OGN Semifinals: KT Rolster Bullets vs CJ Entus Frost


The OGN Summer Semifinals have begun and the first semifinal was an epic showdown between the KT Rolster Bullets and CJ Entus Frost, two world-class teams. There has been a lot of bad blood circulated between these two teams which started back in OGN Spring 2013 when the KT Bullets were alleged to have deliberately thrown their games against Frost in the final group stage matches to face MVP Ozone in the Spring quarterfinals instead of the reigning OGN Winter champions Najin Sword (which ends up being KT Rolster B’s own demise last Spring).

These two teams were also in the same group during the OGN Summer Group Stage games and they did split their game series 1-1. inSec showed his power in the top lane on his Malphite constantly landing his Unstoppable Force with terrifying accuracy into the Frost backline giving the KT Bullets the first win. MadLife then responds with his Alistar and single-handedly got Frost ahead of Bullets when the circumstances were looking bleak and turned the series around to allow Frost to split the series 1-1.

Going into this semifinal, the KT Rolster Bullets will be fresh off of their 3-2 victory over CJ Entus Blaze. They have an opportunity to make OGN Champions history here. If they beat CJ Entus Frost, OGN Summer 2013 will be the first OGN season EVER to not have Blaze or Frost participating. Not only that, but the KT Bullets will be heralded as the team that ended the Song of Fire and Ice with absolute cold blooded steel if they emerge victorious in the semifinals. A victory for the Bullets will also greatly assist their bid for a ticket to represent Korea at the Season 3 World Championships and they basically guarantee themselves at least 200 circuit points (400 points if they win the Grand Finals).

CJ Entus Frost will be coming in off of a 3-0 victory over Najin White Shield and will now have the task of avenging their Blaze brothers in order so they can advance to the OGN Summer finals and look to representthe CJ Entus organization and Korea in the Season 3 World Championships. All of this is at stake with this highly anticipated semifinal match.

Note: This will be the first series that Korea will play on the 3.10 patch with the buffed early tower armor and how this series goes can have huge implications on what to expect for the remainder of OGN Summer 2013 unless another big patch comes out.

Priority and/or Must-Be-Banned-Or-Else Champions in this Semifinal:

  • Shen_Square_0_25b Shen – Shy and inSec have both showed their strength on that champion with the game-changing Taunt + Flash combos. CloudTemplar can always bring out his old Jungle Shen as well.
  • Zac_Square_0_25b Zac – inSec has shown just how terrifying he can be on Zac in the jungle and it only gets worse when you put Zac in a solo lane to get farmed up and split push.
  • LeeSin_Square_0_25b Lee Sin – a deadly champion that you don’t want KaKAO or inSec to have because both of them can make ridiculous plays with Lee Sin and it’s just not worth going up against. Definitely ban-worthy.
  • Elise_Square_0_25b Elise – another deadly jungler that is one of KaKAO’s best junglers and must be banned against him. CloudTemplar has also shown strong performances on Elise as well, so most likely Elise will not be played during this series due to her sheer early game snowballing power.
  • Evelynn_Square_0_25b Evelynn – yet another champion that KaKAO just does magical things with.
  • JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Jarvan IV – overall a strong and versatile pick that both KaKAO and CloudTemplar have played fairly well with (note: KaKAO is more solid on J4 than CloudTemplar).
  • Amumu_Square_0_25b Amumu – one of CloudTemplar’s Season 2 jungler picks and he has brought it out in Season 3 with a fairly strong performance especially in early dragon fights.
  • Twitch_Square_0_25b Twitch and Vayne_Square_0_25b Vayne – are both ADCs that both Space and Score have shown very strong performances on. One or both could be banned at any point which might bring out other ADCs, but these two are pretty high on the priority list for both teams due to the ambiguity of team strategy and dueling/late game power of both ADCs.
  • Ahri_Square_0_25b Ahri – both Ryu and RapidStar have shown strong Ahri performances. Her assassination potential with the early DFG is just tremendous.
  • Thresh_Square_0_25b Thresh and Blitzcrank_Square_0_25b Blitzcrank – MadLife’s 2 signature champions for making insane plays that have brought Frost out of some of the most bleak of games. Don’t give them to MadLife unless you want him to ruin your game. Mafa doesn’t really play either champion, so KT Bullets should definitely look to ban one if not both against Frost.
  • Sona_Square_0_25b Sona – both MadLife and Mafa have shown strong performances on Sona and she will definitely be a contested pick between the two should MadLife run low on support options.
  • Zed_Square_0_25b Zed – both Ryu and inSec have shown how terrifying they can be when they have Zed in their hands. Though, if Zed is picked, it will most likely go to Ryu since inSec favors more tanky initiators in the top lane, but there is always that ambiguity that the KT Rolster Bullets can take advantage of.

Game 1:

Game 1 Team CompsMadLife is ready to bull fight

Frost’s Bans: LeeSin_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b Twitch_Square_0_25b Frost Picks: Shen_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Ahri_Square_0_25b Tristana_Square_0_25b Alistar_Square_0_25b
Bullets’ Bans: Thresh_Square_0_25b Blitzcrank_Square_0_25b Amumu_Square_0_25b Bullets Picks: Sona_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b

The KT Bullets crucially focused on banning MadLife’s two main tools of creating picks for Frost and CloudTemplar’s Amumu to shut out a key tool that Frost can use for a powerful 5v5 team comp. This forces MadLife and CloudTemplar to look for other tools to make plays with for Frost.

Frost bans out Lee Sin and Elise which are absolutely KaKAO’s top 2 junglers and he has shown time and again how he is just a monster on those two champions. They will also ban out Score’s Twitch because of Twitch’s versatility in team comps and the power Twitch has in lane.

  • Bullets will first pick Sona. This denies another support from MadLife that he can use to make plays for Frost and it gives Mafa a great champion to protect Score in the laning phase and have a huge presence in teamfights.
  • Frost will respond with Shen and Jarvan IV.  Shy has demonstrated his strength on Shen throughout Champions Summer especially with the game changing Taunt + Flash combos. CloudTemplar picks up Jarvan IV as his champion to make plays early and get team fights going for Frost’s favor.
  • Bullets will then pick up Zed and Evelynn. Ryu has shown his amazing Zed play and KaKAO has moved to his 3rd favorite jungler, Evelynn. They have shown a lot of their hand with these two picks because this signifies their intent to go for assassins picking off Frost’s members one by one with insane burst damage and it does allow Frost to respond.
  • Frost responds with Ahri and Tristana. The Tristana pick is really good against Zed and Evelynn because her ultimate gives Space a disengage against the Zed and Evelynn diving for him and the Ahri pick is a great versatile pick for going for 5v5 fights or picking off the Bullets.
  • KT Bullets will finish off their team comp with Caitlyn and Zac. Score’s Caitlyn will be mainly focusing on fast tower pushing to open up opportunities for the Bullets to assassinate Frost members in their jungle. inSec’s Zac is picked for similar reasons as well as to stop Shen’s Stand United.
  • Frost’s final pick is an Alistar. Another tool for Frost to stop the assassins. Alistar also opens up an opportunity for Frost’s duo lane to do an early all-in onto Caitlyn and Sona, but it is risky against a heavy early poke lane.
KT Rolster Bullets’ Team Comp Goals:
  1. Pressure every lane as hard as possible early to push towers down to open up opportunities for Zed and Evelynn to assassinate Frost in their own jungle.
  2. Interrupt Shen’s Stand United to help ensure assassinations.
  3. Deny Frost’s vision at all costs.
  4. Try to avoid the 2v2 matchup and push a tower down in a 2v1 lane. (If duo lane is forced into 2v2, avoid the early all-in and poke hard early).
  5. Avoid straight up 5v5 fights, especially in the late game.
CJ Entus Frost’s Team Comp Goals:
  1. Hold towers as much as possible and go for the late game power of Tristana.
  2. Avoid getting picked off.
  3. Vision in your own jungle is your best friend.
  4. Look for that 2v2 lane matchup for the early all-in to succeed or else get poked back hard.
  5. Ahri and Shen need to follow Zed and Evelynn’s movements and counter the ganks.
  6. Go for 5v5 team fights in the late game.

Game Summary

Click Here to Watch: Game 1 Highlight Video
Early Game:

Frost does get the 2v2 matchup that they desired, however Score and Mafa do a great job of avoiding the early all-in and then freezing the lane at a spot near their tower where MadLife cannot engage with Alistar. Frost will get first blood onto KaKAO when Ryu and RapidStar dueled in the mid lane and then Shy and CloudTemplar came in to assist their teammate. KT Bullets needed the first blood badly to start the snowball going, but this play allowed inSec to out-farm and out-push Shy in the top lane. At 15:54, inSec took the top lane tower without much reply from Shy or CloudTemplar.

The Pendulum Begins to Sway:

This early top tower taken in favor of KT Bullets sets up an early dragon fight between Frost and the Bullets. Frost does get the Dragon, but they trade a kill away to Ryu in the end. The Bullets crucially split Frost up in the fight which allowed their assassins to single out low targets and they eventually get MadLife. KT Bullets will follow up by taking bottom lane tower as well which puts the Bullets at a slight edge over Frost.

Eve + Zed Combo begins to happen KaKAO and Ryu take down Space and the “god”

At 18:00, Ryu and KaKAO engage onto Space and MadLife in the bottom lane nabbing two kills for none. Mafa, Score, and inSec then engage onto Frost in the mid lane forcing Frost off of mid tower and then they take the Frost’s final outer turret leaving Frost’s jungle open for warding. This also opens up opportunities for Zed and Evelynn to look for kills while Caitlyn, Sona, and Zac pressure the other lanes in order to force Frost into rotating around to deal with the pressure.

The Ice Begins to Crack:

At 22:20, inSec continues to relentlessly pressure Shy in the top lane preventing Shen from split pushing without fear of ganks due to the many early wards the Bullets were able to put into Frost’s jungle. This opens up a free dragon for the Bullets to pick up pushing them farther into the gold lead. The Bullets then rotated to bottom lane and take out Frost’s bottom inner turret while inSec continues to be a thorn in Frost’s side in top lane preventing Shy from split pushing on the Shen.

Frost attempts to regain the vision control that was denied by the KT Bullets, but at 24:20, Ryu finds RapidStar farming in the bottom lane. Due to his struggles in lane, RapidStar did not buy the Deathfire Grasp that most Ahris rush and instead opted for the Zhonya’s Hourglass. Ryu engages onto RapidStar forcing Shy’s Stand United which sends Ryu back, but Score and Mafa close in on Shy and RapidStar eventually getting the kill for Ryu. CloudTemplar and the rest of Frost come in for retribution and were able to kill Mafa, but Score and Ryu escape. Meanwhile, inSec continued to relentlessly push top lane on Zac and he takes Frost’s top inner turret without a tower reply from Frost.

Bullets turn around a catch to a 2 for 1KaKAO and Ryu continue their reign of terror

Frost right after failing to take bottom tower sets up a trap in the bottom tri-brush and were able to pick off Score, but Ryu and KaKAO respond getting two more kills for the Bullets forcing Frost back onto the defense.

The “Impregnable” Ice Wall Collapses:

At the 27 minute mark, the KT Bullets have a 6K gold lead over Frost which is where their assassin comp needs to be in order to be effective in the later stages of the game. The Bullets continued relentlessly to hunt for picks and like an avalanche, they were able to pick up 5 more kills in the next 5 minutes against Frost which allowed them to pick up the first Baron Nashor around the 32:00 mark.

Baroned up Bullets go 4 for 2Itchy trigger fingers again, but a 4 for 2 in favor of the Bullets

With Baron secured, the Bullets moved on to push mid lane. At 33:13, the Bullets dive the Frost mid lane inner tower and despite Frost being able to take down 2 members from the Bullets including Score, the Bullets were able to take down all 5 Frost members, Frost’s inner mid tower, mid inhibitor tower, and the middle inhibitor opening the floodgates for minions to push into Frost’s base. The Bullets recall and then rotate to the top lane and are able to win another team fight and take the top inhibitor tower and the top inhibitor.

Bullets Take Top inhib, fight ensuesThe Bullets fly across Frost’s base leaving it in shambles

At 38:38, the KT Bullets secure a 2nd baron without contest from Frost and then inSec engages onto Frost in the mid lane with the rest of his team following up getting a 4 for 0 exchange securing Game 1 for the KT Bullets.

Final Team Fight Game 1Bullets will secure Game 1

Game 1 MVP Winner and Recap:


Going into this game, the KT Bullets had a timer that they had to meet otherwise they will face ultimate destruction in the late game when Frost outscales them in the late game which forces KT Bullets to constantly look for kills to snowball objectives in their favor. Even though Frost did a fairly good job to not give up kills to the Zed or Evelynn early, the Bullets’ relentless pushing in the top lane and the effective nullification of MadLife’s Alistar early game all-in potential with Score and Mafa’s perfect lane freezing just allowed them to take small advantages here and there. The series of unfortunate events for CJ Entus Frost began starting with inSec taking top tower really early which led to a huge chain of events with Ryu and KaKAO wreaking havoc in Frost’s backline and eventually snowballed completely out of control for Frost. Props to the KT Bullets for exploiting Frost’s greatest weakness of not having a strong skirmish comp which leads to a very convincing Bullets victory in the end.

Game 2 (Bullets lead 1-0)

Game 2 Team CompsRyu coldly plots the death of Twisted Fate.

Frost’s Bans: LeeSin_Square_0_25b Zed_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Frost Picks: Shen_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b TwistedFate_Square_0_25bVayne_Square_0_25b Rammus_Square_0_25b
Bullets’ Bans: Thresh_Square_0_25b Blitzcrank_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b Bullets Picks: Sona_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Karthus_Square_0_25b

The KT Bullets continue to ban out MadLife’s main tools and they also take out Elise, a champion that CloudTemplar has demonstrated to be a very scary champion in his hands.

Frost will target the Eve and the Zed ban towards KaKAO and Ryu after getting devastated by those two champions and of course will ban out Lee Sin to deny KaKAO another one of his tools to snowball the KT Bullets early.

  1. Frost will first-pick Shen again for Shy. 
  2. Bullets will respond with Sona and Jarvan IV, denying more tools for MadLife and CloudTemplar to make plays with.
  3. Frost’s 2nd and 3rd picks are Nami and Twisted Fate. Frost picks up 2 global ultimates and Nami’s amazing lane presence and disengage. These two picks hint at a global pick comp that Frost wants to run.
  4. Bullets will pick up inSec’s Zac and Score’s Caitlyn once again. This shows the Bullets’ response to Frost’s global pick comp by going for a powerful 5v5 composition.
  5. Frost’s final two picks are Vayne and Rammus which only confirm any suspicions the Bullets have of Frost wanting to run a pick comp.
  6. Bullets’ final pick is a Karthus for Ryu. With their entire hand shown, the Bullets are looking for big 5v5 fights with lots of AOE going down as well as fast tower pushing from the bottom lane as usual.
KT Bullets Team Comp Goals:
  1. Farm up and punish Frost in the late game with the stronger 5v5 team comp.
  2. Weather the early pressure from Twisted Fate and Shen hitting level 6 by not over-extending.
  3. Pressure every lane to force CloudTemplar’s Rammus to babysit a lane to prevent Frost’s towers from falling.
CJ Frost’s Team Comp Goals:
  1. Take advantage of level 6 ultimates from Twisted Fate and Shen.
  2. Rammus needs to get the early snowball rolling.
  3. Chain CC properly when a pick happens.
  4. Avoid even 5v5 team fights, especially late game.
  5. If Frost must 5v5, they need to keep Karthus out of the fight or be toast.

Game Overview

Click Here to Watch: Game 2 Highlight Video
Early Game:

At level 1, Frost will get spotted in the Bullets’ jungle by an early ward which allows Mafa to easily place multiple wards into Frost’s red side jungle to scout out CloudTemplar’s Rammus. Score and Mafa will meet Space and MadLife in the top lane, Ryu and RapidStar duke it out in the mid lane, and Shy and inSec will battle in the bottom lane.

In the early levels, the KT Bullets continued to aggressively push from all three lanes. Ryu just completely dominated RapidStar’s TF by constantly landing spot-on Lay Wastes which forced CloudTemplar to come assist his mid laner despite him getting a decent gank early in the bottom lane forcing inSec’s Flash.

  Ryu dominating RapidStarRyu forcing RapidStar to recall while CloudTemplar looks on

 This allows Score and Mafa to push the top lane hard against Space and MadLife without fear of a Rammus coming in to ruin their day and abuse Vayne’s poor early wave clear. inSec and KaKAO are also given free reign on what to do and at 6:50, inSec and KaKAO will tower dive Shy and secure first blood just as CloudTemplar rounds the corner a moment too late to save Shy.

inSec draws First BloodinSec and KaKAO dive towers all day

At 7:21, Frost tries to respond to the first blood in bottom lane by going for a double kill in top lane on Score and Mafa. They burn Destiny, Stand United, and a bunch of Flashes and other summoner spells to get a kill onto Mafa, but because Score and Mafa continued to keep the lane pushed against Space’s poor wave clear on Vayne without much fear of CloudTemplar being held up in mid lane to help RapidStar, Space and MadLife got almost no damage onto the top tower and thus Frost couldn’t make more use of the global ultimates.

Mafa dies, but lots burned for little gainA lot spent to get a support kill but no tower

The KT Bullets having successfully taken top tower and defended their own tower lane swapped inSec back to top lane and sent Score and Mafa to lane against Space and MadLife to push down the bottom outer turret. Mafa is able to get a good Sona ult allowing Score to pile on more damage forcing out Space’s Barrier and then Ryu activates Karthus’ Requiem to secure the kill onto Space.

Space dies to KarthusSpace tries to use Barrier but to no avail.

This allows Ryu and KaKAO to get a decent amount of damage onto the mid lane tower after forcing back RapidStar who is getting completely zoned and out-farmed by Ryu in the mid lane. Score and Mafa will follow up with taking Frost’s bottom tower. inSec continues his relentless pushing in top lane forcing Shy to defend the top inner turret from falling. The constant global map pressure from all three lanes has effectively controlled CloudTemplar’s early jungle presence by forcing him to babysit every lane.

At 12:11, Frost will finally get an objective when they take the bottom outer turret, but the Bullets will happily trade that away for the mid outer turret which strips away Frost’s outer ring of turrets which ultimately limits their pick comp’s potential to get the essential picks to happen. At this point, the Bullets have a 3K gold lead on Frost which is devastating for the team running the pick comp.

Mid Game:

At 14:50, Frost will take the Bullets’ outer mid lane tower, but inSec continues to relentlessly knock on Frost’s door in the top lane on his Zac. CJ Frost sees inSec in top lane and Score in the bottom lane and attempt to use their global ultimates to catch the other 3 members of the KT Bullets for more mid lane towers, but Mafa gets a crucial Crescendo to stop RapidStar’s Twisted Fate as soon as he ported right in front of Mafa which essentially rendered CJ Frost’s global ultimates completely useless.

Mafa's big sona ultOppa Mafa Style!

inSec continues to push top lane and CloudTemplar will roll right next to him with low health and then inSec just picks up an easy kill as well as the top inner tower.  This misplay from CloudTemplar just signifies the tilting that is happening in CJ Entus Frost camp. At this point, 16 minutes has passed and the Bullets obtain a 7K gold lead with 5 towers to 2.

inSec continues his rampageA questionable play leads to inSec’s continued Reign of Terror.

The Slow Painful Death of Frost

At this point, Frost has no control of the game whatsoever and the Bullets can basically dictate how they want the game to go. Frost attempts to gank inSec in the top lane with the TF ult, but inSec will escape with a clutch Flash over the wall.

Clutch Flash to escapeImmortal inSec refuses to die

At 22:06, the KT bullets set up for a Baron and then they catch MadLife out of position and then follow up with another kill onto Space which gives the Bullets a free baron and catapults them even further ahead of Frost.

The God will fallthe KT Bullets will stop at nothing for a kill on the “god” himself

At 24 minutes, the Bullets are just rampaging around the map forcing Frost to retreat into their own base. What is notable is that the KT Bullets have been playing very methodically and haven’t made poor engages like they did back when they played Blaze in the quarterfinals. The Bullets take the bottom inhibitor turret and inhibitor. They fake a retreat drawing out the TF ultimate and then they re-engage and catch Shy and instantly bursted the Shen down which invited the Bullets to continue pushing to end the game and take Game 2 in the series.

the catch onto ShyinSec finishes off Shy with the rest of Frost to follow

Bullets go 2-0Kt Bullets move in for the finish.

Game 2 MVP Winner and Recap:

inSec MVP

In this game, the shoe was on the other foot with Frost now having the ticking time bomb on their shoulders as they seek to use their global ultimates to find picks that lead to objectives. The KT Bullets come into this game with a very good plan to deal with CloudTemplar’s Rammus by constantly shoving all three lanes and with Ryu just dominating RapidStar in the mid lane forced CloudTemplar to babysit RapidStar which allowed the other two lanes to do as they please which led to the Bullets picking up advantages despite playing a late game team composition.

inSec’s Zac was just absolutely monstrous with his relentless assault in the top lane drawing multiple Frost members to deal with him but effectively escaping with Zac’s insane tankiness and mobility which rightfully earned the MVP of Game 2.


Game 3 (Bullets lead 2-0)

Game 3 Team Comps

Frost’s Bans: LeeSin_Square_0_25b Elise_Square_0_25b Sona_Square_0_25b Frost Picks: Caitlyn_Square_0_25b Nami_Square_0_25b JarvanIV_Square_0_25b Shen_Square_0_25bGragas_Square_0_25b
Bullets’ Bans: Thresh_Square_0_25b Blitzcrank_Square_0_25b Amumu_Square_0_25b Bullets Picks: Zed_Square_0_25b Ezreal_Square_0_25b Zac_Square_0_25b Evelynn_Square_0_25b Fiddlesticks_Square_0_25b

The KT Bullets will opt for the same bans that they did in Game 1 against Frost once again. If it’s not broken, why fix it? This strategy of banning out MadLife and forcing him onto other supports and even forcing Frost into banning Sona away from Mafa opens up so much breathing room for Score and Mafa as well as the rest of the team as they transition into the mid and late game.

CJ Frost interestingly decides NOT to ban the Zac which inSec has been absolutely wreaking havoc and always being a thorn in Frost’s side during the entire game. They decide to continue to ban Lee Sin and Elise to take away two of KaKAO’s favorite junglers. They are also forced into banning Sona because they are on purple side and don’t want Sona to go to Mafa’s hands.


  • The Bullets will first pick Zed for Ryu. Once again, the Zed makes it through picks and bans. Zed has proven to be the bane of the CJ teams being a primary tool to dismantle Blaze in the OGN Spring Finals and now Ryu bringing out the Zed to great effect against Frost. There is some ambiguity to whether this Zed would go to Ryu or inSec, but it can be assumed that it’s gonna be going to Ryu.
  • Frost will respond by picking up Caitlyn and Nami for Space and MadLife. I think Space picked Caitlyn not really because he likes Caitlyn, but I think it was to deny the Caitlyn pick away from Score who has just been a nuisance with the fast tower pushing on Caitlyn. And once again, MadLife is forced into a corner with his support pick and decides to go with Nami despite not having the best of games with Nami in Game 2 which has been benefiting the KT Rolster Bullets quite a lot.
  • Bullets follow up with picking Ezreal and Zac for Score and inSec. Ezreal fulfills a similar job as Caitlyn and with Score being a very safe ADC, Ezreal is an ideal pick for him. No surprises that inSec will pick up Zac for the 3rd time against CJ Frost. If it isn’t broken, why fix it?
  • Frost will pick up Jarvan IV and Shen. Now that I think about it, I think CloudTemplar picked Jarvan IV mainly to deny the pick from KaKAO, not because he likes to play Jarvan IV because from watching his Jarvan play during this entire series, he didn’t seem very comfortable on the champion. And the Shen pick is a bit odd because Shy knows that he has to deal with inSec on the Zac but I suppose he didn’t have much other choice due to the insane power that the new Spirit Visage has on champions like Zac.
  • Bullets will round out their picks with Evelynn and Fiddlesticks for KaKAO and Mafa. KaKAO as usual demonstrating his powerful jungler pool and picking Evelynn once again in this series along with Ryu’s Zed can only spell very certain doom for Frost if they didn’t learn their lesson from Game 1. The Fiddlesticks support pick for Mafa is great with Ezreal because of the poke potential and Fiddlesticks is great in a 2v1 lane as well due the bully potential and the fear can shut down a Shen instantly.
  • Frost’s final pick is a Gragas for RapidStar. Very interesting pick if you ask me. I think Frost’s plan is for RapidStar to meet Score and Mafa in the 2v1 lane because Gragas can farm from a distance pretty well with the wine barrels and allow Space and MadLife to shut down Ryu early on the Zed.
KT Bullets’ Team Comp Goals:
  1. Pressure every lane as hard as possible early to push towers down to open up opportunities for Zed and Evelynn to assassinate Frost in their own jungle.
  2. Bully Shy in the early game to get inSec rolling early.
  3. Interrupt Shen’s Stand United to help ensure assassinations.
  4. Deny Frost’s vision at all costs.
  5. Try to 2v1 the Shen to shut him down early OR 2v2 the Caitlyn and Nami to allow Ryu to have a 1v1 lane.
  6. Try to avoid straight up 5v5 fights in the late game when Shen and Jarvan IV have lots of tank items.
  7. End the game before Frost can get farmed up.
CJ Frost’s Team Comp Goals:
  1. Go for a 2v1 lane against the Zed to deny a lot of early farm to Ryu.
  2. Try to put RapidStar is a 1v2 lane to allow for the 2v1 lane against Zed to happen.
  3. Avoid getting picked off by Zac, Zed, and Evelynn in the mid/late game.
  4. Don’t let inSec’s Zac have too much free farm or opportunities to split push.
  5. Vision in your own jungle is your best friend.
  6. Go for 5v5 team fights in the late game when farmed up.

Game Summary

Click Here to Watch: Game 3 Highlight Video
Early Game:

Once again, CJ Frost walks right into the Bullets’ jungle and stand on top of a well-placed ward which allows the Bullets to basically dictate where they want to go in the lanes and Mafa gets 3 crucial deep wards into Frost’s top side jungle. Score and Mafa respond to Space and MadLife and follow them into the mid lane allowing Ryu to have a 1v1 lane against RapidStar in the bottom lane as for inSec and Shy to once again have the 1v1 lane against each other in the top lane.

Frost on a Ward with a Zed nearbyFrost all on a ward once again.

Shy’s recall was delayed in the level 1 which allowed KaKAO and inSec to go for Frost’s red buff without fear and delayed Shy’s leveling which forced an early flash out of him and they were able to smartly tank tower to get first blood onto Shy for KaKAO without any retribution from CloudTemplar because inSec and KaKAO had vision of him making his way up towards top lane due to Mafa’s early warding into Frost’s jungle.

KaKAO and inSec early dive on Shy inSec and KaKAO strike once again.

At around the 8 minute mark, Frost will get the first dragon and then everyone except RapidStar move towards mid lane to push. They expend all of their ultimates (Stand United, Cataclysm, Ace in the Hole, and Tidal Wave) as well as Shy and CloudTemplar’s flash to get a retribution kill onto KaKAO and delay Score and Mafa from recalling for items (Score really needed to get his Tear of the Goddess), but they do not take mid lane tower and inSec happily pushed top tower down at the 10:40 mark evening up the gold that Frost got from the early dragon.

Frost's Retribution Kill but inSec keeps pushing top 4 Ultimates + 2 Flashes = 1 kill + No tower.

Soon after everyone returned back to the mid lane to push, inSec sneaks behind Frost and engages killing Space and burning both of his summoner spells. MadLife gets caught in a bad position and is forced to use both Flash and Exhaust to escape. Another win for the KT Bullets and they keep mid tower alive even longer.

KT Bullets for the counter killThere is no escape from inSec!

The Chain of Misfortune Continues

At 16 minutes, Frost finally takes mid lane tower, but KaKAO and inSec strike the top lane once again nabbing a 2nd kill onto Shy. Just like the other two games in the series, KaKAO basically camped Shy to allow inSec to get so big to the point that Shen can’t duel the Zac.

KaKAO and inSec love killing ShyKaKAO and inSec rain on Shy’s day

As Frost 3-man pushes top lane with Caitlyn, Nami, and Jarvan IV, the KT Bullets respond with a 5 man tower dive onto RapidStar in the mid lane forcing the Stand United but they intelligently tanked the turret one by one to allow inSec to pick up a double kill. Frost will continue to push up to the Bullets’ tier two turret while the Bullets take the tier one mid lane tower.

Bullets will dive. inSec gets bigger Tower Dive! We MUST Tower Dive!

The Bullets will rotate to secure the dragon. Frost’s 3 man squad of Jarvan IV, Caitlyn, and Nami dive onto the entire KT Bullets team knowing that all of their ults are down, but the Bullets were able to take down CloudTemplar and MadLife. Frost attempts to re-engage with Caitlyn, Shen, and Gragas onto the low-health Bullets and they go for the squishy Fiddlesticks. However, the Bullets respond and were able to take down RapidStar while  Mafa falls and then Score forces Shy and Space away from inSec’s Cell Division blobs allowing him to survive once again. Overall a 3 for 1 exchange in favor of the KT Bullets.

From Bad to Worse

The god will die in the cold steel The god will die in cold steel

At the 23 minute mark, inSec notably goes for Liandry’s Torment after finishing his Spirit Visage which is different from his past games on Zac because in the past two games, his main job was to out split push Shy. This game, the Bullets decided that since they don’t have the same big lead they had in Game 1, they needed to wait for Frost to start split pushing and then start blowing people up through the Shen shield hence the Liandry’s Torment purchase to allow for another damage threat on the Bullets.

To make matters worse for Frost, Shy cannot duel inSec anymore who is constantly pushing the bottom lane. This additionally puts another threat on the table because the KT Bullets’ insane Baron Nashor control comes into play and if someone were to show their faces in the farthest lane away from the Baron pit…that is the green light the Bullets need to take Baron. The relentless split push from inSec allows the KT Bullets to take a completely uncontested Baron.

The Baron for the Bullets Bullets take Baron under Frost’s nose

With Baron in their hands, the Bullets relentlessly take down Shy in the bottom lane and take the tier two tower. inSec finally dies for the first time in the entire game series, but the Bullets will later get a skirmish where they just annihilate Frost and take the bottom inhibitor turret as well as middle and bottom inhibitors.

The Nail on the Coffin inSec rampaging onto CJ Frost

The Final Nail to the Coffin

inSec picks up a Thornmail after returning and the KT Bullets move once again and are able to catch and kill Space and RapidStar in Frost’s jungle that is littered with wards placed from the Bullets. All of CJ Entus Frost’s damage and their hopes of the OGN Summer 2013 Grand Finals are gone as the KT Rolster Bullets make the final push to take the entire semifinal series 3-0 against the beloved CJ Entus Frost.

The End of CJ Frost KaKAO leads his teammates for the final push 

Game 3 MVP Winner and Recap:

inSec MVP

Frost played this match much better than they did in Game 1 when the Bullets just started wrecking them much earlier in the game because they were able to take crucial towers and Shy despite being relentlessly camped by KaKAO was able to do some split pushing, but the Bullets changed up their strategy a little bit having inSec go for a lot more burst damage on Zac which allowed for ridiculous damage potential in the skirmishes. Frost did keep better control of their jungle than in the previous two games, but giving up the Baron to the Bullets pretty much eliminated any chance of them taking the game against the Bullets and the rest is just history for CJ Entus Frost.

Final Thoughts:

I really have to hand it to the KT Rolster Bullets for playing so well and exploiting Frost’s greatest weakness of bad skirmishing. Everyone knows how strong CJ Entus Frost is in big 5v5 teamfights with some of the best team coordination in the world, but if you put them in constant skirmish situations like the KT Rolster Bullets did, Frost cannot cope with all of it happening at once which allows for free objectives like a Baron Nashor to be obtained.

Banning out MadLife’s two biggest tools to save Frost in the worst of times and taking away Sona from him forces MadLife onto other supports and from how the games went, his Nami was really underwhelming and his Alistar couldn’t be nearly as effective as it was back in the group stage match when he brought it out. Note also that in Game 3, because Frost was getting shut down in engagements by Mafa’s precise Sona Crescendos, they were forced to ban Sona instead of higher priority bans like Zed or Zac.

Another thing that I noticed was that KaKAO basically had free reign to go wherever he pleased even though he wasn’t playing Dr. Mundo. Score and Mafa as usual played the 2v2 lane matchups very safe and really only needed KaKAO to be there when Frost tries to push their lane against them. Ryu did incredibly well against RapidStar in the 1v1 lane in all three games and KaKAO only showed up to help him push. All in all, all of this basically allows KaKAO to just come top lane to gank Shy over and over and over again to get inSec absolutely monstrous to nullify Frost’s team captain Shy.

The KT Rolster Bullets played this entire series with incredible discipline and meticulously ensured that there was no comeback for CJ Entus Frost. In the past, the Bullets are known for getting itchy trigger fingers which leads to them making horrendous engagements in the late game which has come back to bite them really hard in the past. However, as they mentioned in their post-game team interview, they scrimmed with MVP Ozone extensively in preparation for the CJ Entus Frost match and for those who don’t know, MVP Ozone is one of the most disciplined teams in that they will make every small step to make sure there is no coming back for their opponents and will not make dangerous engagements in the late game that can lead to big throws.  I would say that this was absolutely crucial in helping the KT Bullets take a rather shocking 3-0 series against CJ Entus Frost.

This series also highlights another one of Frost’s weaknesses: they need a solid mid laner. Ganked By Mom still doesn’t have quite the champion pool to be the starting mid laner and RapidStar still being rather inconsistent in his gameplay and so far he has only brought out Ahri, Twisted Fate, and Gragas but has very little impact in the games.


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