Interview with CJ Entus Frost Madlife

Please introduce yourself

Hello everyone. I am CJ Entus Frost’s support player, Hong Min-gi ‘MadLife’.

The first question is something a lot of fans are curious about. How did you come up with the name ‘MadLife’?

That IGN doesn’t really have that much meaning. Usually when I come up with IGNs I think about it a lot. When I started playing LoL, I really wanted to use a Korean IGN. So I was really pondering over what name to pick. Then, just really simply, I put ‘mad’ and ‘life’ together without any real thought.

Besides League of Legends, what are your favorite activities?

Usually, I like playing other games. However, I’m afraid that playing other games will interfere with my instincts in LoL, so I restrain myself. I only play other games on the weekends or when we receive time off.

It seems you are one of the most popular pro players in the world. Why do you think your fans love you so much?

If I try to think about it from a fan’s perspective, I think its because I always make a lot of flashy or clutch plays. I don’t really know the exact reason for it, though. I’m grateful for male and female fans alike.

All across the world, League of Legends fans call you ‘Godlife.’ How do you feel about that?

I have to say that it is a very generous nickname. There are many supports who are better than me. Being given such a unique and reverent nickname is a little burdensome.

Then, we have to talk about how you’re so good at landing your skill shots. How do you still land Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab when the enemy champion uses Flash or a skill like Ezreal’s Arcane Shift?

Ever since I first started playing LoL, I really focused on and practiced hitting skill shots like Blitzcrank’s grab. As I kept making plays like that, I realized how game-changing those plays could be. So I practiced it repeatedly.

Nowadays, the mechanics of all the pro players have improved, right?

Thinking about it in that sense, I ask myself which direction the typical player would never go when trying to dodge a grab. In that way, I practiced a lot. In soloqueue, I made a lot of mistakes but still developed my skills. I learned from the mistakes I made in practice, though, which is why I believe I was able to make such good plays in tournaments.

In the three most recent seasons of OGN Champions, you’ve had the opportunity to play with three different partners in the duo lane. Out of the three, who do you think you had the best synergy with? Woong, Hermes, or Space?

I would have to say Locodoco, who is the first ADC I played support for. He was someone who really influenced me when I started playing. His playstyle helped me develop my own aggressive support playstyle. After that, I would say Woong. He was a completely opposite type of ADC. I had to throw away a lot of my aggressive tendencies, and we always had some differences. However, once I had finally adapted and developed a good synergy with him, our roster changed and I had to play with Hermes. Hermes had an issue with nerves before tournament games. As we tried to adjust for each other, neither of us really improved. Then came Space. He is also a very aggressive type of player. I think he fits very well with my original aggressive style of support.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your synergy with Space?

If the level we started at was a 1, then now we’re at about a 7 or 8.

Who is the best bot lane in the world? You can pick your own duo, too.

First of all, MVP Ozone’s bot duo is very strong. Then, although I’ve never faced them myself, SKT T1’s bot duo is quite powerful in certain aspects. After that, it would have to be us. We’re third.

At the All-Star’s tournament, you faced off against Doublelift and Xpecial. What did you think about that experience?

This season, we didn’t have many opportunities to play against foreign teams, right? The All-Star matches were the first in a while where we played in an international setting. That’s when I sensed that the Korean meta was quite a bit different. We tend to go for champions who are strong in late game team fights. However, we managed to stay strong during the early game as well. Since we were able to keep such good control during the early game, there wasn’t an opportunity or reason to have a proper late game team fight. I think we did quite well in that respect.

From NA, EU and China, who do you think is the most aggressive or skilled support player?

Gosu Pepper, who is called Edward now, is really a great support. He uses his brain well. Pertaining to mechanics, there is a player from China called FZZF. Then of course, I also think MiSTakE is very strong. Those three are top supports, right now.

With the changes to Oracle’s Elixir in Patch 3.9, you can die but still keep the effects of the item. Does that affect when support players should usually look towards buying an Oracle’s?

Well, on a general level, it’s best to destroy the enemy’s bottom lane turret and then buy an Oracle’s. The reason for that is that once you destroy the bottom outer turret, you can leave the ADC to push and go roaming. The enemy’s top and mid lanes will be pressured then, too, and one Oracle’s can really snowball an early game advantage.

Warding is an essential part of League of Legends. Could you give a few tips on where to ward? What are the most important locations?

The most important place of all to ward is in front of Baron, then Dragon, and then the ganking routes to lane. If you just ward those places, it’s a big help to your team.

Do you keep track of all the ward timers?

No matter what lane or position you are in, you have to keep track of the enemy’s ward timers. After that, I think about whether that ward dying could give my team a big advantage and choose which ones to keep track of. Wards around potential team fight areas are always important to take care of, too.

What is the most important factor in a bot lane duo’s success?

Of course, your mechanics in game and everything are significant factors. However, you have to develop a good friendship so that you can have confidence in and trust your partner. What support champion do you enjoy playing the most? Nowadays, Janna is my favorite. Janna isn’t a champion that is used much in the current scene. However, I think Janna will end up being perceived as an OP champion. In addition, she’s a champion I have played often before and have confidence in.

Have you ever wanted to play a particular support even though your team wouldn’t let you?

Fiddlesticks. I play against Fiddlesticks a lot. However, after Lulu, my teammates hate Fiddlesticks the most.

Say that you could not play with Space anymore. Out of all the ADCs in the world, who would you most want to duo with?

I would want to play with Weixiao.

Hypothetically, if you were at worlds, what team would you most not want to face?

I definitely wouldn’t want to face the other Korean teams who made it to worlds. We know each other’s strategies very well, that’s why.

Then, last question. If you could turn into a champion in real life, which would you choose?


Do you have any final words for your fans?

Please keep cheering for CJ Entus Frost. We’ll keep on showing good plays, so please support us. Thank you.


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