Fantasy Week 3

Week 3 is over and teams are starting to pull ahead in their fantasy leagues.  It will be hard to come back from being 0-3 right now, but with effective roster swaps you should be able to win enough games to challenge for first in your league.  It will be difficult since there are only 10 weeks of LCS, but there is always the chance for a comeback.

Rising Stars

These players have shown that they are consistently performing in LCS while being on the weaker teams or being less well-known than more polarizing figures.  Riot does not have functionality available to the public (that I am aware of) to see what percentage of leagues the players are available in, so these rising stars are my best guesses at underrated players that almost everybody will be able to pick up in their fantasy leagues.

The Copenhagen Wolves are currently the Woolite show for all intents and purposes. Their entire gameplan is focused around making Woolite shine and Woolite is doing a heck of a job shining this split. Woolite is the main threat on CW and their comps show that. Unlimited may also be a good pickup if you are unhappy with your current support situation.

Altec is relatively new to the LCS and was unavailable for week one, but last week I suggested to pick him up because all of EG’s wins this split will involve putting him and Pobelter in a position to carry, and for the second week in a row, Altec has been one of the highest scorers.

By that same reasoning, RobertxLee is a great pickup. Prolly is a good enough mid for Complexity to hold on, but the RobertxLee/Bubbadub botlane (Rubabdub) is probably the 4th best in NA and will carry Complexity in their victories, however few they may be.

niQ was the biggest surprise in my opinion. After losing Alex, I expected Gambit to be in dead last along with CW, but Roccat seems to want that title.  Also, niQ has been the best performer on newly reformed Gambit with Genja following close behind him. Expect niQ to score a lot of points against teams not named SHC or Alliance.

Fallen Legends

These players are the fallen legends or otherwise known as overrated.  They are mostly overrated because they are big names on winning teams but they are just not getting the fantasy points that many other players are getting.  Some of them could also just end up being too risky in most cases because they don’t net enough points in a win, and they net a negative amount of points in a loss. Overall, none of these players are “bad”, they just don’t net the fantasy points that other players give.

Kiwipie is the weakest part of Dignitas right now since the solo lanes are no longer a liability and Crumbzz is playing better than ever. QT is picking up less kills because of Shiphtur/Zion, and less CS as well. Also, the points both QT and Kiwi recieve will diminish even more as Dignitas probably regresses towards the mean and falls off of their current win streak. If they start losing, look to drop Crumbzz as well because historically it has been his play that dictates whether Dig will win or not and a losing Dig means low points for Crumbzz.

Yellowstar plays on the ever-inconcistent Fnatic, and unfortunately, is playing the worst on the team. Not to say he is playing poorly, but he is constantly sacrificing himself in order to keep his team alive, and those negatives add up in fantasy. The worst part about holding on to Yellowstar is that even when Fnatic wins he rarely gets much of the glory and will not net you as many points as a similarly risky player like Gleeb.

As a CLG fan its hard to say, but Seraph has been one of the worst tops, if not the worst top this split. He is a great player, but he joined CLG at the worst possible moment. Not only does he have to work on communication, he also needs to relearn the power of the champions he plays because he is a solo queue player who has no idea what its like to be starved of gold. If you feel the double jungle starved-top meta will end soon, keep him on your bench, because he will wreak havoc once he starts getting 1v1 lanes. However, in the current meta, Seraph is a drop.

All of TSM is in a slump right now, and it does not look like they will break out of it anytime soon. The 2 best players to keep are Dyrus and Bjergsen, with Amazing being decidedly middling, WildTurtle being too wild, and Gleeb unable to hit clutch plays. Gleeb is a definite keeper if you want to take a risk because he has the highest points of a support when his team wins. However, Gleeb is also the owner of lowest scoring support when his team loses so play him as you see fit.  Keep a close eye on TSM now that Locodoco has moved into the TSM house.  They may improve with this, they may not, but you should pay attention to their performances before adding more from this NA team to your roster.

Fantasy Kings

These players are the best of the best for fantasy points.  For the most part, everybody listed here will be taken in everybody’s leagues. There is not much to say about these players since they can easily be described as better than everybody else for fantasy LCS.

Alliance is top of EU and continues to outplay their counterparts. All members of Alliance are dominating especially Tabzz and Froggen.

SELFIE, MrRallez, and Wewillfailer are all performing extremely well for SHC and it would be a surprise to see them fall off anytime soon.

LMQ continues dominating teams from the beginning of the game. They rely heavily on snowball and recklessly charge in for kills when they are winning by a lot. This gives them more points than other teams that win frequently since those teams like to close the game ASAP.

Shiphtur and Zion are consistently doing well, even in losing games. Crumbzz has also been doing really well this split, but he does not perform well when the team loses, so be wary of the historical Dig losing streak.

Check out my previous article that goes more in-depth on what you can do with your team on a week-by-week basis. It discusses strategies used in all forms of Fantasy Sports and how you can change up your team in order to get the few extra points needed to win your matchup.

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