Fnatic, Lemondogs Announce Roster Changes

Christoph "nRated" Seitz

Earlier today, Fnatic announced the decision to release Christoph “nRated” Seitz and bring along Johannes “puszu” Uibos into the Fnatic roster. Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim will be switching to support and puszu will be acting as a temporary ADC until Martin “Rekkles” Larsson turns 17.

In the video, team manager Harry Wiggett said that after holding a team meeting, they made the difficult decision to contact nRated and let him know he was released from the roster. Wiggett said that the team had been having internal problems for the past couple of months already but their performance in the EU LCS Summer Split highlighted that it was indeed troublesome as Fnatic are now tied for the 4th-8th seed. Wiggett wanted to make sure that everyone in the lineup was giving 110% since this year is everything to the players. It had finally arrived to the point where Fnatic needed to make a change.

YellOwStaR seems enthusiastic about making the swap to the support role. The decision was agreed upon unanimously within the team but ultimately it was YellOwStaR himself who wanted the swap. He’s looking forward to playing with Rekkles as soon as he turns 17 in 3 months.

New ADC puszu was recruited online by Wiggett after various recommendations from other top tier players and even Rekkles himself. Wiggett said puszu seemed to be the best pickup at the time since he wasn’t going to school and is able to dedicate himself to the team until Rekkles arrives. In the past, psuzu has played for H2k-Gaming, Tt Dragons, Team NewRoSoft, mousesports, and 3DMax.

nRated’s official statement:

The decision of my former teammates hit me hard and I didn’t expect it at all. I’m trying to find words to describe what goes on in my mind but I barely cannot. It was their decision and they will have to handle the results, at this point I can only say that I’m a free agent now so anyone that wants to approach me should do so. I hope I’ll be around still and best regards to anyone that supported me in this hard time. Farewell Fnatic.

Team captain Lauri “CyanideFI” Happonen commented from Facebook:

Some of you probably already read/heard that we are going to have a big change in the team. Yellowstar is moving to support, nRated is out and we have a new substitute player as AD, Puszu.
Reason behind this is to stay competitive. This split will be much harder than the last one, and me, Yellowstar, xPeke and Soaz are giving 100% to it. I always thrive to be the best even though I realize that I most likely will never achieve that goal. Yet, I keep trying as I want to improve and win.
We told nRated multiple times to practice more as everyone else in the team was spending almost all their time playing. However, he ignored our requests. This was the last resort and it is sad it had to come to this. I hold no hard feeling for him.
I realize a lot of our fans will be disappointed with us making such a cut-throat decision. However, I think the horrible performance we have been giving is absolutely unacceptable from us to you guys. Something had to change, and even though many of you will not comprehend the logic to remove nRated, we are not stupid. We would never unnecessarily do such a huge, hard decision. Also understand, that some details are better left unsaid.
We will stumble, but now with everyone 100% motivated we can become even stronger than before.

Breaking News: Lemondogs roster changes

On their official site today the Lemondogs announced that: “We are sad to announce, that we’ll remove Bram “wewillfailer” de Winter from the Lemondogs League of Legends roster. There were some problems in the past and in the presence why we decided to remove him from the current LemonDogs.LoL roster.

Marcel “dexter1“ Feldkamp about the roster change:
– There were some problems in the past and we decided to give him a fair second chance which he deserved. After playing Sweden and Russia we felt like that his old behaviour was slowly coming back and some member of our team felt offended by it. In addition there was also a problem with him moving into a gaming house because of specific reasons I dont want to bring up. Regardless of that I respect him alot as a player and me and the team wish him the best of luck for his future with or without eSports.

The new support is Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez which played already for teams like GIANTS! Gaming, Wizards e-Sports Club or against All authority.

Marcel “dexter1“ Feldkamp about their new support:
– Only mithy would occur to our mind since we already knew him and think he is the best possible choice. All of us were on the same page instantly since mithy has a really good attitude towards practice and has the best possible mindset a player can have.

Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez is happy, that he was picked up and he looks into a great future with LemonDogs:
– Playing with Lemondogs is actually pretty fun because I’m good friends with all the players since I knew them before I joined. And yeah it’s always nice to play LCS and actually play vs decent players.

We are glad to see our roster with the new support and they’ll do their best to show the other LCS teams that they are happy and strong with this roster change. Upcoming games can be found at lemondogs.se/leagueoflegends.


Lemondogs Roster:

Erlend “Nukeduck” Holm
Morten “Zorozero” Rosenquist
Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert
Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez
Marcel “dexter” Feldkamp

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