Creating A Legacy: A Chat With Carbon

Tim “Carbon” Wendel, jungler and team captain for the OCE Winter Regional winners (at the time Avant Garde Ascension), took time out of his busy training schedule to chat with Cloth5 this week.


Originally Avant Garde Ascension – Now, Legacy Esports

PineappleSmoothie: Congratulations on winning the winter regional, have you had much of a chance to celebrate?

Carbon: Haha, cheers! We certainly have now. The experience was very exciting for us.

PineappleSmoothe: How are you adjusting to having your own brand and organization since splitting off from Avant Garde?

Carbon: It was very exciting at first but it has cooled off a bit now. This is primarily due to us being 100% focused on Gamescom as opposed to building our organisation.

PineappleSmoothie: What’s your management structure like for the new organization?

Carbon: So far I have been doing most of everything though all the players have a stake within the org and as such help out as well. We have also had our coach Ottoke help us out a bit.

PineappleSmoothie: Moving on to the wildcard tournament, tell us about your practice schedule.

Carbon: Well, we have just finished a high intensity training camp at the Riot offices in Sydney and are now looking for the most efficient way to practice for the last few weeks as we taper into Gamescom. That will mostly involve scrimming.

PineappleSmoothie: What did your boot camp with Riot involve?

Carbon: Riot flew us and iM to Sydney and we basically scrimmed each other for a week, we also reviewed past matches and had some sessions with a sports psychologist

PineappleSmoothie: Have you been scrimming other Australian teams much?

Carbon: We have been scrimming Immunity a lot as they have wildcard experience and they have been super helpful in helping us to prepare for Gamescom.

PineappleSmoothie: What’s your view on the trajectory of esports in Australia? Do you think improved internet infrastructure is going to help?

Carbon: Well it’s certainly not going to hurt. Infrastructure is a huge issue within Australia and really limits the capabilities of Oceanic players to improve. I for one have awful internet and we do not get through a training session without me dcing at least once per game. This makes practice really difficult and hopefully as infrastructure improves, other people won’t have the same issues we have.

PineappleSmoothie: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, we wish you all the best for the wildcard tournament.



For more information on the team, you can like them on Facebook here.

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PineappleSmoothie is a law student with a love for sport - eSports included. He has played League of Legends since season two and is Platinum in OCE solo queue. He currently covers the rapidly growing Oceania scene for Cloth5.

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