OGN Champions: Semifinals Week Preview – Day 2

Hey everyone and welcome to the second part of the OGN Summer Semifinals preview.

This second match is a big one, a team kill match between Samsung White and Samsung Blue. Every team kill holds the possibly of being extra special. With daily scrims these teams know each other better than anyone and when two of the best teams in Korea are involved there is little doubt it is going to be epic.

This is also of extra importance for White, as a win against Blue would secure their spot for the 2014 World Championships. So without further ado lets check out the teams.


Samsung White


Samsung White has had a pretty dominating year and continued that trend during the summer season. Leaving groups in first, they than faced off against SKT K during the quarterfinals, winning the bout with a convincing 3-1 victory. With a 2nd place finish in winter and a 3rd place finish in summer, the team most assuredly has their eyes set on taking the championship for themselves this time.

After the switch of Pawn over to White following the winter finals, White has continued to show growth and a nearly unparalleled ability to adapt to changes in the game. They are frequently pioneers of new champions, and their ability to thrive in lane swap situations was topped only by their sister-team Blue.

Not only is their team play superb, they are excellent players individually as well, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to outmaneuver them.

Players to watch

Imp – ADC

Even in a team of allstars Imp really stands out. He is constantly aggressive, never afraid to trade blows in lane because his is supremely confidant in his ability to crush every opponent. As a result he is not only a terrifying laner but also throughout every stage of the game, always on the hunt for blood.

KDA – 7.3 (2nd overall ADC), Most played champion – Twitch
Mata – Support

The second half of the most terrifying duo lane in Korea, Mata’s skill and aggression compliment Imp extremely well and are a consistent factor in his ability to carry games. Top that off with an excellent roaming game and superb vision control and we have one of the best support players in the entire world.

KDA – 9.1 (1st overall Support), Most played champion – Braum

Samsung Blue


Just like White, Blue has had a very dominating performance that continues over from their victory in Champions Spring. Finishing 5-1 during groups, including a 2-0 victory over SKT K, they continued their run with a solid 3-0 performance against the Jin Air Stealths.

However not all is peaches and cream for Blue. Despite being a 3-0 their quarterfinal bout showed some incredible weakness in the Blue lineup. The picks and ban strategies were nothing special and their early game was terrible; in fact in all three games Jin Air was able to gain an early gold lead over Blue. As a whole they really just looked lost during the first half of each match.

However, due to falling behind in every game, it was also abundantly clear that Blue has not lost a step as far as macro play and shot calling goes. The decision making of the team looked great and the vision and objective control was spot on, so given time to build they continue to look like a team that could best anyone.

White is not Jin Air though and if Blue has not been able to fix their early game problems they will have a much more difficult time coming back.

Players to watch

 Dade – Mid

The King of Spring was able to reclaim his throne this year, but this time around he will have to prove he can stay relevant in the latter half of the year. Thus far he has done so and he is the man his team will be looking towards to carry the to another Grand Finals. He is going to have to match the roaming strength of White’s bot duo if he hopes to succeed.

KDA – 10.1 (1st overall Mid), Most played champion – Ziggs
Spirit – Jungle

As one of the best Junglers in Korea, the impetus is on Spirit to control the early game and get the individuals of Blue safely to a point where their team play can take over. It will be especially important for him to shut down Imp to prevent him from running circles around Deft. His strong synergy with Dade was a key factor in their victory in the spring and they must reach that level once again if they hope to take down White.

KDA – 5.1 (2nd overall Jungle), Most played champion – Elise


White beats Blue: 3-1

The performance of the two teams in the quarters was like night and day, painting a really bad picture for Blue in these Semis. Although I think Blue will have made good improvements since then, I simply don’t think it will be enough to take down White.

Blue was untouchable when lane swaps were the norm, but with standard lanes once again becoming prominent their dominance has taken a major blow. White on the other hand thrives on standard lanes and are good enough at 2v1s to hold back Blue if need be.

Although I believe White has a clear edge, team kill matches tend to be quite wild and unpredictable and the situation could change in a flash. The only thing that is known for sure is this will definitely be worth a watch.

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I started out playing and watching League around mid season 2 while living in Japan, where I became an avid fan of CLG, as well as the Korean scene as a whole. I am currently ranked Gold 1, playing every position but mainly focusing on Top and Support. Meanwhile, when I’m not too busy playing games I am working towards a Masters degree in Mobile Gaming through Full Sail University.

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