Meet a Team: GamingGear.eu Overview and Analysis

Representing the country of Lithuania, team GamingGear.eu took first place at the Regional CIS Championships at Moscow to qualify for a spot for Riot’s International Wildcard Tournament for a chance to compete in the Season 3 World Championships. GG.eu dominated the Wildcard tournament by taking first place and only dropping 1 game to PaiN Gaming, who were the favorites to win.

Meet the Players

GGEU - Team

So shall we get acquainted with the players from GamingGear EU? In the top lane, we have Nbs, Alunir [Aloo-neer] as the jungler, Mazzerin as the mid laner, DeadlyBrother as our marksmen, and finally last but not least Inspirro on Support.

In the top lane, Nbs shows the capacity to carry hard on his own as evident from his Tryndamere game against Immunity in the round robin stage of the International Wildcard qualifiers. During laning phase, he’s particularly aggressive and looking always to trade to deny cs or outright kill his opponents but that isn’t to say he plays recklessly. Instead of overextending in lane, Nbs would rather bait out junglers to stay and waste time as Alunir comes in for a counter-gank and the 2v2 trade typically results in a win for GamingGear.

Aside from his Tryndamere pick, Nbs’s champion pool consists of Renekton, Zac, Shen and Kennen. From the games played at Gamescom, we haven’t observed any unusual “pocket picks” from Nbs but he ma y pull out Elise in the future since she was one of the champions used in their regional CIS championship round at EU LCS Moscow.

Moving onto the jungle, GamingGear’s Alunir functions as GamingGear’s focal point for early aggression. Instead of passively farming his own jungle, Alunir is one of Europe’s more aggressive junglers similar to Diamondprox in style. If he picks Lee Sin, look for Alunir to live in the enemy’s jungle and make it his own. In their first game against Immunity in the Semifinals, Immunity’s jungler was rendered useless since Alunir denied him buff and jungle camps at every opportunity.

When it comes to helping his fellow laners, Alunir prefers to match counterganks rather than actively ganking since he naturally has the edge in a 2v2 considering he typically outpaces enemy junglers. Aside from Lee Sin, Alunir looks to most commonly play Jarvan with a rare Evelynn pick from time to time.

In the middle lane, we have Mazzerin who is the backbone of the team. If Alunir carries through the early game, then Mazzerin is the primary factor in the lategame. Known for his Orianna play, Mazzerin often tends to pick lategame scaling champions and thus has a relatively passive laning phase. However, if enemy laners do make critical mistakes, Mazzerin will punish, engage, and typically come on on top of any trade.

Once the midgame hits, Mazzerin roams with Alunir hoping to create an advantage for their team and looks to head to their duo lane for 4v4 engagements. During teamfights, Mazzerin rarely has positioning mistakes and often looks to eliminate carries in burst combos ala Orianna’s Shockwave-Dissonance or Gragas Explosive Cask burst. Aside from Orianna and Gragas, opponents should be wary of his pocket Fizz pick.

And finally in the bot lane we have the duo of DeadlyBrother and Inspirro. Similar to personality in OGN’s KT Rolster Bullets Score and Mafa, this duo plays a rather passive lane. Instead of looking for first bloods or to create plays on their own, the two would rather have a farm lane and only look to engage in skirmishes if Alunir arrives for a gank.

Although they usually lose their tower first in a 2v2 lane, DeadlyBrother manages to acquire a decent amount of farm and can contribute to teamfights since he often never has lapses in judgement concerning target selection and positioning. Although their most played lane was Sona and Twitch, look for additional carry picks such as Ashe and Quinn and accompanying supports like Thresh and Zyra.

General Compositions and Strategy

So now we’ll be taking a look at how GamingGear’s champions interact with each other to create their preferred style of play. Their typical champion composition consists of Renekton, Jarvan, Orianna, Twitch, and Sona. Right off the bat with the inclusion of Orianna, it’s easy to understand that this is a team not centered around making picks around the map or split-pushing to create global map pressure but rather to pile in and engage 5v5 teamfights. What typically happens is that Jarvan will go ahead and use an E-Q combo and trap a carry in his Cataclysm with Orianna’s ball attached to him. If he happens to hit anymore than 2 champions, Orianna will cast Shockwave for massive AOE damage. Renekton will Slice and Dice his way through the enemy frontline acting as a damage sponge and sticking to the enemy marksmen and either killing them or forcing them out of teamfights. In the backlines, Renekton and Jarvan both provides aoe armor shred which synergies with Twitch’s Spray and Pray. 26% armor reduction from Renekton’s empowered Slice and Dice paired up with Jarvan’s 35% armor reduction from Dragon Strike allows Twitch to melt an entire team in seconds. Twitch can abuse his long range to Spray and Pray from a distance while Sona can either to use Crescendo to provide additional lockup in the middle lines or to peel off champions to attempt to dive Twitch.

Most of GamingGear’s games included this style of 5v5 full on engagements but one Round Robin game against Immunity offered some variation in playstyle. In this game, Nbs chose Tryndamere for the purpose of abusing his superior splitpushing power. After an initial rough 6 levels against Lissandra, Tryndamere was able to dirty farm past tower and against a mana-intensive champion, he was able to easily take down top tower and even secure kills against Lissandra. Meanwhile around the map, Mazzerin used Gragas to create picks utilizing Explosive Cask and Lee Sin’s high mobility to lockdown kills so that if Immunity attempted to retaliate, they’d be facing 4v4s with a literal fed Gragas on GamingGear’s side.

Level 1

During the 8 games Gaming Gear EU played in the International Wildcard Tournament they only invaded at level 1 twice. One of the times being a reactionary invade from seeing the enemy team passing the ward at midlane into their jungle. From their performance at level 1, GG.EU seems to be one of the most passive defensive teams at level 1. When they are on the red side they had 0% invade rate at level 1 throughout the weekend.

In game 2 versus Team Immunity GG.EU excuted their first pre-meditated level 1 invade. ggeulevel1maps

GG.EU split up into 3 groups at level 1, with the duo bot lane and jungle going through the top lane, the mid laner taking the route through their blue side jungle and the support going to mid and warding the usual spot. The support catches up and meets with the mid laner heading to the top lane tri brush to group with rest of the team. Then the invades continues with the bot lane duo taking the route to ward red, the rest of the team walks behind the red buff and groups up with the duo at at the brush by wraith.

The Bottom Line

Currently GG.EU is in Group A of the World Championships along with Team SoloMid, OMG, Lemondogs and SK Telecom T1. It’ll be a battle royale to escape this group with current OGN Champions Summer winners at the head of the pack. But if GamingGear.eu can stick to their guns and get a composition that they’re familiar with in the drafting stage, they’ll be sure to turn heads with their early jungle pressure and great teamfighting post level 6. Be sure to catch the opening match between these International Wildcard winners against NA’s second place team TSM this Sunday September 15 at 12:00 PM PST.

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