Interview With LMQ TC iBuypower

Would you like to introduce yourselves for people who are unfamiliar with LMQ TC IBuypower?

Hi I’m Ackerman, the Top laner for LMQ and formerly know as Godlike.

Hi I’m Noname, the Jungler for LMQ.

Hi I’m Xiaoweixiao, the Mid for LMQ.

Hi I’m Vasilii, the ADC for LMQ and formerly know as SWXG.

Hi I’m Mor, the Support for LMQ.

Why did the team migrate to North America?

The North American scene is more competitive than China’s.

While here in North America, what culture shock has the team experienced, if any?

Language is the biggest problem, other then that, not really because they just stay at gaming house all day.

What are some differences in infrastructure of organizations in America compared to China? What are some of the benefits competing here rather than back in China?

As far as we know, the infrastructure of organizations here are more professional when compared to China. They have a more detailed division of work and most importantly, North American LoL Pro teams operate their business model very well.

What are some of the steps that are being taken to help the players adapt to America? Have any of these been implemented yet?

We interact with our fans a lot. We took the team to shopping a couple of time and while we are looking for a English tutor, our two managers, Sharon and Alex are helping them their English.

Could you walk us the average day in the life of an LMQ player?

We require all the team members wake up at 10am every morning , and we have scrims from 2pm to 9 pm for scrims and around 2am for solo queue.

LMQ is considered the best NA Challenger team, and is predicted to make into the LCS. If you had to choose a single LCS team to face in relegation; which team would you favor, and why?

I would like to face the team that has the most fans here! LOMO. And because we would have more people watching us and hopefully would get them to like us also!

Did the team expect to have great success the North American Challenger Scene?

Yes, and it’s just the very beginning.

LMQ has an impressive champion pool for every single player, while most challenger teams have about 3 to 5 champions that each player specializes in. What is the philosophy of having a wide champion pool (playing many champions) as opposed to having a concentrated champion pool with a strong mastery of those champions?

LoL is a team-work game, if every player has a deeper champion pool, it would be much easier to have counter picks or more competitive champions combinations in a real match.

Why are Asian teams, in particular Chinese teams, “vastly superior” than Western teams?

We don’t think North America is weak, one of the reasons that we are here is because we want to learn from the pro teams.

Many of the North American LCS teams draw inspiration from Korea’s OGN, while teams like Cloud 9 take aspects from the Southeast Asian GPL and Chinese LPL. Are there any other regions that LMQ actively follows for strategy?

We follow almost every major LoL tournament and try to learn things that could make improve us. 

What are the top three North American teams, in the team’s opinion?

TSM, C9, and CLG.

If you had to pick a single North American team to practice against until LCS Summer Promotion tournament, which team would you choose and why?

Whoever has the most potential in winning the LCS spring Championship.

Many people believe that having an international team coming to compete in NA adds competition and helps better all the teams involved.  What are your thoughts on this?  What do you think LMQ brings to North America?

Rather to say what we can bring to North American scene, we’d like to say it’s a win-win situation here. We can learn a lot from North American teams, and North American teams could also pick up something that may be useful for themselves, but if you have to ask what LMQ brings to North America, I’d say it’s a spirit called LMQ.

If all the players in North America were free agents,including a coach, what players could come together and form an unstoppable team?

Every player here is good.

One of the big differences between non-LCS teams and LCS teams is the exclusivity to LCS and to not participate in other tournaments (NACL, EPS, and other non-Riot sanctioned tournaments). Do you enjoy playing in several tournament games throughout the week, or would you prefer the structured 2 games per week against teams known well in advance?

We don’t care how much the reward of the tournament is, or how famous the tournament is, all we care about is what we can learn to improve us before we get into LCS!

What are some of the team’s goals while here in North America?

Top three in LCS and making it to Season four finals.

So, CLG’S Doublelift made a statement saying that Vasilii is one of the best ADC players in North America. What exactly makes him a good player and how well do him and Mor synergize?

Vasilii and Mor have been together a long time, so they perform pretty well together.

How does the team think they will fair if they make it into the LCS and thoughts on Coke League so Far?

Not much to say about this question…Coke league is good.

Lets say the team doesn’t make it into LCS for some weird reason, what does LMQ do next?

Go back to China. We will try again next year. (Editor’s note: The answer has been changed at the request of LMQ)

Question’s for players:

Question for XiaoweiXiao, how do you farm like a beast?

No reasons…

Question for Ackerman, when playing on Royal, what did you learn from worlds?

SKT T1 is insane….

Question for Vasilii and Mor, what is arguably the best botlane in North America excluding yourselves?

CLG’s bot lane.

Question for Noname, what’s up with the name?


Good luck in future matches and thanks a lot for this interview. Any shoutouts to fans, sponsors, and others you would like to give?

Hi, we are team LMQ and we have a dream here in North America! Thanks for all the fans and sponsors, iBUYPOWER and LOLclass. We are going to try our best to win every match for you guys! #LOMO


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