“I take Cleanse because Captain Jack uses Cleanse so well” – SKT T1 Piglet Interview

Let’s start off with you introducing yourself.

Hi everyone. I’m SKT T1’s marksman, “Piglet” Chae Gwang-jin.

Getting right into the questions… this season, your KDA is incredible. Do you have a secret strategy or something?

Well my “secret strategy” is really just to practice a lot. And also once you get scolded a lot by your team members and coach…you learn to keep your confidence up and fight well.

So that’s why your KDA is so high?

However, my KDA is only so high because we won a lot. If we had lost, my KDA would probably be rather lower.

So since you’ve won all your games in OGN Summer so far…

Yeah so, basically, winning is how I increase my KDA.

In your opinion, what is the most important concept for a marksman to grasp?

Positioning during teamfights.

Well I suppose your positioning does need to be superb to have a high KDA.

There are marksmen who get pushed in lane but still do well in teamfights. If you do well in teamfights, then even if you lose in laning phase…

It is made less relevant? Okay then, when you first started playing was there a pro player that you admired? Someone that you watched and learned from?

Captain Jack. Most marksmen take Barrier for the second summoner spell. However, I take Cleanse because Captain Jack uses it so well in his performances.

His Cleanse mechanics are as smooth as flowing water.

So I take Cleanse instead of Barrier. Lately, though, Captain Jack has been taking Barrier, and that makes me sad.

How do you balance eating minions and participating in team fights or skirmishes?

I’m the type that makes my decision based on the situation. However, team fights are a bit more important, because if you win a teamfight then all five members grow. If you abandon team fights in order to eat minions then only you grow stronger… If you go around eating minions while your team needs you, then the other team has a chance to catch up to you. So I think teamfights are a bit more important.

What champion do you enjoy playing the most? Do you have one or several?

Nowadays I like Caitlyn and Vayne. Those two are really fun.

Do you pay attention to the NA and EU scenes? If so, are there any teams you think are strong and that you would not want to face early on at Worlds?

Foreign teams…? I don’t think there are any… Well, I don’t often watch foreign teams play.

Is that because you don’t have enough time?

Yes. Also, I’m the type that pays attention to other teams’ results.

Doublelift, who is a member of CLG NA, is known for his trashtalk. In Korean terms, that means he talks big and runs his mouth a lot. So he goes around saying that he is the best marksman in the world. Would you like to respond to that?

Well, not really. I mean, I’m not the sort that pays a lot of attention to other marksman. The time that I might spend worrying about other marksman I think is more wisely invested in bettering my own play.

Then you don’t even think you’d like to show your skills in a 1v1 match?

I think Imp will take it upon himself to settle the 1v1 with Doublelift.

Then if you were to chose the best marksman in the world, who would it be?

In my opinon, Pray is the best.

What do you think makes you different then all the other marskman. Some skill in which you think, “Ah, yes, I am better at that.”

Getting chewed out a lot by my coach.

Looking at your results I guess scolding does work in making you better.

If a person gets scolded a lot, he changes and plays a bit better.

Do you have any rivalries with any Korean marksman?

Uh… I don’t think I have any.

You don’t have any player that you particularly are rivals with?

Well, if I had to choose, I would say Jin Air Falcon’s Raven. We used to be on the same team together, and I thought he played very well. We’re going to meet in the quarterfinals this season, and I really want to beat him.

Then is there anyone you don’t like laning against because they’re kind of scary?

I suppose MVP Ozone, the team that we lost to a lot. Besides Ozone’s bot duo, there isn’t really anyone I’m afraid of.

What’s your laning phase playstyle? Are you the type to focus on taking CS or to harass the enemy at the cost of a couple CS?

I switch between those two styles often.

So it depends on the situation, I see.

There are times when I want to hit the enemy but feel like that would be a mistake, so I just take CS. And there are also times where I throw away CS in order to get damage down on the enemy.

The bot duo is comprised of the marksman and the support, right? Do you believe individual skill or the duo’s synergy is more important?

I think skill is more important. If your individuals skills are at the top, then no matter how good the other duo’s chemistry is you can still outplay them. But only if your mechanical skill is really stellar. That’s why picking champions with escapes can be useful.

What’s your relationship with Poohmandu like outside of the game?

In real life too, I’m the style that scolds a lot. That friend is… how should I say it? I practice quite a bit more than Mandu. If Mandu practices a lot then I don’t say anything. However, because he often doesn’t practice a lot I nag him. We do squabble a bit.

Because you guys are friends and want each other to do well, right? I see. So, Poohmandu does sometimes pick unorthdox support champions. Was there ever a time where he wanted to take a fringe pick but the team didn’t allow him?

Yes. The times we said no were to Blitzcrank, Alistar and Mordekaiser. Yeah, so those three. I tend to prevent him from taking fringe picks. For example, even though he says he wants to play Leona, in order to play Leona well your skillshot accuracy has to be top-notch. And in order to win lane, your mechanics have to be really good. However, if that doesn’t work out then winning lane with champions like Leona or Alistar is more difficult.

So you like passive supports better?

Yes. I particularly like champions with a heal. I wish Mandu would play supports with heals.

If you had to pick another support to play with besides PoohManDu, who would you want to play with?

I don’t really have one. If I played with another pro gamer, I don’t think we would fit very well. I’ve played with Mandu so long that I work best with him.

In the current meta, lane swaps for 2v1s are very popular. Do you ever miss the days of battling it out in 2v2 lanes?

I like 2v1 lanes better. It’s because even if I play more passively, I don’t really fall behind the enemy marksman. As long as I can calmly farm and grow big, I have confidence to do well later in the game. So for me, 2v1 lanes are more favorable.

During teamfights, it can get confusing and chaotic, right? And if you get caught by even one CC, like say Ahri’s ‘Charm,’ you could get one-shotted. In that situation, how do you stay calm and maintain good positioning? If the enemy team has champions like Ahri or Vladimir, you need to dodge their skills well, right?

In those situations you need to have good communication with your team members. Stay in the back line, and if he dives for me, then we’re the type to quickly focus him down. Or if I have a big item advantage, then I would draw him out and 1v1 him. For example, if I have a Quicksilver Sash, then I could win a duel against Vladimir. That also stands if I’m playing a champion like Vayne. So if I have good items then I’m the type to 1v1 and kill the diver. If my items are worse or on a similar level as him, then I call for my teammates to focus him down.

You’re very good at dodging skill shots. Do you have a special practice regime or did you just play the game a lot?

Just, as you play the game, you get a natural sense for that sort of thing. I don’t really think “Oh, should I dodge this way or that way.” You just develop a natural sense if you play the game for a long time. So I think playing the game a lot is important.

Then, this question kind of follows up on what I previously asked about team fights. Is it more important to protect your marksman and mid laner or to dive after the enemy marksman and mid laner?

In my opinion, protecting our marksman is more valuable. If we dive after the enemy marksman but can’t kill him, then that leaves our team at a disadvantage. We’re left without anyone to tank up damage. If the tankier champions dive for the opposing marksman, then our back line is left with the mid, support and marksman. If only those three are left, then we’re very squishy. So I think it’s best to systematically and quickly focus down the enemy team while protecting our own carries.

Okay, last question. Out of all the marksmen, who is the sexiest?

Sexy champion…? Among marksmen…

Are there not any?

Even if I really think about it…There are a lot of weird champions, but no really sexy ones.

I see. Well then, we’ll end the interview with a final word from you to the viewers.

This season, our team is definitely going to make it to the finals. Please support us and SKT as a whole. And also, please support me. Thank you.


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