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The Beast Within!

Since the release of Rengar, he has been either a pussy cat or a ferocious predator in Summoner’s Rift. Due to his ability to become a bully in the lane or a unseen threat from the jungle, Rengar’s versatility has allowed him to perform well in many different team compositions. During OGN Champions Winter, Najin Shield used Rengar in the jungle with the combination of Zilean mid for a invisible super speed double bomb attack. And during the European LCS, team SK utilized the combination of Rengar, Shen, and Orianna to create an invisible submarine attack. Using Rengar’s invisible leap during his ultimate, he had the ability to jump into the middle of the enemy team with Shen’s Stand United and Orianna’s Shock Wave giving the enemy team little to no time to react.

Many solo queue players like “Only Rengar” from NA and TrAce from Korea were able to dominate the top lane with Rengar. TrAce would often draw out Rengar bans due to his reputations of being such a fearsome beast in solo queue and. While TrAce was in AHQ Korea he got a chance to play his famous Rengar against LG IM Team 1 during the OGN group stages. TrAce one-man invaded the enemy’s blue buff and was able to secure first blood in a 1v2 situation on Lilac’s Nasus at level 1.

There have been many incredible Rengar players in the competitive history since his release but the game that stood out the most has be to MakNoon playing Rengar in the top lane against Longpanda’s Vladimir from CJ Entus. This game not only showcased how devastating MakNoon can be in the top lane but it also continued the “The Agony of Longpanda.” (The Agony of Longpanda refers to the pro player Longpanda’s ability to consistently lose top lane throughout OGN Champions Winter). Even though CJ Entus did kind of threw Longpanda under the bus with the unfavorable match up, MakNoon was able to take the lane advantage to the next level and showboated while doing it.


The game started with MakNoon and Watch catching Insec walking towards top lane. During the skirmish, MakNoon was able to secure first blood and double buffs before 3 minutes making the lane even more terrifying for Longpanda. Before the game time has reached the 4 minute mark, Maknoon has already started to proxy farm behind the outer top turret. As MakNoon comes back to lane and continues to proxy farm, OGN caster Doa commented:“I’ve never seen anything like this. Man, this could be the biggest domination of Longpanda we have seen yet; he is one upping himself here.” At 7:40 the crowd went crazy as Maknoon decided to go through the enemy jungle and start to farm the minion wave between the top inner tower and the inhibitor tower. After Maknoon killed each minion wave, he stood outside of CJ Entus’ base and simply waited for the next wave. To make things even more entertaining, MakNoon proceeded to farm INSIDE of CJ’s base with all 3 towers at top still standing at only 8 and half minutes. As MakNoon recalled in the enemy base, the camera panned to a smiling MakNoon loving and enjoying the game.


Here’s the clip of MakNoon farming inside of Cj Entus’ base at 8:30!

You can catch the whole agony of Longpanda if you have subscription to OGN!


The Heimerdinger Jungle

Before he was the team captain and the support for the Season 3 Champions, SK Telecom, PoohMandu was just Mandu. Mandu played support for a team named GSG who did not do particularly well in the OGN Champion tournaments. They were considered one of the weaker teams in the tournament and did not show much success but there was one game GSG played that will always be entertaining to watch.

In NLB Winter GSG managed to make it to the finals to face off CJ Entus in a best of 3. In the 3rd match of the series GSG pulled out a strategy that took everyone by surprise. Their team composition consisted of Olaf, Twisted Fate, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank and Mandu on a JUNGLE Heimerdinger! On jungle Heimer, Mandu used AD marks, flat HP quints, armor seals, and cooldown reduction glyphs. He ran 21/2/7 masteries, taking both magic and armor penetration masteries.


The game started with Olaf clearing the blue buff and wolves by himself and then heading to top while Heimer took red. Then the 4 members of GSG grouped up in the mid lane and pushed the lane as if it was an ARAM game. Due to the waveclear and siege capabilities from Twisted Fate, Caitlyn, and Heimer, GSG quickly pushed the wave to tower. The Blitzcrank pick allowed GSG to make quick picks while Caitlyn and Heimerdinger zoned with their snap traps and turrets. At 3:33 GSG managed to take down their first tower and continued to 4 man push mid while Olaf split pushed with blue buff and teleport. If a member from CJ would attempt to leave mid to stop Olaf from split pushing, he would simply his teleport to split push the lane on the other side of the map. Just a few minutes later GSG took down CJ’s inner tower and continued the siege. By 7 minutes, GSG had cracked down the inhibitor tower and were looking to take down their first inhibitor! Since Olaf was able to split push all by himself while CJ desperately attempted to defend their towers in vain, he was able to drastically out level everyone else in the game. Once a teamfight broke out, Olaf simply teleported in and mopped up the fight resulting in a 10 minute inhibitor for GSG.


Throughout the game Heimer and Twisted Fate had purchased nothing but boots and Doran’s Rings while Blitzcranks stacked Doran’s Blades. Even if CJ was not underleveled, they would not be able to deal with super minions knocking at their door at 10 minutes. Prior to this game, GSG had been known to run more “cheesy” compositions like double bruiser bot lanes but this game showed a whole new level of mindgaming. They were able to punish their opponents lack of waveclear in the early game which led to their eventual place as NLB Winter champions.

Catch all of the excitement of the game here!


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