Cloth5 is looking for artists and writers!

Cloth5.com is looking for artists and writers! If you’re interested please send an email to [email protected]!

Cloth5 so far

Cloth5.com is a LoL blogs and news site aimed at providing the highest-quality content to you in the most readable way. Recently, we’ve been expanding rapidly behind the scenes, which means its been difficult to keep delivering content on our main site, and so we are looking for more people to expand our standard of excellence. You may have seen some of our content on this subreddit.

The types of posts we are hoping our writers will produce include:

We have a great team of writers, artists and eSports analysts!

And we’re looking for some gems of talent to join us!

Application Criteria and how to apply

We’re on the hunt for some exceptional writers. If you think what you have to say about League of Legends is something hundreds of thousands people would enjoy reading, then look no further– we provide you the best platform to launch your eSports and writing career.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for:

  • Players who have a good understanding of the game
  • Have great written English
  • Interested in writing “blogs” about LoL
  • Is mature enough to meet deadlines

Bonus: a PHP/MySQL developer to work along side our technical director to create and implement additional tools and features for Cloth5.com. JavaScript and jQuery skills would be a plus!

If you’re interested, make sure to send us an email to [email protected] ! Hit us up with your ideas and/or a writing sample so we know what we can expect.


We’re also on the hunt for skilled designers to help us pretty up the site! We’re looking for graphic designers primarily, however we’d be happy to consider you if you have other talents, e.g. animation or illustration.

You’ll need to email [email protected] with your portfolio in PDF format, providing at least 3 samples of work you’ve done in the past (does not need to be LoL related!)

Looking forward to having you on the team 😀


This is currently for volunteer positions but there definitely is the possibility of $$$ down the road.


On behalf of the Cloth5 team.

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A prominent mathcrafter in League of Legends. He is notable for several analyses on damage output comparisons of items. One of his most popular works was on the comparison of the damage output of Rabadon's Deathcap vs Liandry's Torment. He is also the co-founder of Cloth5.

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