Game Analysis: NEST Finals: World Elite vs OMG

Misaya’s Twisted Fate, Morgana, and Leblanc make a Support appearance and more!

With IG and Royal Club taking a backseat in the latest Chinese tournaments, World Elite and OMG have been duking it out in the latest games that the Chinese scene has to offer. In this article we’ll discuss the matches in the NEST (National Electronic Sports Tournament) Finals, where World Elite faced Team OMG in a rematch of the WCG China Qualifiers.

Rosters for this Match:

World Elite: CaoMei (Top) Troll aka Mann (Jungle) Misaya(Mid) WeiXiao(Marksman) JuanM aka FZZF(Support)

OMG: Gogoing (Top) LoveLin (Jungle) Cool(Mid) San(Marksman) ComA(Support)

Game 1: Entire VOD Available here!

Pick/Ban: World Elite has first pick and ban.

pick ban game 1

OMG gains an edge when CaoMei facechecks the Blue buff at 2:00 minutes, and OMG’s patience is rewarded with First Blood for only one summoner. At 3:56 seconds, Troll rotates mid lane and ganks Cool’s Orianna, which is set up by a nice flash Body Slam by Misaya. However, LoveLin anticipates this, and hits both of them with his Jarvan E-Q combo. Troll however still commits to Orianna and while they get the kill, LoveLin cleans up both with a smooth double kill. At 7:00, Misaya Explosive Casks Cool’s Orianna into the tower, getting a solo kill despite getting bullied early on in levels. At 9:00 OMG realizes that World Elites bot lane has gone back to base, and capitalizes by taking dragon. Troll and Misaya attempt to steal it, however Misaya’s Explosive Cask is late, and Troll gets turned on and dies immediately. After trading kills back and forth, and another dragon taken by OMG, WeiXiao and juanM (their support, who is also known as FZZF) are caught in the river around 19:00. While they get out, this leaves Misaya and Troll out of position, who are trying to save their teammates. LoveLin capitalizes on this as they kill Misaya and eventually WeiXiao, however Jax dives too deep and dies along with LoveLin. While it is a 2v2, OMG is clearly dictating the pace of the game and this is evident during this as their 6 K gold lead enables them to dive and siege with reckless abandon.

Where the Game is Decided:

While this game is not all entirely one sided, it is pretty clear that OMG is the better team throughout most of the game. Their superior rotations and LoveLin’s understanding of the game is obviously too much to handle for the World Elite squad, although much credit should be given to them as they have improved a lot in the past few months. I don’t personally believe that there is one play that decides the game entirely, rather a small series of capitalizations that only the hardest working team in China could pull off. However, if it had to be one play it would be the game ending catch by OMG.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 1

This starts by comA clearing all the wards on World Elite’s Blue side of the jungle around 24:30ish. They are able to do this, due to the overall pressure they have exerted on the map as a team, but comA’s well timed oracle seals the deal. They know that WE’s blue buff is spawning soon (this is why buff timers are important people!) and that WE also has no vision on Baron, giving them two reasons to come to this area of the map.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 2

They predict this beautifully, as Misaya comes near Blue buff and Jax leap strikes and stuns him immediately. The next series of events is one of the prettiest plays I’ve seen and I highly recommend you watch this. As Jax stuns Misaya, Orianna places her ball on top of Gragas. Misaya realizes he is in trouble and tries to flash out, however Cool gets off a really good Command Shockwave which pulls Misaya back even after his flash.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 3

This pulls him back right into Thresh’s hook, who then follows up with a brilliant Flay that hits both Misaya and CaoMei. This chain CC leaves Misaya absolutely helpless and unable to get off any spells during this. Looking at the mini map, LoveLin is zoning off the rest of the team who were already slow to react in the first place.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 4

CaoMei attempts to get away, but Thresh boxes him in with his ult guaranteeing the kill. We now see LoveLin enter the screen through the bottom right, and as we see World Elite recognize the situation and aggress on to LoveLin who flashes back to the safety of his team. OMG then goes to secure Baron, but World Elite make an attempt to steal it as WeiXiao confirms them doing Baron with his Trueshot Barrage.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 5

Notice here that as Troll Rappels into the Baron pit to try to steal it, not only does the entire team stop attacking Baron, but they also move away from it so that Troll tanks the Baron. They then all turn on Troll and kill him, securing Baron in the process.

WEvsOMG game 1 pic 6

After this they kill off WeiXiao and juanM who are lingering around Baron attempting to contest it, and they march down mid forcing a surrender vote by World Elite at 26 minutes.

Game 2

Entire VOD Available here!

Pick/Ban: OMG has first pick and ban.

pick ban game 2

After getting stomped in the first game, World Elite comes out swinging, with a beautiful level one that combines the ultimate balance between risk and reward.

level 1 part 1

They rush mid level 1, getting off a mid river ward and chasing away OMG in the process. They then ward the top side of the river as well as OMG’s blue buff and recall. They see that OMG has gone to their blue buff and placed a pink ward. Learning from the mistake they made in Game 1, where CaoMei face checked a brush that was pink warded by OMG, they know that they are in there since they did something similar the game before.

level 1 part 2

They then Isolate Morgana, and chain CC her to her death, while also forcing Cool’s Riven to flash over the top wall of Blue buff.

Where the Game is Decided:

At 13:50, OMG travels as 4, going to clear wards around the dragon pit and Misaya ults to gain vision as they have all gone missing. After World Elite sees that they are grouping and clearing wards around dragon, they go as 3 to clear their blue buff. However after Misaya’s ult, World Elite has no vision and OMG know this and predict where Troll will be with a ping on the map. Take notice here that World Elite is spread out (Blitzcrank is in the river brush for vision and Misaya is clearing the Blue buff). OMG knows this and instantly capitalizes, chain CC’ing Troll with some expertly aimed skill shots.

wevsomg game 2 pic 1

At 13:50, OMG travels as 4, going to clear wards around the dragon pit and Misaya ults to gain vision as they have all gone missing. After World Elite sees that they are grouping and clearing wards around dragon, they go as 3 to clear their blue buff. However after Misaya’s ult, World Elite has no vision and OMG know this and predict where Troll will be with a ping on the map. Take notice here that World Elite is spread out (Aatrox is top with no teleport and no way of canceling Shen ult, Blitzcrank is in the river brush for vision, and Misaya is clearing the Blue buff.) OMG knows this and instantly capitalizes, chain ccing Troll with some beautiful skill shots.

wevsomg game 2 pic 2

They absolutely melt Troll, near insta-gibbing him as Shen ults on to Elise who jumps in, quickly making the fight a 4v2. They desperately run to Troll’s aid but it is too little too late, as they are all out of position and Troll is sub 100 health as Elise executes him under turret.

wevsomg game 2 pic 2.5

It has now become a 4v1, as Elise tanks the tower and rappels out, leaving 4 full health OMG members to slaughter WeiXiao. Blitzcrank quickly runs to his teams aid, but it is too late as WeiXiao has taken too much damage suffering a similar fate as his Teammate Troll. JuanM, playing Blitzcrank actually saves Elise by giving her something to rappel her, and runs to his death too.

wevsomg game 2 pic 3

Misaya, who has been skirting the outsides of the fight, is now engaged upon by Morgana ult, which he Zhonya’s through. He stalls just long enough for Aatrox to arrive, however that also allows time for the rest of OMG to come back and make the fight a 5v2.

wevsomg game 2 pic 4

Aatrox sees an opportunity to engage on the low health Corki and Morgana, however he does not see the rest of the team in the river and comA hits a beautiful Dark Binding, stopping Aatrox mid flight, denying him any chance of turning this around. OMG starts this fight behind 3K in gold, however through excellent play calling and teamwork, they manage to all escape, making this a 4-0 exchange as well as taking a dragon afterwards.

MVP of this turn around goes to comA’s Morgana, who not only hits every binding, but also his use of Spell Shield (as well as one cleanse by Corki) made sure that Misaya never got a stun off the entire fight. His superior vision control is also the catalyst of the entire fight, something we can all take away from as wards do win games!

While this is ultimately where the game was decided, this does not mean that World Elite didn’t put up a fight. As one of the top teams in the World, WE would keep it close (within 1 kill for the majority of the game), until 30 minutes where OMG’s control over vision and objectives enables them to take Baron relatively uncontested and ace WE shortly after. This catapults them to a 13K gold lead and they force a surrender out of World Elite.

End Notes

Although WE performed admirably better in their second game, OMG is arguably the standard for all Chinese teams to follow in the remaining days of Season 3. Their play during the group stages at Worlds was completely dominating save for 1 game against the eventual champions. While Royal licks its wounds with a revamped roster and WE along with IG seem to be stuck in the residual pre-season 3 meta, OMG have evolved their game to include more than early game tower diving since they’ve included excellent vision control in their repertoire of skills against teams. Be sure to catch OMG and the rest of the world play during WCG 2013 starting November 28th in Kunshun, China.

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