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Welcome to Cloth5.com!

After over 3 years of combined experience working with eSports content creation and management, Cloth5 was started as an ambitious project by DiffTheEnder and cGuy to become the leader in League of Legends articles and news coverage in July 2013. We are focused on bringing you accurate and up-to-date information on all League of Legends happenings, as well as professional opinions on League of Legends gameplay authored by top players from around the world.

Staffed by professional content creators and semi-professional League of Legends players, we strive to deliver the latest in blogs, theorycrafting, metagame discussion, news, eSports, and more!

Cloth5′s launch team includes:

DiffTheEnder: Co-founder of Cloth5 and one of the most prominent mathcrafters in League of Legends. He is notable for several analyses comparing the power level of items, as well as his rainbow graphs. Prior to founding Cloth5, DiffTheEnder worked as the operations manager at Reign of Gaming and led the theorycrafting team A DIFFerent View. He maintains a Twitter account.

Foxdrop: Since launching his YouTube channel in late 2012, Foxdrop has quickly become one of the most trusted names in jungling with over 40,000 subscribers. Foxdrop plays at the Diamond I level on the Europe West server and will be maintaining a jungle tier list on the site in addition to articles on jungling. He also has a Facebook fan page and Twitter account.

YaSloom: Yasloom plays Twisted Treeline on the #1 Challenger team in Europe West and will be maintaining his 3v3 tier list at Cloth5, in addition to editorials on the Twisted Treeline metagame. He has a Facebook.

Chickenmoo: Best known for his blog Climbing Mt. Elo, Chickenmoo made his name as the very first League of Legends blogger to achieve public recognition in 2010. He returns to the blogging scene with Cloth5 to share the League of Legends wisdom he has accumulated over the years.

TrampolineTales: For over a year, TrampolineTales has been a YouTube video creator with over 35,000 subscribers. His theorycrafting series, LoL Math, specializing in showing numerical advantages between item, rune, and champion builds. He also maintains a Facebook page and Twitter account.

BiIliam: BiIliam is an emerging leader in frontier of theorycrafting and now is here at Cloth5 to tell everyone the tricks nobody realized existed.

Bluenosereindeer: After hitting Platinum II  maining support champions, bluenosereindeer has dedicated his time to helping other players succeed. You can check his old posts out on his Facebook page.

I Barricade I: After peaking at #1 in both 3v3 and 5v5 arranged teams in Season 1 and 2, I Barricade I comes to Cloth5 to help players unfortunate enough to be stuck in Elo Hell. He is currently a Diamond I player.

Gbay99: After hitting 2050 Elo in Season 2, Gbay99 started a YouTube channel which now has over 105,000 subscribers. Gbay tends to teach others how to become better players, talks about eSports, and teaches people about all sorts of topics. When he’s not making videos he can be found on his Facebook and Twitter.

Acerunner: Already well known for his moderation at the Reign of Gaming forums, Acerunner comes to Cloth5 as a Platinum mid main to teach us on how to climb out of Elo Hell.

Blind7Sin: Blind7Sin is a Diamond AD Carry main who will be showing the Cloth5 readers how to dominate the bottom lane.

King Wappa Chang: Wappa Chang is the jungler for the Challenger team Gold Gaming Los Angeles (ggLA) on the NA server. He has a Twitter and Facebook.

Umashi: Umashi joins Cloth5 as a well known and respected theorycrafter. He is also the top laner for Gold Gaming Los Angeles (ggLA). When he isn’t trying to qualify for the LCS, you can find Umashi on his Twitter account.

Danderlyon: Danderlyon is the artistic visionary for Cloth5. She helps the writers improve the look and feel of their articles and her portfolio can be found on her Tumblr.

TI Ugu: Brian ugu is a Diamond Support main that has worked for countless hours towards understanding the game at a higher level, Now he is wanting to share his knowledge and expertise!


If you are interested in contributing in any way for Cloth5, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you!

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