Week 4 EU LCS Match Preview: Gambit vs. Alternate

Aggression vs. Aggression: Gambit vs. Alternate

This week in LCS, we’ll be seeing a matchup of epic proportions, Team Alternate vs. Gambit Gaming (GMB). These teams are in first and second place of the summer split of the EU LCS, and the matchup is sure to result in an exciting game.

Gambit is a team steeped in LoL history as being the team that has consistently beaten opponents thought to be unbeatable. Gambit has taken games off of both Frost and Blaze, and they were the first to take a game off of the undefeated Alternate.  Gambit utilizes unrivaled aggression and their near perfect teamfighting to conquer their foes for the motherland. ATN is the proverbial new kid in town, fresh on the scene and having taken the first place slot with what seems like ease, they’ve out fought, out thought, and literally out bought almost all of their opposition, except one.

When these two teams collide, we’re in for a slew of epic teamfights that will likely outdue any of the other matches that the European LCS has to offer.

On the previous episode of Gambit vs. Alternate:

The undefeated Alternate met Gambit in the heart of the motherland for one of the most intense matches of the European LCS. It’s said that the only way to beat Gambit is to be more aggressive than they’re and the same seems to hold true for Alternate. Gambit was able to out aggress Alternate on all fronts with the help of DiamondProx’s indomitable map pressure. Diamond’s omnipresence allowed Gambit to be the first team to: First Blood, First Turret, and take the first Dragon off of Alternate all within seven minutes. Moreover, Gambit’s pressure nullified Forellenlord’s 3000 ELO shockwave by containing him to an uncharacteristic score of 4 kills, 10 deaths, and 11 assists. Not only that, but Diamond’s consistent ganks also shut down Kerp: one of the most consistent Top laners in all of Europe. Simultaneously snowballing Darien and Alex Ich, and furthering Gambit’s stranglehold upon the map. Allowing Diamond to achieve a “godly” score of 9 kills, 0 deaths, and 15 Assists. Not to mention that Genja debuted his Solo Queue inspired Blue Ashe build, which, he piloted into a stellar performance of 11 kills, 3 deaths, and 9 assists.

Atn vs Gambit

On the other hand, Creaton was still Alternate’s ray of hope in an otherwise difficult game. His performance on Blue Ezreal kept Alternate in the game until the very end; giving Gambit a threat they had to respect and at several points nearly turning the game in Alternate’s favor. Although behind and literally camped by Diamond for a portion of the game, ForellenLord consistently kept Gambit on their toes with the threat of his late-game Shockwaves. Even in spite of Gambit’s map pressure and gold lead ATN was able to force multiple excruciatingly close team-fights; with an insane display of micro by both sides. Pushing a leading Gambit to what appeared to be their limits.


In spite of being behind and utterly terrorized by Diamondprox, Alternate did not let up on their aggressive play style, nor did they shy away from any team-fights; in fact, they started some; If not more than normal and a large majority of them not even over objectives, which, is where Alternate’s true genius shines. They met Gambits all out aggression head on with their own, constantly duking it out over and over again and only coming up short in the end. This was a game decided on the outcome of multiple team fights and make no mistake about it, that the match we’re about to watch this weekend will be as well. This won’t be a game we remember because of strategy, or mind games, this will simply be aggression vs. aggression, pressure vs. pressure and whoever is the best at applying it will win. This time, however, Gambit will not have the roar of the Moscow crowd behind them, and the pressure of performing which seems only to make them play better; but ATN will be out for blood against the team that marred their perfect record.

Can the Red Machine continue their dominance over the Kings of Solo Queue or will they feel the wrath of the 3000 Elo Shockwave?


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