July 5th – 7th Sale Story By OneManArmy77

You lazily flip through the channels, looking for some entertainment. After seeing commercial after commercial and memorizing countless jingles, you remember hearing about a new movie premier. Though loathe to watch a normally brain dead channel, you decide to chance it, as the advertisements are getting on your nerves. Surprisingly, you find yourself glued to the TV as the program gets into a groove

Hello all you folks out there in TV land, Sorceress Lux here in front of the Valoran Grand Cinema, where we are at the premier of the new movie, League Admissions. For those of you who have been living under a rock, League Admission is about a pretty councilor who is in charge of letting new champs into the League of Legends. She meets an old “friend”, who tries to use their relationship to help get his son into the league. Critiques have been raving about it for some time now, and it’s time to put the hype to the test! If you weren’t lucky enough to shell out the 260 RP to be here tonight, you can count on me for you coverage tonight!

Oh, the starts are already coming out, and I’m not talking about the night sky. The male lead, Winged Hussar Xin Zhao  makes his appearance on the red carpet. Even with his heavy armor, the ladies swoon over his muscular body. His big stature and handsome smile leaves me breathless. Everyone is looking forward to seeing this star really preform tonight, and his with his strength, I’m inclined to believe that he wont disappoint. If you payed the high fees and bribed the guard 487 RP, you could meet him backstage before he takes his seat in the crowd.

Following him is the female lead, Wicked Leblanc. Smiling a devilish grin that could ruin a thousand men, she acts like she owns the carpet. Although the ladies come to see Xin Zhao, the critiques have been talking nonstop about our actress here. They say, her impeccable acting makes the character come alive, and her emotional toil really comes through. Such high praise for an actress so young! Oh what’s this? It seems some of the paparazzi got through the security onto the red carpet! Oh, with a graceful dash, she completely jukes the paparazzi, leaving security to clean up the silly mess. Her moves leave me in awe, and I can’t wait to see her on the big screen. For 375RP, she could leave you breathless in the movie, which will come to a theater near you.

Ah, some of the other big stars from other films are here to attend the big premier. Nautilus may not be wearing his space suit, but the star of the hit film Iron Titan 3 is a cant miss. His dashing good looks are hidden by his mysterious helmet. His large metal suit is looking as polished as ever, and could dazzle you faster than Taric. Even his slow gait is graceful, making one think that he is almost swimming through the air. They say his agent is a real stick in the mud, and wont anyone see him for less than 487 RP.

Behind Nautilus’s massive frame, hides his co-star, Veigar. Playing the villain in Iron Titan 3, he was a crazy Neurologist who tried to make super champions with powers like Brand. Though he looks small, they say he packs a real punch. The producers said they picked him for the job because of his ability to really embody the character and focus in on the moment. With a great performance in his screening, it is only a matter of time before he returns to the big screen for another blockbuster hit. For now though, you could spend some time in his company for a paltry sum of 292 RP.

Oh, who is this with dashing looks and decorative armor? Who but Jarvan IV, star of the hit sensation, A Good Day to Die Hard. In it, Jarvan plays the dashing male protagonist who always has the deck stacked against him, but always manages to come out on top. Jarvan’s rugged good looks and dashing body makes any film he stars in a must see. Even though this star shines bright, he  doesn’t want to attract too much attention to himself. You can meet this fine gent in person after the showing for a small price of 440 RP. They say he donates the money to charity, to help the poor children of Valoran.

Well that’s all for today folks! The movie is comming to a theater near you starting June 5th and having it’s final run in theaters June 7th, so see it while you can!

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I am a pretty big video game fan. I got my start with Pokemon and Zelda, but also ended up transitioning to Call of Duty and, eventually, League of Legends. I am currently unranked due mainly to ladder anxiety, however I like to think that my knowledge is a little better than my game ability. I got started writing on the League subreddit writing sale stories, and now put my effort into writing a mixture of articles and my novel, A Fable of Legends. My good friend and partner Kirry, who is known for her Diana comic, helps me to illustrate and direct the flow of the story.

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