KillSteal.Net 5v5 League of Legends Double Draft Tournament

simultaneous  Bronze/Silver and Gold+ tournaments with over $1300 in prizes.

October 19,2013 – KillSteal Gaming announces their 5v5 Draft Tournament scheduled for Ocotber 19, 2013 12pm noon PST – 11pm PST. The tournament is sponsored by OpenBucks® , who power the “Pay with Cash and Gift Cards” payment option in League of Legends. With additional prizes from Riot including Riot Points and the Triumphant Ryze skin, awarded to the first place teams. Other prizes supplied from the community at KillSteal.Net.

The KSG tournament will include two brackets based on the players ranked solo queue. The two tournaments will be split into Bronze/Silver and Gold+.  divisions and the other bracket for Gold and up divisions based on your highest soloque rank.

The tournament is a team based draft, meaning, you can enter as an individual and be placed into a group through average of rank. The event will take place on Summoner’s Rift in custom games played on a 5v5 team match in League of Legends. In order to join the tournament you must sign up through,http://www.KillSteal.net/tournament. On the day of the tournament, you must join TeamSpeak to confirm your presence for the tournament and all individuals will be placed into their brackets and teams on the day of the tournament.

Players interested in joining this tournament can register for the 5v5 KSG draft at:


For more information about KillSteal Gaming

KillSteal official Web site:http://www.killsteal.net

Tournament information: http://www.killsteal.net/tournament

Teamspeak 3 information: ts.killsteal.net:1337

About KillSteal Gaming

Created in April 2013, currently KillSteal Gaming is one of the most active gaming communities on League of Legends. They also offer coaching, teamspeak support for ranked teams, featured streamers and daily tournaments. Killsteal Gaming heavily incorporates the ideals of teamwork and sportsmanship.


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