EU LCS Summer Week 5 Preview

After last week’s intense 12 games, some of which the victors resulted from heartbreaking throws, this time around many teams are looking for a much needed kick in the rear to get back on the winning track. With the Top 3 looking unshakeable, everyone is trying to break the mold and fight for a chance to be the best; or rather, simply avoid relegation. However, Team Alternate may be losing steam ahead as their team synergy may suffer after star ADC Jakub “Creaton” Grzegorzewski broke his hand. Meanwhile, scene veterans SK Gaming and EG Raidcall are hoping that they can find some sense of direction in order to pull them out of the bottom rung of the standings. And this week, we’ll have a continuation of El Clasico as Fnatic will try their best to make sure their last loss against SK Gaming was nothing more than a fluke.

SKT-8. SK Gaming (5-8)

This week:

38px-Lemondogslogo_std Lemondogs (6-7) Saturday 7/13 9pm CEST

38px-Fnaticlogo_std Fnatic (7-6) Sunday 7/14 9pm CEST

It’s do or die time for SK Gaming, sharing a seat at the very bottom of the standings with EG Raidcall. Though the team looked like it was in better shape last week, they were only able to grab one win out of three matches. All eyes this week will be on mid laner Ocelote, as its more than often that his performance shapes the course of SK’s games, and of course jungler hyrqBot after that remarkable play in their game against Meet Your Makers on his top-secret Rengar pick. Good luck to SK fans because if their season continues to spiral downward, they might face roster changes as SK Gaming Director Alex Müller forewarned earlier in the season. Here’s to hoping there aren’t any Baron calls.

EGT-8. EG Raidcall (5-8)

This week:

38px-NiPlogo_stdNinjas in Pyjamas (6-7) Saturday 7/13 8pm CEST

38px-Mymlogo_stdMeet Your Makers (6-7) Sunday 7/14 9pm CEST

With a third place finish in the Spring Split and starting out so weak in the Summer Split as a team that was once considered one the very best in the world, it’s certainly hard to be an EG Raidcall fan. Going against teams that have already bested them once, EG Raidcall has to start identifying their problems as a team and work out the kinks if they ever want to pull ahead of the pack. As one of the most fan adored rosters in eSports, a change in the team is unquestionable and working on recurring problems like communication is key. Though it’s still early in the split, if the conflicts that have haunted the team for the duration of Season 3 persist, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing EG Raidcall coming out of the bottom spot anytime soon.

Lemondogs T-4 Lemondogs (6-7)

This week:

38px-Sklogo_std SK Gaming (5-8) Saturday 7/13 9pm CEST

38px-Atnlogo_std Team Alternate (9-4) Sunday 7/14 8pm CEST

Hailed as the team with the most potential by many, the Lemondogs truly demonstrated how much they deserve that title when they absolutely crush Gambit BenQ thanks to jungler dexter1’s amazing Elise play. Hoping to ride the momentum off such a giant win, Lemondogs take on a downed SK Gaming and an intimidating first place Team Alternate. Now is the time to see if the squad can live up to the hype and prove they can be consistent in their wins against some of the best teams in the EU LCS.

NiPT-4 Ninjas in Pyjamas (6-7)

This week:

38px-Eglogo_stdEG Raidcall (5-8) Saturday 7/13 8pm CEST

38px-GambitLogo_stdGambit BenQ (8-5) Sunday 7/14 6pm CEST

Coming from a huge recent roster change, Ninjas in Pyjamas are trying to pick up much needed team synergy to prove the swaps were necessary and effective. Looking for an easy win against EG Raidcall, a team they easily beat last week, Ninjas in Pyjamas greatest challenge will be the fearsome Gambit BenQ. The performances of all new members will under heavy inspection by fans, truly hurt by the loss of most of the original Copenhagen Wolves so many rooted for last split.

MYMT-4 Meet Your Makers (6-7)

This week:

38px-GambitLogo_std Gambit BenQ (8-5) Saturday 7/13 7pm CEST

38px-Eglogo_stdEG Raidcall (5-8) Sunday 7/14 9pm CEST

Winning none of their three matches last week has dropped the previous second place holder into being tied for fourth. It seems many of the EU LCS teams have dissected the style of play which originally caught them all off guard that catapulted Meet Your Makers to the top of the standings. Many have also pointed to the team’s shrunken champion pools as the cause of this decline. The ball is now in their court, having to decide how to stay original and on their game regardless of the opposition. Whether or not Meet Your Makers can adapt to a competitive environment where everyone is always scouting your every move and pull out a few secret strategies, these games are sure to be great fun to watch.

Fnatic#3 Fnatic (7-6)

This week:

38px-Atnlogo_std Team Alternate (9-4) Saturday 7/13 6pm CEST

38px-Sklogo_stdSK Gaming (5-8) Sunday 7/14 7pm CEST

The winners of the EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs stand at third place at this moment. Surely fueled by their insatiable thirst for being the best, Fnatic looks to be in a great position to take down the current first place holders this week. With an impressive performance despite their recent roster change, the question remains: can Fnatic dominate this split like the last and topple the solo queue gods that have claimed what they believe to be their rightful spot? Only time will tell, and these games are sure to give huge insight as to the future of the team.

Gambit#2 Gambit BenQ (8-5)

This week:

38px-Mymlogo_std Meet Your Makers (6-7) Saturday 7/13 7pm CEST

38px-NiPlogo_std Ninjas in Pyjamas (6-7) Sunday 7/14 6pm CEST

Holding the same second place they maintained during the Spring Split, Gambit BenQ deserves commendation for their past performances (of course, disregarding the terrible showing against Lemondogs last week) considering they too have had a recent roster change. A huge problem that has to be resolved if Gambit BenQ ever wants to take hold of first place is consistency; one game they will completely crush their enemies and dictate the flow of the game while taking any and every objective at will, yet their very next match will be totally unorganized and sloppy, looking more like a team you find on solo queue as opposed to the professionals they are. As a Gambit BenQ fan myself, let’s hope they find the answer they need to kick ass all the way to the top.

Atnlogo_std#1 Team Alternate (9-4)

This week:

38px-Fnaticlogo_std Fnatic (7-6) Saturday 7/13 6pm CEST

38px-Lemondogslogo_std Lemondogs (6-7) Sunday 7/14 8pm CEST

The number one team in EU has looked dominant in almost every game with their combination of insanely high mechanics and superb team communication. Even in the games they lose, Team Alternate never fails to impress. However, the winds may be blowing in a different direction: star ADC player Creaton has broken his hand and will not be able to play with the team for the coming weeks. His impact has been massive is many of Team Alternate’s wins, with incredible teamfight ability and positioning. Will his absence and high carry potential greatly affect Team Alternate’s standings? One can only hope a substitute can step in and fill some giant shoes (ATN Chaox <3).

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