Meet a Team: Overview and Analysis of China’s OMG

This article is intended to be a companion to the above YouTube video and highlights key points made, rather than being a standalone article.

OMG, the dark horse of China, has only become increasingly stronger as the spring season concluded with their 1st place finish in the Chinese LPL Spring Playoffs. They continued their domination in the StarsWar 8 tournament and the Chinese LPL Summer season, ending with their current 13-2 record in a commanding 1st place position and dominance of the Chinese League of Legends scene.

In the spring season of LPL team OMG created a devastating composition called the “Freight Train”  to defeat the dominate team in China at the time, World Elite. During the WE era, all of the chinese teams focused so much on creating a meta around beating them instead of being aware of other metas around the world. This resulted in the 0-2 lost against OGN Champions in the Shanghai All-Stars event due to the fact that Korean meta was superior. The crushing defeat at All-Stars served as a wake up call for OMG’s manager, Manson, who has dedicated his time to study the Korean meta. This was the birth of the new Team OMG.

Who are the members of OMG?

[Left to Right: Cool (mid), San (ADC), Gogoing (top), Bigpomelo (support), LoveLin (jungle)]

In the duo lane, we have San and Bigpomelo. This duo lane seeks to play aggressively and often pushes towers quickly. Although they are not known to be as strong or as consistent in comparison to other Chinese teams’ bot lanes, this aggressive duo is a crucial part of OMG’s Freight Train strategy – revolving around setting up picks with the support’s CC and the AD carry’s burst that means better skirmishing and teamfighting that can lead to easier objectives.

Bigpomelo’s support pool includes Nami, Sona, Thresh, and Blitzcrank.

San’s pool of ADCs include Varus, Graves, Vayne, Caitlyn, Twitch, and Ezreal.

In the jungle, we have LoveLin. LoveLin is another crucial part of OMG’s Freight Train composition and he typically selects junglers who can easily snowball early leads and create picks in the mid game. He often draws a lot of bans from OMG’s opponents due to his influential plays. His top jungle picks include Lee Sin, Elise, Nautilus, Nunu, Jarvan IV, and even jungle Yorick.

Cool is the mid laner for OMG. Cool was the star MVP of Chinese LPL Spring and he favors mid lane champions who can either set up picks for his teammates or follow up picks with insanely high burst damage to secure kills with the ADC. Much like World Elite’s Misaya, he has drawn many Twisted Fate bans from his opponents and his Zed is greatly feared. Other strong champions of his include Ahri, Diana, Jayce, Kha’zix, Karthus, and occasionally Nami, Pantheon, and Syndra.

And finally in the top lane, we have OMG’s team captain, Gogoing. He is known to be one of the best Chinese Rumble players, rivaling iG PDD’s Rumble. Other than LoveLin, Gogoing also draws many bans from OMG’s opponents because he seems to consistently make a huge impact in the game. Gogoing has shown very strong performances on Renekton, Zac, Elise, Ryze, Malphite, and Lissandra.

OMG’s Level 1 Strategies

OMG is one of the most aggressive teams at level 1 in the LPL. Between week 1 – 4, they have invaded in more than 60% of their games. They are looking to fight and they never back down from a level 1 5v5. Their level 1 strategies have never put them in a disadvantage, making them a true terror against their opponents.

Blue side

OMG’s  blue side level 1 is typically standard compared to the other teams but with their own twist.  Instead of deep invades, they set up a line of scrimmage with each player covering an entrance into their jungle. The most typical blue side level 1 is having the Top laner scouting the river top brush, the mid laner at mid lane, jungle at the entrance to wraith camp, and the adc scouting the tri brush at bottom, while the supports wards the brushes around mid lane.


OMG does their level 1 a bit differently from other top teams; they like use Nami or Blizcrank to create aggressive level 1 plays.  OMG tends to hide in the topside brush at mid and ward over the ledge while using their crowd control on them over the ledge and secures first blood.

ss (2013-08-20 at 01.09.07)

In this screenshot you can see OMG creates a level 1 pick with mid Pantheon and Blitzcranking, resulting in first blood.

Red side

When OMG is on the red side, they have a record of invading nearly every game. Between week 1- 4, they invaded 4 out of 5 games from the red side. OMG aggressively looks for fights and deep wards. In 2 of those 5 games, OMG were able to pick up at least 1 kill. Their aggressiveness on the red side has gotten them vision advantages and early leads throughout their games.


OMG aggressively forces themselves into the enemy’s side of the map to ward deep in their jungle and try to pick someone off. In a few of the invades, OMG deep wards the enemy bottom side jungle then invades the enemy blue, looking for a level 5v5 fight.

Note: When faced with an Evelynn, OMG started with 0 green wards at level one; only pink wards.


OMG has ran many Korean-style strategies with some of their own various focuses, such as fast tower-pushing compositions and massive AOE teamfighting comps. However, their signature team composition, the “Freight Train,” originally consisted of Hecarim, Thresh, and Graves. This comp is designed to create picks on over-extended enemy laners who tend to go for a wave of minions without proper vision to keep them safe.

OMG are also masters of mind games and are known to psych out other teams in the mid/late game with strong Baron control, similar to that of the KT Rolster Bullets. Their teamfight coordination has gotten increasingly better as they have grown together as a team, which only spells more death for their opponents.

We can see a perfect example of this in the final teamfight of this game:

This is Game 3 between World Elite and OMG in the LPL spring semifinals. World Elite position themselves for a baron and OMG responds by pushing mid lane hard, which forces World Elite to start recalling to defend the base. OMG then immediately moves towards Baron. WE CaoMei saw that OMG was moving towards Baron and stopped his recall, but the rest of his team had already left. OMG starts Baron and CaoMei tries to stop them to buy time for his teammates, but it was too late and World Elite dives into the Baron pit only to secure their defeat as OMG takes them down one by one and proceeds to destroy their base.

OMG is currently dominating the LPL with their Korean compositions and playstyle. They are looking to be a real threat at Worlds – be sure to look out for this all-around consistently aggressive and reliably performing team!

Thanks for checking this article out. Remember, this is a companion to our featured YouTube video on OMG above and is not intended for standalone consumption. The video goes more in depth on OMG’s tactics and playstyle.

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