Billiam’s Fun Friday’s: Genja’s Ashe, Miscalculated or Next Level? (Muramana vs PD)

Welcome to this weeks EXTRA Fun Friday! In this edition of the greatest series on Cloth5, I proceed to debunk Genja’s new ‘Revolutionary’ Ashe build with a colossal amount of math. For those wondering, yes the math was as boring to do as it is to look at. This series is suppose to be fun though you might have thought? Well don’t worry guys, I have personally littered this article with subtle pictures of Genja MS-painted as a cat. More bonus fun, Louis this article is for you; your Ashe is garbage. Also for you lazy people who don’t appreciate hard work, go ahead and read the last segment. I will have the document with all my calculations attached at the end.

Defining the Variables

This math is for a team-fight situation, and all DPS Calculations are applied before armor.  The build used is: Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Beserkers Greaves, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and the last  item which we are comparing today, Muramana or Phantom Dancer. For the most part this will be a 6 item late game damage comparison. All stats used in these calculations were taken from lolwiki. Armour penetration, and Guardian Angel will not be factored into anything as they are constants that do not effect either builds damage output in a way that would change the results. Runes and masteries aren’t calculated as well since they are constant too.

Basics of the Equations

The two situations I will compare occur at level 16 and 18. As level 16 is when most Ashe’s Manamune becomes fully stacked, and level 18 is when 6items is most commonly reached, these are the optimal times to calculate the damage. Here is the stats with items, it is important to note that at level 16 the build has everything but a full Bloodthirster, containing only a vamp scepter.

Our final DPS calculations will use these stats. The top stats for each level is the Muramana build while the bottom holds the PD build. Just from glancing we can see that the Muramana build, know known as build 1, outclasses build 2, our PD build, in AD, Mana, and Mana Regen. While Build 2 has more Crit Chance and Attack Speed. Many would call the end result here, using the numbers above to justify their stance. Ending here though would be inadequate as we have no real comparison of the damage they are capable of.

Each Builds Respective DPS

These are our final stats needed to calculate the DPS. The Muramana build’s DPS will include the Muramana active and passive damage. Disregard the level 6 damage, as upon completing it I realized it’s not a very accurate representation of what I wish to examine. The total damages for build 1 are not there because there was skewed math, involving the active. In order to get an accurate idea of what the Muramana’s active damage will do, I decided to calculate the damage at each quartile of Ashe’s mana.


Above is the DPS for build 1 at each mana quartile. The boxes are unfilled because the first two calculations already gave me the information I needed.

As you can see the PD build’s overwhelming Attack Speed and Crit Chance overrules the bonus Damage from Muramana. Therefore Build 2 has a greater estimated DPS.

Concluding Analysis

I used the word ‘estimated’ in the last sentence because of the unreliability of Crit Chance. Just because you are suppose to Crit 55% of the time, doesn’t mean you will. Also, as you may have noticed, Ashe’s passive wasn’t calculated in. This was due to the difficulty in doing so, and that I was told from several professional opinions that it wouldn’t change the overall outcome too much. While the DPS for the Phantom Dancer build is greater, the reliable damage from the Muramana is better in certain circumstances where you can’t take chances on Crits. While the math may support the mundane, Genja’s Ashe build is very strong in conditions where raw consistent damage is needed to allow for the cleanup of others, a support Carry one may call it.

[show_hide title=” If you wish to see the document containing all my Math, here it is.”]There are two sheets, one for the basics and the other is the DPS calculations.


Thank you for tuning in for this week’s Fun Friday, and special thanks to: Shakarez and cGuy for the help with the math, and Louis for inspiring me to write this, because fuck you Louis.



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