July 16-19 Sale by OMA

            You slowly wake up, scratching your eyes. As you do, you drag a load of sand into them as well, causing you to gag. Upon sitting up straight, you realize that the ship you had been apart of has been wreaked and the contents strewed about the beach. You start to get to your feet, when a voice says, “you might want to sit back down.” You feel the cold touch of steel on your neck and promptly lower yourself back into the sand.

            Much better. You are lucky I spared you, dumb summoner, for I yet have uses for you. I am Bilgewater Katarina, and your ship, the sailors, and its contents are all mine. Your ship becoming wreaked here is no coincidence, and was all part of a plan to retrieve some of the cargo we needed. Unbeknownst to you, your ship was secretly carrying a summoning platform that I can use to get more allies. Once upon a time, people would summon me like cattle, but never more. After I’m done, I will be free to terrorize the seas like no other. Who knows: you maybe lucky enough to hire me some day again for 487 RP.

My right hand man, Dark Crystal Ryze, shall provide the backup and support I need to ensure I can take down anyone. His black magic drawn from the crystal on his back ensures that I can destroy ships with ease. A rune prison here, a couple more spells there and the ship goes crashing into the reef, where we can piece them apart. After me, he gets the next biggest share of the pie. His spells are invaluable to my arsenal of attacks, and for 487 RP, he was a steal to hire.

Next in line is my good friend, Forsaken Olaf. After shedding his ties to Freljord, he wandered around Valoran, looking for something to do. I found him stranded on an island, and he promptly challenged my men to a fight. After thoroughly besting all of them in a brawl, I decided I needed to hire him. For a pittance of 260 RP, he has become my best soldier, and is a presence to be feared when we board ships. His berserker rage has become a thing of legend, and under my leadership, he will be put to good use.

I see some of your companions have put up a good fight. Fiora did a decent job fighting, but we will be ransoming her back to Demacia. Her skill with a blade was strong and her wits good, she was still not enough to subdue Olaf and his mighty axe. In the meantime, she will be shackled and put into a prison cell while we wait to hear back. I expect at least 487 RP for a gal like her.

I found another “friend” of yours crawled up in the rafters, trying to hide from us. At least your other friend Fiora had the guts to fight us head on. Ezreal seems like he will ransom well to his good “friend” Taric. Normally I wouldn’t expect to get much for a wimp like him, but it seems there is yet a market for him. I will ransom him off for 440 RP, no less.

It seems your canine companion has deserted you and asked to join my side. Nasus will prove to be a valuable companion, and his skills will be put to good use. With his wither ability, one might say he will pursue my enemies with dogged determination. Anyway, a small cut of the rewards, a lump sum of 292 RP, will be enough to satisfy him for now.

My conquest of the seas begins soon. From July 16th to July 19th, you can purchase our services while we prepare for nautical domination.

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I am a pretty big video game fan. I got my start with Pokemon and Zelda, but also ended up transitioning to Call of Duty and, eventually, League of Legends. I am currently unranked due mainly to ladder anxiety, however I like to think that my knowledge is a little better than my game ability. I got started writing on the League subreddit writing sale stories, and now put my effort into writing a mixture of articles and my novel, A Fable of Legends. My good friend and partner Kirry, who is known for her Diana comic, helps me to illustrate and direct the flow of the story.

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