Tanking Turrets Like A Boss

Ever seen that Lucian recalling at 100 HP with no mana under his tower? Ever thought “Wow, this is a free kill!” — Only to be kited around by the pesky Purifier, tanking thousands of ...

Season 4: Utility Masteries – Part II

To finish out our series on Season 4 masteries, Cloth5 will complete the gold-value analysis of each of the upper-tier utility masteries to help understand their relative strength. I’m Eph289, and for this final installment, ...

Evaluating Ardent Censer

The Ardent Censer is one of the new support items that Riot introduced in the 4.10 patch, aimed at boosting the power of back-line “traditional supports” in comparison to more popular “utility supports” like Thresh ...

Frozen Heart Interactions

The Frozen Heart is not an extremely popular item right now. The prevalence of manaless champions in competitive top lane as well as an emphasis on more damaging junglers such as Kha’Zix and Evelynn result ...