
NWS Lineup: Shen (Top), Evelynn (Jungle), Orianna (Mid), Twitch (AD), Thresh (Support)
SKT1 Lineup: Singed (Top), Nunu (Jungle), Gragas (Mid), Vayne (AD), Nami (Support)
Winner: SKT1SKT1 MVP: Impact on Singed, Top – 1/2/6, 310, 392 GPM
MiG_BlitzMiG Blitz vs LG Incredible Miracle #2 IM
Game 1
MiG bans Zac_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25b IM bans Zed_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b
MiG picks LeeSin_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b Varus_Square_0_25b Ahri_Square_0_25b Fizz_square_0_25b IM picks Kennen_Square_0_25b Thresh_Square_0_25b Jax_Square_0_25b Vayne_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b
MiG Lineup: Kennen (Top), Jax (Jungle), Ryze (Mid), Vayne (AD), Thresh (Support)
IM Lineup: Ahri (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Fizz (Mid), Varus (AD), Nami (Support)
Winner: MiGMiG_BlitzMVP: WonSeok on Fizz, Mid – 5/2/3, 149 CS, 359 GPM
Game 2
IM bans Fizz_square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Nunu_Square_0_25b MiG bans TwistedFate_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b Jayce_Square_0_25b
IM picks LeeSin_Square_0_25b Zyra_Square_0_25b KogMaw_Square_0_25b Ahri_Square_0_25b Irelia_Square_0_25b MiG picks Nami_Square_0_25b Ryze_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b Varus_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b
IM Lineup: Irelia (Top), Lee Sin (Jungle), Ahri (Mid), Kog’Maw (AD), Zyra (Support)
MiG Lineup: Ryze (Top), Zac (Jungle), Ezreal (Mid), Varus (AD), Nami (Support)
Winner: MiGMiG_BlitzMVP: WonSeok on Ezreal, Mid – 9/3/13, 193 CS, 393 GPM 


Day 3 Featured Match: SKT1SK Telecom T1 vs Najin White ShieldNajin_White_ShieldlGame 2

As Najin White Shield were hoping to duplicate the same initiation technique they used in their games against MVP Blue where an invisible Evelynn would act as a vessel for a Shen Stand United, SK Telecom T1 countered that hard initiation by picking champions who all had some form of disengage whether it be by a slow, knockback, or stun. Also, as with any team composition that contains a Gragas, SKT1 could easily make their own picks using his ultimate, Explosive Cask, to set up engagements with the ability for this team to follow up as 4 of their champions had movement speed modifiers.

Knowing that Save’s Shen would be punished early and would possibly lose a turret out of laning against Impact’s Singed, Shield initiated a swap sending GGoong’s Orianna with her superior waveclear to handle Singed in the top lane. However, as soon as minions pushed past the inner top turret, Singed began to “dirty farm” between the two turrets and enacted Proxy Singed mode that’s all too familiar in solo queue. This positioning allowed Bengi on Nunu to freely invade Shield’s blue buff but NoFe recognized this and went to counter invade Nunu’s blue buff as well. All was quiet until the 3 minute mark when Evelynn snuck up on Faker’s Gragas and caused him to blow his Flash after Save landed a taunt. NoFe backed off and returned a couple of seconds later and Faker who thought the Evelynn had left the scene for good, gave up first blood at 3:50.

Bengi’s 1st gank attempt came bottom but NoFe was there to counter-gank and while the AD’s trade their lives for one another, Evelynn also picked up a kill on Nami. Following this, Shield sought to invade Nunu’s blue considering they had a timer on it since the last invade but things went awry. Gragas landed an Explosive Clask which was followed by an Aqua Prison and then Vayne condemned Thresh into the wall, preventing any counter-engage towards her. Shen used Stand United to get into the fight as well but he ended up ultimately dying to Singed since he used his own Teleport to join the skirmish.

As soon as Shen switched with Orianna to their standard lanes, Nunu came mid and ganked GGoong as he went aggressive on Faker. In order to secure the kill, GGoong flashed forward but did so in turret range so his death was in vain considering that Faker lived with a smidgen of health. And as soon as Orianna got back to lane, there was miscommunication between him and Shen as he essentially wasted Stand United for no purpose that allowed Impact to take the top turret for free. Also, since Stand United was on cooldown, SKT1’s bot lane initiated their own fight with a Tidal Wave from Nami and before the Aqua Prison came down, Piglet had already killed Locodoco’s Twitch.

While the game progressed, SKT1 had systematically taken down all the outer turrets by 15 minutes and thought they had a free Dragon. However, Bengi took this lead for granted and NoFe stole it with a Smite as Nunu failed to Consume and Smite at the same time. Despite this achievement, the game was beginning to spiral out of control. With the outer middle turret gone, Gragas and Vayne were free to apply pressure on the opposite sides where Singed was not. Through these rotations, they gained turrets for free and also uncontested Dragons. Eventually, Shield became frustrated and tried to force a fight while pushing middle. As Evelynn came closer to deliver the Shen into range for a taunt, Gragas used Explosive Cask to separate Shield and with Nunu providing so much zoning potential with Absolute Zero, Vayne was left to her own devices and just pumped out damage leading to a 2-1 trade in favor of SKT1.

At 25:02, SKT1 picked up their first Baron after an Explosive Flip combo from Singed and Gragas onto Thresh and a catch onto Evelynn from Nami’s Aqua Prison. At 26 minutes, Shield tried to catch out Vayne again in a Eve into Shen combo but she easily disengaged with Condemn and Nunu’s Ice Blasts. However, since Shen wasted his ultimate once again, Singed destroyed the inner top turret. And a minute later, Singed began farming inside Shield’s base. And even with the combined efforts of Evelynn, Twitch, and Shen, Impact could not be killed anymore. However, this allowed an opportunity for the rest of SKT1 to siege the inner middle turret and after Ggoong caught out only 2 members of SKT1 in a Shockwave, NoFe attempted to initiate but even with Shen’s ultimate, he died too fast and Vayne ended up with a triple kill.

Since Shield was unable to push out of their base due to the minion waves, SKT1 killed a 2nd uncontested Baron while Impact fulfilled his Singed duties and died in Shield’s fountain. While heading towards Shield’s base, Gragas wascaught in the jungle by Evelynn and Shen once again ult’d in. However, Nami’s Tidal Wave caught 4 people and this led to a 4-0 teamfight in favor of SKT1 ending with Piglet showboating a bit with a stutter step on Vayne while getting the last kill. And finally at 33:30, Shield surrendered to SKT1.

Courtesy of Instaclock


Group A
1 MVPMVP Ozone, 2-0-0 (4-0)
2 JinAirGreenwings_logoJin Air Greenwings Falcons 1-0-1 (2-2)
3 Xenics_BlastXenics Blast 0-0-1 (0-2)
3 Xenics_StormXenics Storm 0-0-1 (0-2)

Group B
1 CTUChunnam Techno University 1-1-0 (3-1)
2 CJEntusCJ Entus Blaze 1-0-0 (2-o)
3 Najin_Black_SwordNajin Black Sword 0-1-0 (1-1)
4 JinAirGreenwings_logoJin Air Greenwings Stealths 0-0-2 (1-4)

Group C
1 SKT1SK Telecom T1 2-0-0 (4-0)
2 MVPMVP Blue 0-1-0 (1-1)
3 Najin_White_ShieldlNajin White Shield 0-1-1 (1-3)
4 IMIncredible Miracle #2 0-0-1 (0-2)

Group D
1 CJEntusCJ Entus Frost 1-0-0 (2-0)
1 KTRolsterKT Rolster Bullets 1-0-0 (2-0)
3 MiG_BlitzMaximum impact Gaming Blitz 1-0-1 (2-2)
4 IMIncredible Miracle #1 0-0-2 (0-4)


Credits to Instaclock for video highlight footage.

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