Meet a Team: Samsung Galaxy Ozone Overview and Analysis

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Samsung Galaxy Ozone, formerly known as MVP Ozone and MVP White, took 3rd place during the HOT 6 OGN Champions Summer season and were the winners of the Spring season. Since they culminated enough Circuit Points between the 3 seasons of OGN Champions, Ozone managed to secure a spot in Worlds without having to play in the Korean Qualifiers.


Let’s get started by introducing the players from the team. In the top lane we have Homme, DanDy in the jungle, Dade in the mid lane, Imp as marksmen and Mata on the support role.

Ozone’s top laner has a story of his own, as a teenager Homme dreamt of becoming a professional gamer but disapproved by his parents. After completing his mandatory military service Homme took a second chance at his teenage dream by becoming a professional gamer. At the age of 29, Homme is one of the oldest pro-gamers out there and a part of the one strongest teams in Korea

Moving into the jungle, DanDy is one of the best junglers in Korea. He loves to play aggressive champions like Lee Sin, Elise, and Jarvan to put pressure all over the map. DanDy doesn’t particularly look to gank all the time as his targets aren’t in lane but in the jungle. He studies his opposing junglers meticulously and will look to render them useless through counterganking and counterjungling.

Dade is a versatile mid laner that plays anywhere from AD assassins like Zed to late game carries such as Ryze and Karthus. In the OGN Spring Finals Dade’s Zed crushed Cj Entus Blaze and sweeping the series 3-0. He has an aggressive style laning phase to match with DanDy’s aggressive early game. He is typically a lane bully and always manages to get solo kills in lane. Dade is seens as one of the bigger threats from Ozone.

Now for the duo lane, Imp and Mata are arguable the best pair in the world. Each posses the skill to be considered one of the best of their respective roles. Imp is considered as the best Vayne in the world with his incredible mechanics and Mata is considered to be on Madlife tier of support in mechanics and vision control. When the chips are down Ozone can always count on their bot lane to carry the game. Mirroring MadLife in skill on Thresh, Mata also plays Fiddlesicks and Zyra while imp prefers to play dueling marksmen such as Vayne, Caitlyn and Ezreal.

Level 1:

In this map Ozone heads down mid as a group heading to the bottom side curved brush while Mata splits off from the team and wards the brush behind their red buff. They wait at the brush for Mata to catch up with the team and head into the enemy’s red jungle, warding the brush behind them. In this invade, the ward behind red catches out the entire enemy team and Ozone sends Homme and Imp to scout around mid. DanDy and Dade guard the wraith entrance and Mata ventures into the red jungle and wards the brush at wraith, brush near red and he uses his last green ward next to the golems.



Mata has been going into the enemy’s jungle and warding the near the double golems right outside of tower vision. Imp and Mafa waits around mid for as long as they can to catch a glimpse of which laner is going to which lane from the vision granted by the ward. Then Ozone can adapt and play out their lanes accordingly. During the group stages Ozone often used between 2-3 wards at level 1 but now they are improving their vision control in the early game by using 4-5 wards earlier to ensure they get the lanes that they want.

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Now let’s talk about Ozone’s compositions and play style. Ozone can play various amount of compositions but they most favor compositions that involve lategame scaling champions. In the past, Ozone has played champions like Karthus and Ryze exclusively for Dade and Vayne for Imp if it’s not banned. Their mechanics are so sound that they always get to the late game and outscale their opponents in lane. Homme prefers tankier champion like Shen and Zac, and in the group stages of OGN Summer Homme played exclusively Yorick to synergize with the late game carries even more. As Imp and Mata are one of the best duos in Korea, they can even dominate lanes that might otherwise be classified as “counter-picks” against them. Mata always brings heavy crowd control supports like Thresh, Zyra and Fiddlesticks to create picks and protect Imp during team fights.The way Ozone ensures their survivability in the early game is by having DanDy on aggressive junglers like Lee Sin and Elise. DanDy can always predict where the enemy jungler is and makes plays with his counter ganks. During team fights Homme and or DanDy will be the initiator along with the crowd control from Mata and as much disruption as possible while Imp and Dade skirts around the enemies and killing them one by one.

As of late, Ozone has been favoring double AD compositions with Ezreal mid and Imp on Caitlyn. Along with Homme on top lane Nasus, Mata on Thresh and DanDy on Jarvan. With this composition Ozone is able to siege towers and take down objectives at an alarming rate. With Jarvan, Ozone still has the early game pressure from DanDy and team fight capabilities with Cataclysm and The Box from Thresh while Nasus runs wild into the enemy teams and chases down their carry out of  teamfights.

Samsung Galaxy Ozone is seen as one of the strongest teams in Korea and they definitely have the results to back it up. Their consistent performance since the OGN Spring playoffs has earned the respect from teams all around the world. Ozone is not just another team they are a family, they trusted each other through the worst of times and made it to the end as the Spring winners. Now they are ready to take on the rest of the world in the Season 3 World Championships. Credits to Ongamenet for video footage.

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